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Part 69

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The other day we helped Alex plan the proposal and today Austin was going to help set this up and chose the ring. I was going to hang out with Sarah and keep her busy. We were going to get our nails done, go shopping, have lunch and stuff. Our only problem was we had Carter. But that didn't stop us.

''Ready to go?'' I ask Sarah.

''Yeah just a sec.'' She came in later and we were off to lunch.

''I feel like Alex and I are drifting apart he never seems to want to hang out with me anymore.'' Sarah said breaking my heart.

''I'm sure he had a good reason behind it don't stress about it Sarah everything will be okay.'' I said reassuring her.

''I guess you're right. Oh we'll let's just have fun today.'' She said.

Austin's POV

Alex and I were out shopping to get the ring and set up everything for the proposal. He was going to take her to a park she loved and have a beautiful set up for their date. He was so excited and I was excited for them but it really got me thinking about Kayla and I. I was happy when I proposed to her and hasn't really thought about it long term. I guess I was just caught up in the moment.

''Helping you with this is really making me second guess proposing Kayla.'' I said to Alex. I just couldn't get this off my mind.

''Austin you proposed for a reason. You obviously love her.'' Alex said.

''I know but I don't know I just can't help but second guess it.'' I said.

''Maybe you need time away for yourself to think.'' He said.

''Yeah I mean that's always good but last time she said she didn't ever want to do that again.'' I said.

''But for a good relationship to work out you need to take breaks and not always be around each other 24/7.''

''True I'll think about it.'' I said.

*A week later*

Kayla's POV

Lately Austin has been super distant and I don't know what's wrong with him. I talk to him but he only gives me one word responses. So I just don't really talk to him anymore. I miss the old Austin I fell in love with. I miss our old life we had. No baby, just two crazy teenagers madly in love with no cares in the world. I was sitting on our bed thinking about this when Austin walked in.

''Hey Kayla can we talk?'' He asked. I nodded, I was super worried now.

''Well I don't know how to tell you this because I know you won't be happy about it but.'' I vut him off.

''If you gonna break up with me save it, you could have a week ago instead of just ignoring me making me feel worse.'' I said.

''I'm not breaking up with you just listen.'' He said in a calm tone.

''Fine talk.'' I said.

''I just think we need a break. I've been thinking you know about getting married and stuff I just don't know if I should have propose to you now. I mean yeah I love you and I want to be a family. But I feel like we just did it so soon because of Carter. You know? And -''

''Austin why would you second guess it?!'' I yelled and ran out of the room, grabbed Carter and left. I had no idea where to go. And now the boy who captured my heart isn't coming after me.

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