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Part 95

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Today we were going to surprise Austin. He called this morning and it was really awkward because I don't know how to tell him that I'm dating Nash. After the phone call I kinda felt bad but I don't know, I mean I'm happy again.

''C'mon we're leaving!'' Michele yelled.

It was Sarah, Michele and I.

''Coming!'' I yelled back grabbing my suitcase and purse. Today I wore cute jean shorts, a t-shirt and toms. I went downstairs to see everyone waiting for us including Nash to tell me goodbye. We were gonna be gone one week. I wasn't sure if it was a week too long or a week too short. I guess we'll just have to see. Oh and by the way, Lexi and I still haven't talked so I don't know what's going on.

''Hey cutie.'' Has said hugging me.

''Hey.'' I said.

''Everything's alright?'' He asked worried.

''Yeah I'm fine just gonna miss you and I'm nervous.'' I told him still in his arms.

''Everything will turn out okay.'' He whispered.

''Thanks, love you.'' I said kissing him.

''Bye Lex I'll call you later cause we need to talk.'' I said. She grabbed me and hugged me.

''I'm sorry about yesterday but do call me.'' She said pulling back and smiling.

''Good luck and have fun.'' She smiled.

''Bye Todd.'' I said hugging him.

''Bye honey have fun and take care of Michele.'' He said and I laughed. They were too cute.

*On the plane*

The flight was gonna be about three or four hours long so I decided to FaceTime Lexi to talk.

''Hey.'' She smiled.

''Hey so what's up?'' I asked her.

''Well I just think you and Austin are meant to be, not you and Nash and I don't think Austin's gonna be too happy when he finds out you're dating Nash.''

''He doesn't have to know.''

''Yeah he does.'' She said sternly.

''But Lex I don't know how to tell him, he's gonna flip.''

''That's why you shouldn't be dating Nash.''

''But I love him.''

''But you also love Austin.''


''Yeah and you said you had feelings for Nash but really loved Austin.''

''I don't know right now okay, I'm just trying to figure out my damn feelings.''

''I know you are I just don't know if you made the best decision.''

''It's my decision Lex.'' I said getting mad.

''I know it is and that's why I'm letting you decide what to do here. I may not agree with what you chose but I'm always here for you.''

''I'm just confused.'' I said in almost a whisper.

''I know you are but you need to figure out your feelings before it's too late.''

''I know it's just hard.'' I said now crying.

''It's okay Kay.''

''I'm gonna go I'm exhausted and I need to think.'' I said.

''Okay bye and good luck, call me if you need anything.'' She smiled.

''Thanks Lex.'' I smiled and shut my laptop then fell asleep.

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