Part 16

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It's been a month since Austin's been gone. Austin and I skyped the first week but I just got worse and worse and didn't want him to see me like this so I would call him and act like everything was fine and normal. After we left the airport I snuck away in my own taxi and I've been staying in a hotel ever since. I've been in the same spot for a month crying. No one has bothered me either. I mean people have been calling and texting me constantly and I just text back ''I'm safe don't worry about me'' and they leave me alone for a little while. They are worried I know but I need time alone to grieve.

Sarah POV

I haven't seen Kayla in a month. I texted and called her every day since we left the airport she somehow snuck out. She responds to my texts maybe once a week just saying to not worry about her. I know this is hard for her but she needs help. I decided to tell Austin about this. We hadn't told him yet to save him from his pain.

''Hey Sarah what's up!'' AUstin said. You could tell he was really sad but trying to control his emotions.

''Hey! Umm I just wanted to tell you something that I thought you would want to know.''

''What is it? You can tell me everything.''

''Well have you been talking to Kayla?''

''Yeah we skyped the first week but ever since then she hasn't wanted to so she calls me everyday. I can tell something's wrong but she just won't tell me and she barely talks to me! I don't get it!'' I could tell he was about to cry.

''You'll be okay Austin! Just stay strong through what I'm about to tell you.''

''What's going on?!''

''Well I haven't seen Kayla since the airport. She snuck away from us. We call and text her multiple times a day and she texts us every 2 weeks now and then saying she's fine and not to worry about her but we keep getting more and more worried! I don't know what to do!'' I said crying.

''WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME BEFORE!!! Oh my gosh!''

''We didn't want to ruin your performances and make you more depressed. We were just trying to help!'' I said.

''Bye!'' He yelled and hung up.

I broke down crying.

''Babe what's wrong?'' Alex said kissing me on the cheek.

''I'm just worried about Kayla! I told Austin and he's mad at me for not telling him sooner!''

''I understand where where he's coming from and I understand where your coming from. So I would just not worry about him and let's go find Kayla!''

''We've already searched the whole city!''

''Let's call back home and then if she's not there we'll call the hotels.'' He said trying to cheer me up.

''Okay.'' I said.

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