Part 33

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Taylor Rafford, the girl I have and always will hate was standing in front of us.

''What do you want Taylor?'' Austin asked angrily.

''You! What else would I want!'' She said being snotty as usual.

''Well it's too bad that my girlfriend is here with me.'' Austin said.

''Yeah so I suggest you back off. We have a child so Austin's mine!'' I said.

''He was mine first!'' Taylor said.

''Well it's to bad she's mine for the rest of my life!''

''Not for long!'' Taylor yelled coming at me. Austin stepped in front of me but before he could she punched me in the face.

''Oh so this is how it's gonna be!'' I yelled and jumped on her.

''Babe get off of her!'' Austin said trying to take me off of her.

''No she deserves this!'' I yelled trying to get out of Austin's arms.

Taylor tried coming for me again.

''Taylor just stop trying!'' Austin yelled at her.

''No I will get what I want I always do!'' She yelled running off.

''Let's go babe!'' Austin said. We ran to his car and got in and locked the doors.

''Are you okay?'' He asked concerned.

''Yeah I'm fine.'' I said.

''Okay let's just go home it's been a rough night.'' He said. He held my hand protectively as we drove. My face hurt like hell but I didn't want Austin to be worried about me.

''Are you sure you're okay?'' Austin said turning to me.

''Yeah it's nothing.'' I said.

''Okay, I love you!'' He said looking at me again then turning away.

Smack! The car jolted and I flew forward. My head hit the car and I was out.

Austin POV

We just got into an accident and now Kayla is inconspicuous, it's all my fault! I should have been paying attention. I put her in my lap and looked over at the car who hit us.

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