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Part 87

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I run upstairs to put my shoes then run into Lexi's room.

''Lex they're coming to pick us up in a few!'' I say.

''Okay! You and Nash are too cute!'' She says. I blush.

''Umm have you checked Instagram?'' She asks.

''No why?''

''Austin.'' She says''

''Did he post a picture with a girl?'' I ask mad.

''Bingo!'' She says.

''Well whatever I like Nash now so he'll have to deal with it!'' I say.

''Sweetie the boys are here and must I say they are very cute.'' Michele says coming in. I laugh.

''Thanks Michele come down and I'll introduce you to them.'' I say happily.

''Okay be careful Austin answered the door.'' She says.

''Ugh okay.'' I say and walk downstairs to see Austin and the boys sitting on the couch. Austin did not look happy.

''Austin come here.'' I say angrily. He gets up awkwardly and comes over to me by the stairs.

''What's wrong with you?'' I ask.

''Umm them.'' He says pointing to Nash and Cameron.

''Well sorry you went on a date ans now I am with a boy who treats me right.'' I say and walk into the living room. Nash get up and walks towards me.

''Hey Nash!'' I say and hug him.

''Hey you look beautiful Kayla!'' He says.

''Thanks, so this is pretty much my mom Michele.'' I say introducing them.

''Hi I'm Austin's mom.'' She says shaking his hands.

''Nice to meet you mam.'' He says like a gentleman making me smile and Austin glare.

''Oh honey call me Michele!'' She says.

''So you ready to go?'' Cameron asks us.

''Yeah!'' We say in unison.

''Do you boys want to come over for dinner tomorrow?'' Michele asks.

''That's not the best idea Michele.'' I say referring to Austin.

''It'll be fine.'' She says.

''Sure!'' The boys say.

''Okay see you later and have fun!'' She says.

''Thanks, bye Michele.'' I say.

''Have fun on your date.'' Austin says.

''Shut up Austin have fun with your new slut.'' I say smirking. We walk outside.

''Kayla!'' Lexi says laughing.

''What! He deserves that.''

''Let's just forget about him and go on out date!'' Lexi says.

''So this is a date?'' Nash says smiling.

''If you want it to be.'' I say smiling back.

''It's a date then!'' He says and we arrive at the movies. We decided to see Paranormal Activity. I ended cuddling with Nash the whole time because I was so scared.

*at dinner*

''You were so scared.'' Nash says laughing.

''I was not!'' I lied.

''Was too!'' He says mocking me.

''Shut up!'' I say laughing.

''Your laugh's cute.'' He says.

''You're cute.''

''You're cuter.''

''You're cutest.''

''Guys we get it!'' Cameron says. I blush and Nash laughs.

''You're cute when you blush.'' He says.

''Whatever.'' I say blushing harder.

''Ready to go?'' Lexi asks.


We get home and the boys get out with us. I hug Nash.

''I had an amazing night! I haven't been this happy in a long time thanks!'' I say kissing his cheek.

''Anytime but you missed.'' He says.

''Missed?'' I ask. Then he lean in and kisses me and sparks fly. The kiss was amazing. I pull back smiling.

''That was amazing.'' Nash says.

''Yeah.'' I smile. He pecks me on the lips again.

''Goodnight babe.'' He whispers sending me chills down my spine.

''Goodnight!'' I say and walk inside.

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