Part 90

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''What are you going to do?'' Lexi asked.

''Wait for Austin and see what happens.'' I say smiling.

''Good!'' She smiles and hugs me.

''Well I've had a long day and we have the first day of school tomorrow so I'm going to bed.'' I say and get up.

''Okay night.'' She says and I go to bed.

*Next morning*

I woke up at six today. I was mad we had school but I was glad I was finally a senior. I just wish I could be starting my senior year with Austin. I have Nash but I'm gonna just see what happens. I got ready then headed downstairs to eat breakfast. I went into the kitchen to find Michele making breakfast and Sarah at the table.

''Goodmorning! How are you?'' Michele asked.

''Pretty good! How are you?'' I asked getting a plate of pancakes and eggs.

''Good. I already miss Austin.'' She said a sad look on her face. I went and hugged her.

''We'll get through this together.'' I said smiling. She smiled back and I went and sat by Sarah.

*at school*

Lexi and I had English together so we were walking there together. It was finally the last class of the day. We walked in and sat at a table together.

''How have you been so far?'' She asked.

''Good I guess I mean I've done this before I guess I can do it again. It's just different you know?''

''Yeah I understand. Everything will turn out good in the end don't worry.'' She said.

''Well I'm worried now.'' I said motioning towards the door. Nash just walked in and saw me. Not that I didn't want to see him but I was confused because of him too. I'll just stick to my decision.

''Hey Kayla!'' He said happily.

''Oh hey.'' I said not too happy. Lexi nudged me and whispered.

''I think you should talk to him about your decision.'' I nodded.

''Oh um Nash could we uh maybe talk after class?'' I asked him.

''Sure.'' He said with a big smile.

The teacher said we could do whatever today. So Lexi and I talked. My phone buzzed and I pulled it out of my pocket. It was Austin.

Austin: Hey Kay I miss you♥ hope you're having a great day :-* :-*

Me: Hey Austy ;) It's pretty good but ya know school's school :/

Austin: Yeah I know whatcha mean!

Me: So where are ya now?

Austin: LA!!!!

Me: Someone's excited! Haha.

Austin: Yeah I love LA

Me: Me too it brings back so many memories

Austin: Aww baby :-*

Me: Aww Austy ;P

Austin: Shut up :P

Me: Don't tell me what to do :)

Austin: I do what I want

Me: Oh do you now :]

Austin: Uh yeah always have always will ☺

''Earth to Kayla!'' Lexi said waving her hand in my face.

''Oh yeah? Sorry.'' I said embarrassed.

''Class is over and you need to talk to Nash.'' She said like my mom.

''Yeah mother.'' I say and laugh.

Me: Gotta go, bye Austy :-*

Austin: Okay babe, don't miss me ;P

I laughed and went out in the hall to find Nash. He was standing right outside the classroom.

''Hey Nash.'' I said.

''Hey.'' He hugged me.

''Umm well I think we should talk about us.'' I said awkwardly.

''Good idea.'' He said smiling.

''Well umm I made up with Austin and I will always love him but I also love you. There's just a special place in my heart for Austin.'' I start.

''I understand Kayla.'' He said kinda sadly.

''I'm not done. I made up my mind and for now I'm going to wait for Austin to come back then take things slow with him and for now I'm just going to let things happen. My heart will lead me through this. So for now I think we should remain friends.'' I said.

''That's fine. I understand I kinda figured this would happen, I mean I see the way you look at Austin. But I'm glad we're fried.'' He said smiling.

''Thanks for understanding Nash.'' I smiled and hugged him.

Thank god that was over with. It wasn't too hard either. Now I just gotta through the next five months without Austin.

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