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Part 5

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I couldn't believe this! Austin posted a pic of me on Instagram and said

@austinmahone: With this beautiful girl!♥ Can't wait to see her tomorrow☺

This was crazy but it wasn't the only thing. On Twitter he said

@AustinMahone: Have a date with the most beautiful girl tomorrow!☺ Can't wait!

Like was this for real! I had so many new followers and everyone was asking if we were dating! Wow! The doorbell broke my thoughts.

I walked to the door and opened it.

''Hey!'' I said giving Austin a hug.

''Hey beautiful!'' He said hugging me back.

''Do you want to come say hi to Lexi and Bella?''


We walked into the living room where Lexi and Bella were talking.

''Hey Austin! How are you?'' Lex said when she noticed us.

''Hey I'm good! How about you?''

''I'm good! Well we don't want to keep you waiting. So have fun on your date!'' She said.

''Yeah and don't do anything stupid!'' Bella said and winked.

''Well thanks Bell we'll try not to.'' I said sarcastically.

''Well it might be hard not to!'' Austin said looking at me. I just blushed and the girls started laughing.

''Well we better get going! Bye girls!'' I said and starting walking towards the door.

''Haha, so how are you" Austin asked.

''Emnarassed now but I was great.'' I said trying to make him feel bad. He came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and whispered in my ear.

''Sorry my love!'' he whispered and kissed my cheek. He then grabbed my hand and we walked over to his Range Rover. He opened the door for me and I got in. On the way to his house we talked about what we were going to do today. We decided to go to his house for a little bit then we would go to the local fair. When we got to his condo we went to his room.

''So this is my room.'' He said.

''Nice room! Oh my gosh!''


''Uh this is my drawing I drew for you and sent you like a month ago!''



''Wow! I thought it was so cool so I just had to hang it up.''

''I didn't think you any fan mail up on your walls here.''

''Well I put some of it but now there's just way too much! I would never be able to fit everyone's on my wall.''


''Yeah, so what do you want to do here?''

''I don't know it's your house.''

''Well you're the guest!''

''Well I don't know what to do.''

''Well we could watch a movie go down to the beach go swimming.''

''I don't know, let's go to the beach and talk and get to know each other more.''

''Okay sounds good!''

I had my swimsuit on underneath my clothes so I didn't need to change. I went into Austin's living room to wait for him. Michele was sitting on the couch watching TV.

''Hey Michele!''

''Hey honey! How are you?''

''I'm good how are you?''

''Good thanks!''

''Are you watching Dance Moms?!'' I asked.

''Yeah! I love it with all the drama!''

''Same here! I like Kelly and Christie with all their drama!''

''I do too! I don't really like Melissa or Kristie Rae much!''

''Yeah neither do I! All they care about is winning!''

''Yeah! So what are you and Austin gonna do today?'' She asked.

''We're gonna go to the beach right now and then go to the fait later.''

''Sounds fun! Well I think I"m going to Todd's in a little bit so that's where I'll be if you don't see me!''

''Okay sounds good.'' I said.

''Okay I'm ready!'' Austin said.

''Okay let's go!''

''Have fun! Bye Kayla!'' Michele added.
''Bye Michele!'' I said.

We walked out the door and took the elevator down and headed towards the beach.

When we got there we put our towels down and sat and just decided to talk.

''So where are Alex, Robert and Zach?'' I asked.

''They went back to Teas to see their families, they left the other day and they'll be there for a couple weeks.''

''So do you like it here in Miami better than Texas?''

''Yeah but I just wish all my family and friends could all be here!''

''Yeah I know what you mean.''

''Have you always lived here" He asked.

''No I used to live in LA, but I moved here when I was 5 and that's when I met Lexi and Bella and we've been friends ever since. I might have to move back tho.'' I said sadly. My mom called me this morning to tell me she got a job there.

''Oh cool. LA's pretty cool. I've done a couple shows there.''

''So I know a lot about you already since I'm a Mahomie so I'll tell you about myself.''

''Hahah I'm sure you do! I know one thing about you!'' He said and winked.

''What's that?'' I said, a smile creeping up on my face.

''That you're beautiful of course!'' He said.

''Aww you're so sweet!''

''Well it's true!''

I blushed and giggled.

''Well anyways, I play volleyball and I made varsity this year. My dad is never home cuz of work and I hate it! My mom is always home and she's a cool mom like yours. Uhh I just got out of a relationship like a month ago it was a short one cuz he cheated on me so now I have trouble trusting guys! So yeah I'm single!!''

''Well I can change that for you!'' He said smirking.

''Well depends on if I like you like that!'' I said messing with him.

''I thought you did..'' He said sounding sad.

''I was just messing with you! Haha do you like me like that?'' I asked getting serious again.

''Uh... well... um yeah I do... a lot.'' He said.

''Well I have to tell you something too.''

''What is it? You don't like me back? I knew it!'' He said and started to walk away. I walk over to him and grabbed his face and kissed him. He grabbed me by the waist and kissed me back. I pulled back.

''Sorry.'' I said and put my head down.

He titled my chin up do I was looking at him again.

''So do you like me or not?'' He asked.

''I do a lot and I always have! I just didn't know how you felt for me because you're nice to everyone!''

''Well I didn't know if you liked me back that way too. But now I do.''

''So what are we?'' I asked.

''I don't know you tell me! Do you...

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