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Part 80

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*Saturday/day of magcon*

Yeaterday Lexi and I went shopping and had a blast. It made me forget everything and we picked out super cute outfits.

''Let's make you look hot and make Austin jealous!'' Lexi said almost too excitedly.

''Let's do this!'' I said.

Lexi does my hair and makeup and I did her hair and makeup. Then we both get dressed, sprayed ourselves with perfume and were ready to go.

''How do I look?'' I ask twirling around.

''Really hot!'' She said.

''Good! So do you!'' I said then we walked downstairs. Austin and Alex are sitting on the couch playing video games. Austin looks up and his jaw drops.

''Dude you made us die... woah!'' Alex said as he looked at us.

''Shut up Alex you have a girlfriend!'' I said.

''Oh crap.'' He mumbled and gets back to the video game but Austin keeps staring at me.

''Bye Alex!'' I said and we headed out.

''Dude she looked hot!'' Austin whispered to Alex loud enough for me to hear.

*At magcon*

Magcon was so funny and I had a great time with Lexi. It was finally time to meet the boys and I was super excited. Nash was our age and the other boys were a little bit older but they were all so hot!

''Oh my god I'm so excited!!!!'' I said.

''So am I!!!'' Lexi said. Our turn finally cam and first up we met Nash.

''Hey girls!'' He said and we walk over to him.

''Hey!'' I said. We take the picture and he hands Lexi something. She put it in her purse to look at later and we head off to meet Cameron.

''Hi Cameron!'' I said excitedly.

''Hey beautiful! What's your name?'' He asked.

''Kayla and this is Lexi!'' I said too excited.

''Sorry she's just a little excited to see you!'' Lexi said.

''Wait, are you famous, I've seen you somewhere?'' Cameron asked.

''Well I'm kinda Austin Mahone's girlfriend.'' I said.

''Why kinda?'' He asked.

''Okay let's take the picture!'' The guy said. We take the picture then Cameron grabs my arm as we walked away.

''Wait, here's my number and we should all hang out later and we can finish what we were talking about if you want!'' He said.

*At home*

Lexi and I were watching TV and texting Nash and Cameron. We're hanging out later tonight and we're so excited. Alex and Ausin came downstairs to play their video games again.

''How come you look so happy?'' Alex asked.

''Just because.'' I said smirking. I kinda felt bad saying it in front of Austin. Then I went back to texting the boys. I told them I sort of had a boyfriend so they wouldn't get the wrong idea and we would all just hang out as friends.

''I wish you were single :('' Nash texted me. By the way the thing he handed Lexi was a note saying ''Your friend is really hot we should all hang out ;)'' They were too cute. Ugh!

''Lexi OMG look!'' I said showing her what Nash texted me.

''OMG Kayla!!!'' She said super excited.

''But just be careful.'' She whispered.

''I know but ahh I'm freaking out!'' I said.

''I know I'm nervous.'' She said.

''Maybe you can date one of them!!'' I said excitedly.

''Kayla can we talk?'' Austin asked.

''Not now I have to go.'' I said and get up to go.

''Where are you guys going? A date is that what you've been talking about?'' He asked a sad look on his face.

''No I would never do that I promise we're just hanging out with friends!'' I said.

''Whatever.'' He said going upstairs.

*After hanging out with the boys*

We just had pizza with the boys and hung out. They were really cool and gave me advice for what to do with Austin. They considered us all friends loved them. I posted a pic on Instagram of us together.

''Had a great time today with my amazing friends.'' I put in the caption. I wasn't trying to make Austin jealous and that's what the boys told me not to do.

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