Part 66

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Austin was coming home today and then in a few days we would head to the New York for the EMAS. I was so nervous yet excited to see him. I was going with Michele to pick Austin and Alex up at the airport at 12. It was ten so I decided to get ready and look cute.I wore a cute long sleeve top tucked into high waisted shorts with my red Tom's. I curled my hair with a wand and applied my makeup. I then went to get Carter then eat breakfast. I woke Carter up and dressed him in a cute outfit and fed him then I ate cereal and waited for Michele to pick me up.

*At the airport*

''Are you ready for this?'' Michele asked.

''More then ever. But I'm super nervous at the same time.'' I said.

''I know I completely understand. Just let it happen and everything will be okay so don't worry and plus, I'm right here and soon Alex will be too.'' She said hugging me.

Carter was in my arms cutely babbling, trying to talk. He was so close to saying mom. He has grown up so much too quickly but I loved him and I don't know what I'd do without him. If it weren't for him, I don't know how Austin and I would be. And I don't know if that's good or bad.

I was in deep thought when Michele tapped my shoulder. I look up and Austin is standing across the way looking right into my eyes. We just stand still staring into each others eyes. A big smile forms on my face but slowly drops as the two Mahomies came up and talk to him. I just look away and walk up to Alex. He gave me a huge hug then took Carter from me.

''Aww he's so cute.'' Alex said.

''He gets it from me duh.'' I sais flipping my hair.

''No he gets it from his sexy father.'' Austin said coming up behind me and hugging me.

''Umm I got to go to the bathroom, I'll be back.'' I said.

''What's wrong babe?'' Austin asks knowing something's up.

''Nothing, Alex can we talk?'' I ask. He nods and walks towards me with Carter still in his arms. I could see the hurt in Austin's eyes. I looked away.

''What's up?'' Alex asks concerned.

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