Part 102

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Austin's POV

I was not ready to talk about all of this. It's insane, all in one day I find out she has a boyfriend then she doesn't and she says she loves and wants me back. It's just too much, I need time to think and time to forgive her for all this. Yes I want her back but I also would like time to get over this. My concert was hard to do with so much on my mind and Kayla made it worse because she looked amazing tonight.

I came back from the meet and greet with Alex and he immediately went to cuddling with Sarah and I just awkwardly stood there staring at Kayla and she stared back then she broke the silence and told me she broke up with Nash. I was happy but then she said she wanted to talk about us. Well yes I wanted to talk but I still need time. She got mad and walked out but the thing she said as she was leaving hurt the most.

''I'm so done with all your crap don't expect me to do all this for you and come back to you next time!'' She yelled and slammed the door. I sat frozen and shocked then processed what she said and I got up and ran after her. She was running down the hall to get to the door. I watched her face calm down as she saw me. Tears were pouring from her eyes. I ran up to her with open arms and she came and hugged me and cried into my arms.

''Austin... you don't know how sorry I am. This was the worst mistake I ever made. I love you and I will do anything-'' She was saying in between sobs until I cut her off.

''Shhhh you don't have to explain yet.'' I said rubbing her back.

''I'm sorry for what I said I just need some time to think alone. This is a lot to take in so please just understand where I'm coming from.'' I said to her. She was calming down now. She looked up and smiled at me and I smiled back.

''Well I gotta go back and change, I'll have Sarah come out here.'' I said and kissed her cheek and walked back to the dressing room.

''Sarah why don't you go out and see while I change.'' I suggested. She nodded and got up.

''She's okay though?'' She asked and I nodded and she left.

''Did you talk to her?'' Alex asked.

''Yeah I told her I just need time alone to think.'' I said and he nodded and left so I could change. I took a quick shower and changed, then I headed out. Kayla looked somewhat happy which made me smile.

''Ready to go?'' I asked and everyone nodded. We were driving back home tonight which was an hour away so we'd be home around 11. The perfect time to think about everything alone and then talk to Alex about it when we got home then have time to sleep on it. We got in the van and I took my phone and my red Beats out and turned on my sad playlist and began to think.

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