Kidnapping Mister Hottie. [Blurb]

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Kidnapping Mister Hottie.



Sam, an orphan girl, gets caught up in a gang of Mexican thugs, she has never known much of her old life, but when she met them, they immediately grew a brotherly bond with her, well some of them did, Pepe, Nacho, Bernardo, Fransisco, Pedro, Luis, and Ricardo, are like her only family now, being around them was her form of becoming a stronger 'her'.

Which she empowered on becoming a very strong girl, she later on knew what her 'brothers' worked on, and quickly became part of the gangs working girl, the only girl in the gang, they used guns for their missions, but somehow they never wanted her to kill herself by accident with one, so they got her the realest looking plastic gun they could find, ovbiously she wasn't satisfied, but found it cool that it would throw out little prickles of water when she pulled on the trigger.

The day of her third ever mission is when her hormones got the best of her, she had done this not too long, and still wasn't experienced, for their missions they had code names, just prematurely their favorite ones or just something they thought was cool, on that mission the guys decided to let Sam have the choice on who would be the new victim; getting up with the vibe of the moment, she picked the first hot guy she laid her eyes on, luckily for her, it was the best choice she ever made.

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