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Lucifer's Bride [Complete] by mishi_onlyn
Lucifer's Bride [Complete]by Mishi
My mother has had dreams of becoming part of royalty since she was a girl. Four years ago, she made the colossal mistake of making a deal with the Devil himself, in orde...
  • love
  • queen
  • lillith
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Saints  by Vividlycrimson18
Saints by ingri
"What do you mean I'm stuck with the seven deadly sins? I'm a saint!" "You've been about seven minutes in hell and have managed to insult eight people alr...
  • arrogant
  • dating
  • modernworld
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The Devil's Claim. by CaptainAndrews
The Devil's Claim.by Amanda Andrews
BOOK 1 "I'm not your slave." I snapped at him, earning a grin. "No, you're not. You're my possession." He replied. My blood turned cold and I pushed...
  • fantasy
  • nephalem
  • hell
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ᴸᵁᶜᴵᶠᴱᴿ'ˢ ᴰᴬᴿᴸᴵᴺᴳ ᴵ  by hivickyy
ᴸᵁᶜᴵᶠᴱᴿ'ˢ ᴰᴬᴿᴸᴵᴺᴳ ᴵ by -𝐕
In a haze of white lights and citrus, this was all I knew: first, today was November seventeenth, second, the Fates were behind this warped puppet show, and third, my on...
  • worthfightingfor
  • soulmates
  • lucifer
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Lucifer's obsession  by _malalala_
Lucifer's obsession by Malalala
His pupils dialate and a smirk shudders my whole body just looking at it. He lowers his head and burries his head in my neck. A slight gasp leaves my lips as I can feel...
  • hell
  • powers
  • betrayal
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Mr.Devil~Lucifer x reader by _holy-water-needed_
Mr.Devil~Lucifer x readerby _holy-water-needed_
Will you end up falling in love with the devil? Or will he end up falling for you? "He's a no good piece of shit, (y/n)." he said looking at me. "YEAH TRU...
  • smutwarning
  • lovable
  • wattys2018
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Demetre by Mubangak
Demetreby Mubangaa
He is all that I long for yet All I am forbidden to have. I am his weakness. the person he hates. He is beautiful, hand crafted by the Gods Given the strength of a thous...
  • demons
  • wattys2016
  • heaven
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Dark Paradise | supernatural ✓ by sugaskully
Dark Paradise | supernatural ✓by maddie//ashy
[SUPERNATURAL re-write S1-S5] |First book in the 'Dark Paradise' series.| Juniper Evelyn Young would never have guessed that a car crash would be the best thing to hap...
  • spn
  • hell
  • deanwinchester
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An Infinite Deal of Nothing [#NaPoWriMo] by MoonshineNoire
An Infinite Deal of Nothing [#NaPo...by MoonshineNoire
A poem a day for the month of April, 2017.
  • divinity
  • trees
  • ocean
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Jaeyong | Satan's Babe by Minori777
Jaeyong | Satan's Babeby Minori ✌
Taeyong is an innocent and pure man that works in a book cafe but one night changed his whole life. Warning: 🔞
  • sexscenes
  • taeyong
  • magic
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Forgotten by world_joy_
Forgottenby World Joy
Sansa had a secret. At the change of every season, a beautiful stranger would visit her in the woods. It was a promise made long ago, one that kept her going back into...
  • seasons
  • wolf
  • moon
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Hell's Pit (manxman|| #lgbtq) by notbackingdown
Hell's Pit (manxman|| #lgbtq)by T. Gray
Venom finds his mate in the last place imaginable. Hell's Pit. A place many men enter and never leave alive. A place Venom once enjoyed; the violence and blood thick in...
  • boylove
  • manxman
  • homo
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Glass (BoyxBoy/BDSM) by AllumTheArchangel
Glass (BoyxBoy/BDSM)by Allum
My name’s Verre, I’m an angel who lives in Hell, weird right? Yeah, I was abducted when I was a little kid by demons, so I don’t remember my life in Heaven much. I’m the...
  • angel
  • bdsm
  • demons
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Pretty Fierce~Lucifer x reader by _holy-water-needed_
Pretty Fierce~Lucifer x readerby _holy-water-needed_
Will you end up falling in love with the devil? Or will he end up falling for you? "No. He's too smart for that." Lucifer said looking down to the table. I loo...
  • hell
  • lovestory
  • sexy
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Mindless by ddignity
Mindlessby ❊ leila ❊
BOOK 2 in The Forgotten Trilogy THIS BOOK CANNOT BE READ AS A STANDALONE [no seriously don't read this summary unless you've read the first book] It's been three months...
  • werewolf
  • love
  • heaven
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Faith Heights by KiandraMoir
Faith Heightsby KiandraMoir
"He was a fallen angel, reclaimed and chosen as one of God's earthly warriors. There are very few left on this plane of existence- and he hasn't been seen for centu...
  • reincarnation
  • love
  • hell
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Rejected  by radiantgold
Rejected by elio
Ashton Black. A 17 year old homophobe who's been waiting for his mate since he was 16. He's soon to be alpha and in a relationship with the most beautiful girl in the pa...
  • hell
  • war
  • vampire
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The Love of Lucifer by TurtleCat5
The Love of Luciferby Turtle Cat
"I want a queen to rule by my side." Azazel looked at me like he couldn't believe I was the ruler of Hell. "... My lord, you have ruled alone for thousand...
  • romancestory
  • maleonmale
  • romance
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Pint Size ➳ Supernatural by PeytonMcLoughlin
Pint Size ➳ Supernaturalby pey
"If one of your weird, monster pals calls me short one more time, I'm going to lose it." "No use denying the truth, kid." "Shut up, Dean."...
  • deanwinchester
  • daughter
  • crowley
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Sick Obsession (S.O) by JagiyaHyung
Sick Obsession (S.O)by Jagi
Yandere Todoroki and just normal Deku. What could go wrong. Oh and it's Tododeku plz deal
  • boyxboy
  • mha
  • shouto
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