teach me to be innocent, l.hemmings by fckinghealy
teach me to be innocent, l.hemmingsby ☽ GRL PWR ☾
when a good girl teaches a bad boy how to fake innocence
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Send Nudes // l.r.h by spork4me
Send Nudes // l.r.hby heaven
your boy just wants nudes [highest ranking: fanfiction #195] thank you @CharlesSara for the cover, I adore it so much! ❤
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Innocence (l.h) by bubblegumlukes
Innocence (l.h)by Bubblegumlukes
"Your innocence drives me so fucking crazy baby girl."
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Before I Go || L.H by Aussie_Arses
Before I Go || L.Hby Hello
Cancer. The thing slowly killing her inside and out. Never got a normal life. She wanted to end it all...until she met someone very special. ___ © Aussie_Arses Rewritten...
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5SOS Smut (From Tumblr) by marvel5sostrash
5SOS Smut (From Tumblr)by natalie
This is an assortment of smut that I got from tumblr.
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daddy [ ai au ] by inkedbands
daddy [ ai au ]by hannah
"call me 'daddy' " "but you're my step-brother." "even so, that doesn't change the fact that i'm seven years older than you." "okay ,d...
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mr. hemmings // l.h.  by virghoe
mr. hemmings // l.h. by virghoe
"Do you understand me?" "Yes." "Yes what?" "...
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when we collide ✰ l.h. by fluffycashton
when we collide ✰ annie
"Why is green your favorite color?" "Because it's the color of your eyes." Long time best friends, Luke and Autumn, spend their first year of college...
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vanilla // lrh by covened
vanilla // lrhby kay
vanilla; normal and boring sex. used by more sexually adventerous people kinked to describe the dull sex had by the unimaginative person A. "I got some last night...
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Daddy (5SOS Ageplay) by firetomlinson
Daddy (5SOS Ageplay)by The Queen ♛
Nicola was your average 14 year old girl, until one day 4 band members kidnap her to be their baby. ©firetomlimson
  • kidnapped
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choose | luke hemmings by abstractstyles
choose | luke hemmingsby cass
"It's you, May. You're what I want forever." achievements: #1 in fanfiction
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Fangirl [m.c] by whyhxmmo
Fangirl [m.c]by clifforina
They said I was just a fangirl. That my "love" for this band, and in particularly, Michael Clifford, was all a phase in my life. Some stupid "crush"...
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CLASSY MOTHERF*****S. by paolacamillebooks
CLASSY MOTHERF***** Paola Camille
"I'll fuck you like a princess , might get rough but I'll take care of you ;)" (Highest Rank: #2 in Fiction) All Rights Reserved 2015 @ Paola WARNING: Readers...
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Daddy's Girl | l.h. au by becclb
Daddy's Girl | l.h. auby ✧ beccah ✧
"Whose are you, baby?" "I'm y-yours." "No, baby, you're daddy's girl." In which a teenage girl is attracted to a twenty three year old who...
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The Baby Project (NaLu) ✔️ by ambernight65
The Baby Project (NaLu) ✔️by ☆I'ᗰ ᔕᒪOᗯ☆
~Highest ranking: #41 in Fairytail~ "Look I'm not happy with this either you know" I sigh and look up. "Our lives are about to turn into living hell.&qu...
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5SOS Smut | boyxboy by HolyAFIx94
5SOS Smut | boyxboyby Boo
Just as the title says REQUESTS CURRENTLY CLOSED *~*~*~* Credit to me (HolyAFIx94), as I write all of these myself. Therefore, please do not copy/steal/do anything w...
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5SOS Preferences by mikeysnutella
5SOS Preferencesby 5sos preferences
5 Seconds of Summer preferences and imagines. Smut, fluff, long, short, etc etc etc If you want me to update quicker then just comment/vote:-)...
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Prank Text | l.h by King_Courtney
Prank Text | l.hby courtney :)
'Hey, I'm Luke Hemmings' 'Really because the last time I checked I'm Luke hemmings' A story, In which a girl named Miley likes to prank text random phone numbers with t...
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The Dare by KaylaBooBear
The Dareby Princess💍
Being the best friend of a player is hard. The constant flirting. The constant pick up lines. It gets annoying. Libby Alanis and Luke Hunt have been best friends for ye...
  • romance
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BLS #5 : Beautiful Nightmare by beyondlocks
BLS #5 : Beautiful Nightmareby Janice Martana
BLS #5 Luke Hastington A Billionare that really loves work more than anything. Call him workaholic because he loves to sit on his office for hours without getting tired...
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