[oo2] Say Hello to the Sunshine, and be Welcomed to MY life.....

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Say Hello to the Sunshine, and be Welcomed to MY life.....



''Hello Ryan, this is Elizabeth. Your soon to be wife.'' my 'mother' told this guy, very sweetly if I may add. She's never used that tone on me, not since ...my dad died.

''It's Eli, and hi, stranger'' I said coldly.

''Feisty, nice. And it's Ryan, not stranger.'' he said very cockily.

What?!? And he's a prep, you sure know how to pick 'em mom!

Little miss emo, abused, sad, depressed, hot topic shopper girl, with mr preppy pants, Hollister loving, popular, jerk head, jock.

Oh, this is so not what I wished for.


Chapter 2

So I'm not getting married? I was sold?! I'd prefer to be drop dead, and gone to heaven.

Oh, let me buzz off the horrid world before me, so now... let me introduce myself, I think I should let you know about me, if it's you who is going to know all about it.

Well, my name is Elizabeth Clementine Brenue, I'm part french, so I'm a bit flued, if I may say so. I'm the only daughter of my mother, and was of my father, he died when I was about ten, I'm miss him so much, mom was nothing like that when he was alive, but his death, brought her inner wicked bitch out.

Tragic, I know.

What if I just runaway?


And I could go to those teenager home thingies, I saw one the other day beside the hospital.

Yes! Now I just have to distract them with something....

Maybe I could...pretend that I broke my ankle, and wait for my mom to get me an icepack, and the 'dude' to go away, I know he won't give a damn if I'm hurt, so he'll leave me in my misery, while my mom 'gets' me some ice.


Who would of thought I'd be that good at faking.

Maybe I'll do that more often.

''Agh!'' I screamed as a 'pain' shot up on my ankle when I tried walking up the stairs.

''Hunny, what's wrong'' my mom said, in her fake caring motherly voice.

''Agh!! My ankle, I- I- think I broke it'' I said stuttering, and with some tears on my eyes.

God, I'm good.

''Ryan go get Elizabeth some ice, it's in the kitchen, the red door at the right''

That's not how it's supposed to go.

Oh, crap!

''Yes, Ms. Brenue'' he said.

As he went to the kitchen, my mother looked towards his way, until he was officially in the kitchen.

This doesn't look pretty.

I'm too young to die!!

''Now, STOP with your shit, we know perfectly your faking, so cut the crap, and be the most loving person you can be, do you hear me?''

I just stared at her, scared...

''Am I clear?''

''Uh, ye-ye-yes ma'am'' I said shakily as my mother roughly shacked me by the shoulders.

As soon as the 'dude' came in, she put out her mascaraed look, and started the play again.

''Oh, she's not going to need that anymore, she's feeling much better now'' she looked over at me and then at him '' she just had a little cramp, for staying too long on one side''


I hate it when people would actually fall for her fake loving, caring, perfect, mother, which she is so not!!

Ugh! God I hate her!!

How did I come out, of such a wicked bitch like her?

The things I'll never know...

*In My Room*

After a long talk about 'how I have to be the best wife' and so on.

My mother decided for Ryan to stay over, to get my stuff settled so that tomorrow I can move in with him, in the same house, same room, same...bed.

What?! I'll be in someone's bed already, and I don't even know him that well.

Well I do know some things, he's definitely a jerk, player, jock, idiot, cute, hot, nice bod- wait a minute lets just stop there, I don't know what got in me.

So right now, I'm packing my stuff, to go move to California, and start my new life as Mrs. Elizabeth Clementine Dawson.

Welcome to my life!

Ain't it delightful?

''Hey, she was definitely worth the 10 grands'' said a cocky voice from the other room, talking in the phone, I suppose.

I was...sold?

That means I don't have to get to runaway? And that I'm now someone Else's property?

I'm a thing?

''I have to control her, man'' he said ''she's a feisty one.

''But as long as she's hot'' more talking ''oh, she'll be in my bed in no time, she looks like an easy one''

Oh, No He, Didn't!

So, he thinks he can get in my pants that easily?

Hmm.. we'll change that in no time.

He's getting nothing out of this girl.

Not in a million years.

Ha! That will show him.

He'll begging, he'll be my bitch, and not the other way around.


To be Continued!!!

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