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fnaf x reader lemons by BrokenSoulsYT
fnaf x reader lemonsby BrokenSouls Animations
{warning} this story contains foul language and other things that children are not meant to read if you are 14 or younger continue at your own risk-- welcome to fnaf X r...
  • fnaffanfic
  • freddy
  • d4rkness32
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Little Gilbert Diary by FlorenceTucker
Little Gilbert Diaryby Florence Grace Tucker
Elena and Jeremy's little sister is still broken from the death of her parents. When a certain Salvatore pops into town, all hell breaks loose, and new love interests ar...
  • selfharm
  • damonsalvatore
  • damon
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My Virgin Mate by MissTAYTAY1
My Virgin Mateby Tayanna
Bonnie Bennet is a werewolf, an Alpha to be exact. She's the leader of Velvet Waters Pack, one of the strongest and wealthiest packs in the United States. Bonnie had eve...
  • love
  • bonnie
  • rogue
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The Lost One(Fnaf Story) by 6fanfic_trash9
The Lost One(Fnaf Story)by 6fanfic_trash9
There was once 5 animatronics Freddy, the main animatronic and a bear Bonnie, the guitarist and a bunny Chica, the chef and a chicken Foxy, the pirate and a fox and then...
  • chica
  • fnaf
  • love
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Tiberius Salvatore: The eldest brother by LivingTheDeadLife
Tiberius Salvatore: The eldest Jamzino
Book 1 Rio Salvatore. The eldest Salvatore brother, turned at 25 years of age. He, unlike his brothers, never fell for Katherine's mind games. She resented him for this...
  • gilbert
  • tvd
  • vampire
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Imagines | TVD by unholylie
Imagines | TVDby 失恋
These imagines are Character X Reader. This includes any character from The Vampire Diaries. I am currently accepting requests but please read my A/N about the rules of...
  • malachiparker
  • niklausmikealson
  • kaiparker
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Maddox Wants Her  by Harryshots
Maddox Wants Her by C H A R M E R
"I'm sorry but I am not like the rest of the bad boys you see in your stupid books." He came closer to me, his breath mingling with mine in intimidation. "...
  • player
  • amazing
  • vindictive
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The Other Salvatore »»» Klaus Mikaelson by Insanity69
The Other Salvatore »»» Klaus HIATUS
Juliet Salvatore hasn't seen her brothers since 1864, she thought they were dead. After she woke up she thought she was all alone, she didn't want to live anymore becaus...
  • stefansalvatore
  • vampirediaries
  • caroline
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The Devil's Daughter by allthedetails
The Devil's Daughterby Kay
It turns out that Damon Salvatore had a daughter back in 1864, but he didn't know about her until now. She didn't come alone, either. She brought Katherine drama, and Or...
  • tvd
  • romance
  • caroline
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Stuck With Him: Kai Parker by SleepMindWriter
Stuck With Him: Kai Parkerby g i a
[Highest Rank #245 Fanfiction 23/11/16] I scoffed, kicking his shin and he kicked me back harder. "Can you even die here?" I asked, he shook his head and I nod...
  • memoryloss
  • wattys2017
  • teenfiction
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Rhopalocera {k.m} {tvd} by zoe_youle
Rhopalocera {k.m} {tvd}by Zoe Danielle Johnson-Youle
To come out of your cacoon. __________ Lucille Gilbert is Elena Gilbert's twin sister. When her parents die, she doesn't do quite as well as her siblings and leaves Myst...
  • gilbert
  • theoriginals
  • tyler
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Another Salvatore by oneofakindyella
Another Salvatoreby Vanessa Renee
Meet Cleo Annabeth Salvatore the younger sister of Damon and Stefan Salvatore. She isn't your every day girl or vampire her story is nothing like her brothers. My beauti...
  • klaus
  • kol
  • romance
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What's Wrong With Being In Love (Jeremy Gilbert Love Story) by OnlyEnglishSpeakeu
What's Wrong With Being In Love ( Kimberly
Jade Salvatore came back to Mystic Falls to get revenge from the Salvatore Brothers for trying kill her but what happens when she meets Jeremy Gilbert Elena Gilbert's li...
  • mysticfalls
  • vampirediaries
  • elena
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The burdens of family by LivingTheDeadLife
The burdens of familyby Jamzino
Arkyn Mikaelson decides to go home where a beautiful witch catches his eye. Torn between keeping her safe and being selfish and being with her, he stays in town where he...
  • ritual
  • rebekah
  • klaus
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It's Been so long.. (Human!Bonnie x reader) by kawaii_writer101
It's Been so long.. (Human! Kris.
Based on the song, " It's Been so long" by the living tombstone, you, the reader had applied at freddy fazbear's pizza. You had a horrible ;experience there, e...
  • freddy
  • foxy
  • chica
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Who Would Work Here(a Five Nights In Anime Fanfiction) by JustinHumbleJr
Who Would Work Here(a Five billcypher_finalform
  • mari
  • fivenightsinanime
  • foxy
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Don't Let Me Down [4] ~ Supernatural / The Vampire Diaries by that_one_writer_chik
Don't Let Me Down [4] ~ that_one_writer_chik
As things get worse, Jen and her family turn to each other. They try to hold on to what they have left and live every day one day at a time. But what happens when even f...
  • dean
  • jeremy
  • klaus
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Hold On [1] ~ Supernatural / The Vampire Diaries by that_one_writer_chik
Hold On [1] ~ Supernatural / The that_one_writer_chik
What do you when life knocks you down? You get back up and you try again. But how many times can you get knocked down before it hurts too much to keep trying? ××× Book o...
  • elena
  • ryan
  • jen
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El destino me odia... /BxB/ [COMIC] by ian_koooo
El destino me odia... /BxB/ [COMIC]by ian-ko
Una historia basada en #Fnafhs y trabajando el shipp del BxB pero con un toque un tanto diferente... ¿Una historia triste? Pues sí, pero todo se dirá en el transcurso de...
  • bxbeldestinomeodia
  • fhs
  • fnafhsgb
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FNAF2 I'm Still A Security Guard ( Sequal ) by FreeFlyer68
FNAF2 I'm Still A Security Guard ( FreeFlyer68
Y/n left the pizzeria after the incident with The Purple Guy. No one knows where she went except for Alex. Mike doesn't know where she is and the animatronics were suppo...
  • toyfreddy
  • romance
  • toybonnie
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