[oo9] Say Hello to the Sunshine, and be Welcomed to MY life.....

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Say Hello to the Sunshine, and be Welcomed to MY life.....



''We can go now'' I told him with a big smile, as I grabbed his hand and pulled him inside, of my once hell on earth, and now a very good place to play.

'This day is going to be so much fun' I thought, earning a bigger smile on my face as I walked, dragging Ryan to our next class.


'Que divertido va a ser este día!' I thought in Spanish, as I walked in a faster pace towards my, and his, destination.


Funny word.


-Chapter 9-

P.E. is definitely a lot of fun!


Haha! Bitch said 'what?'.

Spanish class was boring, explaining words that you could easily learn as a baby, were being explained, I listened to Ryan repeat them, and he sounded so funny, so 'gringo', how Ella would call them, and me, at the beginning, but she taught me how to.

'Oh, how I miss Ella, and Beth' I sighed, and started to day dream, and huddled my head in my arm.

''Juanita salio con su mamá.'' I heard the class repeat after the teacher, Mrs. Sanchez, which is most likely to become my favorite teacher, for now...

Second period came, P.E., and apparently it was dodge-ball, that we had to do, after some stretches, that some of the girls were whining about.

'Chickens' I thought, as I finished stretching, and saw one of the 'plastics', brake a nail, and cry over how hard she worked on the little diamond hearts she put on them, o her claws, to be exact.

Ugh! Some girls, are so......dramatic.

Dodge-ball, the best game ever, I get to purposely hit other girls, and not get into trouble.

My team was definitely winning, even though they were doing absolutely nothing, and I was definitely kicking ass.


I heard the dodge-ball, smack this girl named Janice, boy did that sucker boing!

That's gonna leave a mark, Score!

First day, and I've injured to blonde biatches.

I'm so happy, I could kiss anybody, I looked around, and there were only girls, and the coach, I'm so happy I'd kiss a guy, that's better, I'll kiss Ryan, it'll be a nice little gift for not being all cruel an all, maybe what I heard at home was just an image, 'cause he's been nothing but nice to me, so I don't think he's all in it to get me in his bed, which he already did, maybe that's what he meant, I shrugged, maybe, maybe I'm just a little confused.

Hell, maybe I would kiss anybody (male), right then a super cute gut walked in to talk to the coach about something, yup, I'm definitely checking him out, he winked at me when he oticed I was looking his way, that definitely kills the mood, I looked away with a disgusted look.

I threw the dodge-ball again, and hit another one of my targets, it's nice to have a good arm, and aiming.

I smirked as she whined about how she broke her nose, who just got done, and I broke.


Anyways, the teacher went to tell a little 'speech' about how we should all give out more efforts in our physical training, for just having a healthy body, doesn't mean that we're a 100% healthy, she said, but then turned to me, I thought I was going to get in trouble for playing a little 'harmless' dodge-ball, but I just got a ''Good job, your the best we've seen, you should join our volleyball team, if you'd be up to it'' I kindly smiled, and said ''Thanks, I'll think about it''.

This day is going better than ever, I've already forgotten my getting 'lost' issue, well I had, because now I remembered, I am so dumb!

Guys outside and girls inside, both coaches decided to plan a battle of the sexes type of thing for next week, to try out to find how well we are, all the other girls whined about it, and said we would loose, no way on earth will I loose, I'm a very competitive person when it comes to things like these.

Right then I saw the guys come in, sweaty in all their glory, well except for the poor dork in the back who got his retainer stuck with another one of his buddies, they headed for the locker rooms to clean up, obviously after a probably hard practice or whatever of football or some other sport, I really don't know or care either.

I saw Ryan waving at me, wearing a heart stopping smile, that could possibly melt any girl, but not me, hopefully.

I smiled back, as he jogged to where I sat, on the bleachers, all by myself, alone, you must get it, ''Hey!'' he said as he took a breath, I saw as his muscles flexed and I couldn't help but admire his well built body, muscle to see but not the ones that would gross you out and wonder if steroids were involved.

''Hello Ryan'' I replied as he sat down beside me.

''Eli, I'll meet you at the girl's locker room, when you done changing and all(Eli thinks: 'I swear I saw him blush when he said that!'), so we can go together to our next class, is that okay?''

''Um, yeah, sure no problem, can you get me something to drink, though, please?'' I asked as my thirst for liquids increased after my debating on waiting until lunch earlier on, I felt a pair of creepy eyes glare at me from a distance but I shrugged it off as Ryan replied, '' Okay, any preferences?'' he asked giving me that killer smile as he got up.

''Um, waters fine, thanks'' I replied as he jogged over to the machine thingy that had them with my water, I would have gotten some myself but I have no cash on me and anyways I wanted to see his cute butty jog to get it for me.

I might sound really shallow and all, but you'd want the same thing if you'd be surrounded by his gorgeousness all day long (Met him for less than two days, and I'm sure I'm definitely attracted to him, not sure on the 'liking' matters.).

To be Continued...

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