'·..·'I'm Miss. Innocent Girl and he's Mr. Bad Boy, how did love come out of mid air?'·..·'[6.5]

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Chapter 6.5




I felt lucky.

Sad thing, is was not for long.

I walked happily back through the alley, heading back to Sas and Clay's place, (they don't live together, just in the same building) munching on my cookies as I walked happily.

But then it happened.

I felt it again.

But this time closer.

And when I looked back.

There was someone right behind me.


My reflects did the job, and acted down.


♥ Alex's P.O.V. ♥


''Hey, baby'' he said, but I could smell the tint of liquor in his breath.

Oh, God!

He got closer by me, I mean, way too close for my liking.

''Your coming with me'' he said in a bossy tone.

I don't like that idea at all. Not one bit.

But he grabbed my elbow, and pulled me closer to him.

I tried to think of something to do to get away, but no, he grabbed me even tighter when he noticed what I was trying to do.

I swear, I tried to scream.

But before I could do any sudden movement.

He covered my mouth with something.

I was out like a light.

It had something in it.


When I woke up, I was in a dark room. Way darker than the alley.

But I lost track of time, and was really not sure of were I was, or the time of day.

I was alone.

In the dark.

The lonely darkness.

How sad.

But it wasn't time to be sad.

I got used to the dim lighting after a while.

So I made my way, feeling around on the walls, trying to find an exit, or something to protect myself, you never know.


After a while, I found a broken spiky peace of wood.

''That'll work'' I told myself in a soft whisper, and gave my self a nice smile of joy.

Too bad it was not for long.


He came in the room, exposing much light as he entered the dark room.

So I made a run for it.

Too bad I didn't do it quick enough.

I ran towards him, and hit him right on the head, which caused him to fall to the dirty floor, holding his head to were I had hit him.

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