An Alpha's Love by solsticed
An Alpha's Loveby ☾ Nina ☽
"You're mine," he growls lowly, bringing me back into his warm embrace. "I don't understand," I whisper as a few tears run down my cheeks. Braxton re...
  • war
  • rogues
  • alphamate
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Maeve by SVINSKI
Maeveby Svinski
"A King is not complete without his Queen." This is a story. A story that is far too unreal for anyone believe. A story that everyone should believe in. A stor...
  • scary
  • werewolf
  • posessive
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To Love A Vampire by makemefeelfuzzyy
To Love A Vampireby Ash Collins
!¡MxWxM¡! "Where do you think you're going, angel?" Gabriel grins at me, his face screamed 'got you' and I couldn't help but feel like he caught my hand in the...
  • bondage
  • drama
  • betrayal
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Mated to the Alpha King | Published by Sannyaahhh
Mated to the Alpha King | Publishedby Jennise K
  • mates
  • lycanthrope
  • alphaking
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Perseous's Human Mate by MI_Hook
Perseous's Human Mateby MI_Hook
Max was perfectly human. Loyal to family. Strong and passionate. Curiosity equal to her shyness. Percy was anything but human. A over bearing Supreme Alpha who's only a...
  • secrets
  • dominat
  • possessive
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The King by maniellah
The Kingby mani
"No." I stated. "They don't exist." His emerald eyes pierced into my soul, they seemed to be dissecting me. Bit by bit. He had his arms wrapped arou...
  • leonardodicaprio
  • comedy
  • king
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His Queen by STESLARA
His Queenby Sara Nichole
I look at her; My Queen, My Luna, Mine. The moonlight dancing across her beautiful face making it glow, and the wind making her hair fly behind her as if it's chasing th...
  • rogue
  • jessicaxgabriel
  • mate
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My Alpha Mate by 1434everr
My Alpha Mateby × Angel ×
What do you do when you have a rude, cocky, jealous, arrogant, hot, Alpha mate? You drive him to the edge of insanity and you go from there. Highest Ranking 6/27/18: #3...
  • vampire
  • mates
  • werewolf
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INTO THE WOODS by WhisperofMidnight
INTO THE WOODSby Isabel Zugec
~ Book I of the Nighthounds series ~ ______________________________ E L I Z A B E T H Once upon a time, there was a little girl whose mother always told her bedtime stor...
  • kingandqueen
  • alphaking
  • soulmate
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Sorry, I'm Not Into Bestiality by IggyWasTaken
Sorry, I'm Not Into Bestialityby Iggy Williams
"Mate!" He growled, practically storming over and grabbing my waist. Placing my hands on his shoulders for support, I leaned back as he leaned in. "Wow! L...
  • war
  • realistic
  • femalealpha
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My Beta Heart {bxb} (werewolf/mpreg) - Book 1 by QuartzKiro
My Beta Heart {bxb} (werewolf/ Jay Q. Gameth
"You were mine the moment we met," I told him. He's my life now. Only he fills My Beta Heart. - Alex, an 18-year-old from Sacramento, California, heads to Los...
  • teens
  • romance
  • youngadult
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The Vampire Mate  by Little_Howell
The Vampire Mate by Little_Howell
A human and a vampire must come together to save the vampire world whilst trying not to endanger themselves by falling in love with each other. Warning: contains bad l...
  • human
  • romance
  • undiscoveredgems
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My Vampire King | ✔ by MaryamAslam
My Vampire King | ✔by 🌻Maryam🌻
Completed» (11 August, 2016) ☆☆☆ April is given a task to complete in a dark night by her friends. She is an adventurous girl, making her w...
  • king
  • bond
  • lust
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Kidnapped Alpha Mate(Sorry Slow Updates) by sweetypie_nanah
Kidnapped Alpha Mate(Sorry Slow Nanah
He is Handsome. She is Beautiful. He is Possessive. She is Protective. He is the Alpha of One of the Biggest Packs in the U.S. She is a Stubborn Human. So what happens...
  • moongoddess
  • mates
  • love
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The Alpha  by MissPluviophiles
The Alpha by MissPluviophiles
Mature content Sexual themes Strong language Violence He was so much bigger than me. His large broad shoulders and frame towered over my shaking figure. It seemed lik...
  • luna
  • werewolf
  • human
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I Was Only Human by Jellyphish
I Was Only Humanby Jellyphish
"Holly! Holly! What did you see?" Anthony was gently shaking me, stroking my hair. I stayed silent for a few moments, trying to calm my sobbing. "Anthony...
  • human
  • mates
  • alpha
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The Alpha's Badass Mate by spacechick371
The Alpha's Badass Mateby Space Chick
Alexis Black is a girl with a troubled past, and if you pick a fight with her you will most certainly end up in hospital. She was just expelled for putting a boy in hosp...
  • badgirl
  • highschool
  • human
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Sugar by ktk446
Sugarby Hi
"Hey, sugar." C O V E R B Y // @daisiesxflowers
  • werewolf
  • possessive
  • romance
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The Devil's Mate by gottabeme123
The Devil's Mateby Jane
He's been looking for her for over ten thousand millenniums, he wants her, he needs her and he won't wait for another second to get her. Victoria Jane Heavenly is your a...
  • paranormal
  • paranormalromance
  • god
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Her Human Prince by onebluerose
Her Human Princeby selene
Keira met him in her first day as a senior in high school. He was tall and lean. He smelled minty and bittersweet, the scent of dark chocolate that perfectly matched his...
  • love
  • destiny
  • betrayal
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