[oo4] Say Hello to the Sunshine, and be Welcomed to MY life.....

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Say Hello to the Sunshine, and be Welcomed to MY life.....



'Ba-da ba ba-da ba ba da

Ba-da ba ba ba ba-ba ba ba'

And the song ended, it kind of made me feel as though...it had a message written out or me, I burying my past, that one yells out truth to me, and the prince thing, I really don't thing it has anything to do with me.

Another song started to play, 'Fireflies' by owl City, that song just made me feel much happier, it actually made me forget i was crying a while ago due to a very bad reason, spare me the shame please, my eyes felt droopy, and I allowed them to close, making me drift into a sweat dream...

But one hidden question still stayed glued in my mind, Why did Ryan kiss me?


-Chapter 4-

For what comes over....


I couldn't sleep, I woke up in the middle of the night feeling really cold, nature called, so I headed towards the Queens thrown, to do my 'business', after I was done I flushed the toilet and washed my hands, I looked myself over the mirror.

God! I look like shit.

That's probably what random over crying does to you.

When I got back to the bed I curled myself in a ball, I still felt cold.

I didn't want to pull on the covers, though, I just don't like them.

Habit I got when I was little, I didn't get a cover so I just didn't grow accustomed to it.

I want to be warm, like now.

I was still in my clothes from home.

I went over to look at the little bag I carried, I had placed some clothes in it.

I pulled out a long pair of thick fluffy stripped hot pink with black socks, and my favorite warm Hello Kitty hoodie.

With that I guess I'll be getting warm.

I struggled with my restlessness, and I was completely unable to fall asleep.

My first night in this house, and I can't even fall asleep, I feel like I'm missing something, or that someone's needing me.

Somethings missing...

I closed my eyes shot, as I heard someones footsteps coming near, I heard the doors slowly creek open.

I could see some dim light burning the outside of my eyes.

Somehow a sob escaped my mouth, and I felt the bed shift in, from the placing of someone's weight.

'It must be Ryan' I thought.

''Um, are you awake?'' asked a soft male voice, definitely Ryan.

''Yes. Have been for a while now..'' I mumbled on the pillow, I really don't think he heard me.

''Can't sleep?'' he asked.

''No, can you tell?'' I asked sarcastically.

''Ha, ha...so what's bugging you?'' he asked as he moved closer in the bed. There's lots of space so I don't think he'll have to get too close to me,

''I don't know...I just feel like..'' I cut myself, realizing that i was about to actually converse in a conversation, with someone I should despise, but he did kind of saved me from my mother.

She had worser plans for me, I over heard her one time, she wanted to sell me to this 40 year old perverted single man, and I really don't want to know for what, for it was hint able just by listening to his voice at the other end of the phone that drafty summer day.

I think he caught up to my silence and spoke ''You don't want to speak, right?'' he asked.

I just nodded and buried my face deeper into the soft, fluffy pillow, smelling it's scent, it was a rich cologne, a mans, Ryan's, yum, I like his scent, maybe a little to much, I quickly separated my face from the pillow as I thought that.

I heard him sigh, and I felt ruffling on the side of the bed, I guess he's getting under the covers, hmm..., maybe I should too, even though I hate them, I'm just TOO cold!

I'm such a puss!

I pouted at that thought, and got under the covers, I was radiated by a massive gust of warm aura, it was all so warm and toasty, I moved towards the owner of the warmness, and knew it was Ryan, but I didn't care, I just want to be warm.

I put one leg over him, and hugged him, yes I Elizabeth am hugging this unknown stranger that now kind of OWNS me.

But he's so WARM, and god! Does he smell good.

He smells like chocolate or vanilla, but it's probably from those sprays guys used called, Axel?

Yeah, that's it!

I praise the creator of this aroma!

It's so alluring!

''Is this okay?'' he asked softly on my hair.

''Um, sure..''

It's like he knew what I needed, for he then turned around, letting me hug him more, yay!!

I then happily drifted to sleep....

To be Continued!!!

//I know this is short as hell!, But I'll write the next part, and It'll be in Ryan's P.O.V. that way you guys will know some more about him, and why he bought Eli, any questions?//

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