Pranking the badboy  by friesbeforeguys101
Pranking the badboy by friesbeforeguys101
[edited] [complete] 'Shit,shit,shit,shit,hide,hide,hide,find somewhere to hide,hide,hide,there run faster FUCK!!!' I ran so fast to the janitor's closet and can hear my...
  • badboy
  • promise
  • humor
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Just Those Small Feelings by Yourbuddycici
Just Those Small Feelingsby Lumine fan 4 Life!!
Just read it...I'm tried to write a description
  • witchcraft
  • promise
  • kody
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Dream, my little mate by W0lVEREAD
Dream, my little mateby JAY
"Stop fucking hiding from me," He grabbed me by my arm and brought me closer to him, then he whispered in my ear "I've waited too long, so once I find you...
  • luna
  • werewolf
  • vampire
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He's My Mate by SkylarSaitou
He's My Mateby Steph
(boyxboy/manxman/malexmale) Aiden is a 15 year old rogue, not even old enough to have a solid place in a pack yet let alone a mate. What will he do when he is suddenly c...
  • rouge
  • puppy
  • yaoi
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Cold As Ice by imastupididyut
Cold As Iceby imastupididyut
"Why don't you get it through that thick head of yours, you fat ugly bitch? I don't want you. I don't like you. You are not my type. You have no class. You lack man...
  • hurt
  • fat
  • sexytime
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Vandalism !! h.s. ✓ by NikeyStyles
Vandalism !! h.s. ✓by ✧ brooke ✧
"You promised you'd change for me." "Well, angel, people like me have a hard time keeping promises." Copyright 2015: NikeyStyles Highest Rank in Fa...
  • badboy
  • liampayne
  • zaynmalik
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I'll Always Promise You (GirlxGirl) by Dreamondreamer96
I'll Always Promise You (GirlxGirl)by Dreamondreamer96
For as long as Andi Mason can remember, love has been one of her biggest wishes. But also one of her hardest parts of her life. She has not succeeded in finding the righ...
  • promise
  • girlxgirl
  • fiction
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Alpha Ragnar by Made1ineHatter
Alpha Ragnarby Made1ineHatter
Alpha Ragnar's mate has been murdered. He watched as she was taken from the world in front of the entire pack. Now, he's on a journey to deal with his pain, but what hap...
  • crazy
  • alpha
  • steamy
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His Promise |✔️| by brightlights101
His Promise |✔️|by Rochelle
"As long as you agree to my proposal, I promise to keep you and your son safe" he said with a cold calculated stare across from his desk. "But what you're...
  • human
  • hybrid
  • fire
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INSANE || ROBB STARK by sugarysweet3
"And when all pawns were gone in the game, she overturned the table." RANKED: #2 IN THE GAMEOFTHRONES TAG ON 29/8/18. :) #3 IN THE ASOIAF TAG ON 5/1/19. :) Be...
  • westeros
  • targaryen
  • twinawards2018
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"I Promise" Levi Ackerman x Reader by Rhynstone
"I Promise" Levi Ackerman x Readerby Rhy Rhy
"He shows no look of pity or sadness in his face but instead keeps his eyes on the ground. He guides his horse without a slouch, the look on his face, cold. A weird...
  • reader
  • armin
  • lévi
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My Debt To a Billionaire by Misfitauthor
My Debt To a Billionaireby Misfitauthor
Hospital bills aren't the cheapest. Nor is the cure young Melody needs. Her older sister, Astride, will do anything for it. When a certain billionaire makes a deal with...
  • promise
  • billionaire
  • romance
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Falling For My Brother✔️ by MikaShay
Falling For My Brother✔️by Mikaylee Sims-Reyes
"You promised! You promised you would never leave me!" I sobbed into my hands as I saw him pack up. "Jessica, you know I don't want to go. I don't have a...
  • dare
  • jealousy
  • friends
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THE PROMISE- I made to a Vampire (EDITING) by DreamCist
THE PROMISE- I made to a Vampire ( Elora Clark
|| Highest Ranking- 4|| "Are you serious!?" I looked at him incredulously. "I was drunk okay?" He pushed m...
  • wattys2017
  • youngadult
  • covet
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All because of a "STUPID PROMISE" by the_Accountant
All because of a "STUPID PROMISE"by AD
Gianne has a very unusual life. She has a gifted mind and very talented but because of her difference from others she was bullied, thus she was forced to be homeschooled...
  • romance
  • sisterlove
  • younglove
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Cut To The Bone by druidrose
Cut To The Boneby MB | M.Dalto
Ever since her eighteenth birthday, Azima Rousseau knew she would die battling the forces of Hell just as her mother had, and her grandmother before her. So when her des...
  • action
  • epicfantasy
  • fantasy
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Lament | Jikook | by Sincerely_Jikook
Lament | Jikook |by Sincerely Jikook
"Once you wear this necklace.....You're mine." After a break up, Park Jimin a 19 year old untalented individual decides to reconnect with his childhood love l...
  • yaoi
  • jikook
  • fluff
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BOUNDED BY THE WOUNDEDby Niranjana Nepolean @ Amutha T...
A love story between a wounded Girl and a Guy who is running towards his GOAL.
  • arnav
  • revange
  • barun
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Until The Very End by Asahi_123
Until The Very Endby Jess20
Highest Rank - #23 in Teen Fiction (03/07/17) Elizabeth Conner is a normal 17 year old girl...well that's what it seems like for everyone else. She had a normal childhoo...
  • love
  • teenager
  • couple
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Our undying love Raksh - RagLak by Sukorian
Our undying love Raksh - RagLakby Sukorian
Peep in...
  • undying
  • faith
  • raglak
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