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Hold Me Down ⇒ Robin Hood by sleepandlemongrass
Hold Me Down ⇒ Robin Hoodby ❝ human ❞
❝ I can't just stand by and do nothing. ❞ [ BBC ROBIN HOOD ] [ SEASON ONE ] [ 💛 : ROBIN HOOD ] Started October 2017 Cover by me!
  • historical
  • marian
  • series
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Kot Marian w Polskiej Gimbazie! (3) by Zakapturzonaautorka
Kot Marian w Polskiej Gimbazie! (3)by Dzban Mickiewicz
Tym razem Marianek uda się do Gimnazjum numer 13 w Sosnowcu! Tak, MARIANEK! Dam dam daaam!!!
  • jesteście
  • teamkapturkikapturka
  • powraca
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Just an bow and arrow (Robin Hood x reader) by Elora326girl
Just an bow and arrow (Robin Elora326girl
There was war in your homeland so you ran away. The king of Sherwood gave you permission to stay in his castle but his devil of a brother didn't let you stay. He wanted...
  • tuck
  • robinxreader
  • littlejohn
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A World That Will Not Turn to Ash (English)(From Ashes Vol.1) by IlariaTomasini3
A World That Will Not Turn to Ilaria Tomasini
Nottingham wasn't destroyed by Prince John's soldiers and Marian noticed the better side of Guy.
  • hood
  • gisborne
  • marian
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Little things that show that Robin Hood and Maid Marian love each other ♥ by maidmarianxxx
Little things that show that maidmarianxxx
Just some random scenes that show the love of Maid Marian and Robin Hood <3
  • mischief
  • maid
  • love
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Memories by storiesandstuff32
Memoriesby insertfavoriteauthor
Regina thinks she finally has her happy ending. She's with her soulmate Robin. She has her son back. There is no threat looming in Storybook. She honestly couldn't be ha...
  • ouat
  • theevilqueen
  • marian
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Grant What I Wish by kleindog
Grant What I Wishby Nancy
Rather than perishing in the desert, Marian is rescued and nursed back to health. When it is time to return to England and settle some scores, who will she seek out--her...
  • marian
  • armitage
  • guy
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A Terrifying Adventure by maidmarianxxx
A Terrifying Adventureby maidmarianxxx
A new adventure is lurking in Sherwood Forest for Robin and his band...
  • maid
  • marian
  • sherwood
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Guy And Marian Retold by us32203
Guy And Marian Retoldby Casey Silverstein
Although I'm not a huge fan of the 2006 series Robin Hood, I love how Richard Armitage plays Guy of Gisborne. I always thought that Marian made a huge mistake in not ma...
  • hood
  • guy
  • marian
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Temptations [D.Gray-Man] by ayabean
Temptations [D.Gray-Man]by s.s & t.m 💕
Different choice of foods - different unique person. Do they match? Reader X D.Gray-Man Characters
  • cross
  • gray-man
  • allen
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Sir Guy: The Look of Love, a ficlet, by Gratiana Lovelace, 2016 by GratianaLovelace
Sir Guy: The Look of Love, a Gratiana Lovelace
Some might say that Sir Guy of Gisborne has too much ambition--and hubris--with regard to his love for the Lady Marian Knighton. And yet, when they are thrown together...
  • guy
  • sirguyofgisborne
  • ficlet
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Bitten by CottonCandyEyes
Bittenby Samantha
Luna Crowe has been homeless ever since her parents died. She's spent every dime she has and just wants to read a book. That she doesn't intend to buy. When she gets kic...
  • mates
  • cabin
  • man
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Realign - Jefferson (Mad Hatter) Once Upon A Time by miss-cadaverous
Realign - Jefferson (Mad Hatter) Who the hell is Bucky? What t...
Raven. Regina's little sister, One of Robin's Merry Men, And Jefferson's true love. --- I thought this would be a good mix of background story for a character to face is...
  • robinhood
  • jefferson
  • mulan
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Thief by ElleryHart
Thiefby Ellery
She only looked back when she heard footsteps coming along the corridor. The man she saw pass by froze her to her seat in horror. The red and black of the sheriff's cl...
  • merry
  • richard
  • fiction
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Reincarnation [Allen Walker] by Love_Anime_Forever
Reincarnation [Allen Walker]by ℓσνє_αηιмє_ƒσяєνєя
"Stars Can't Shine Without Darkness." "In order, for the light to shine so brightly, the darkness must be present." Allen Walker has the memories of...
  • allenwalker
  • innocence
  • cross
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valeria by MarianVillegas0
valeriaby Marian Villegas
la historia de valeria <3
  • marian
Nottingham Apples by IlariaTomasini3
Nottingham Applesby Ilaria Tomasini
A collection of my BBC Robin Hood One Shots and Drabbles
  • hood
  • robinhood
  • gisborne
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From Ashes, Through the Fire (English) (From Ashes Vol.3) by IlariaTomasini3
From Ashes, Through the Fire ( Ilaria Tomasini
This story belongs to the series "From Ashes", and the plot follows the events of the stories "A World That Will Not Turn to Ash" and "The Night...
  • guyofgisborne
  • marian
  • robinhood
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 First Kiss Stiller (Jensoo And Chaelisa) by cuteakochar
First Kiss Stiller (Jensoo And cuteakochar
Jennie and Jisoo are best friends but Jennie has a feeling for Jisoo so she kiss her she didn't know that its Jisoo's first kiss!😨and they met again after 5 years! If y...
  • grace
  • marian
  • raymundo
I AM ROBIN HOOD by RadioGirl
You'll never find him. Never trap him. Never see him. Arrows will fly, swords will gleam, lances thrown, laws declared, bounties issued. And you'll never know his name o...
  • years
  • traitor
  • first
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