A Cookie for the Big Boy by Devilsmom
A Cookie for the Big Boyby Pearl Mae
#DarmetirSeries BOOK I (Can be read separately) *** "Do that again." He growls. I close my eyes, tears are starting to form in my eyes. "Cry. Show me how...
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Marvel & DC  Fluff, Smut, And Imagines by Dahvie_Thorn
Marvel & DC Fluff, Smut, And Dahvie Ann Thorn
I don't own Marvel or Dc. (REQUESTS ARE OPEN) Hello there, My names Dahvie, at least that is what friends call me. My grammar sucks but i love thinking of ideas for shor...
  • nightwing
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Working with Leo Parker by BabyG_mochi
Working with Leo Parkerby ViolaHerkins
When Leo Parker applies for a job at the new diner in town, Alana; the bosses daughter, can't help but take an interest in her coworkers cold and strange attitude. Wanti...
  • alana
  • leo
  • diner
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Love is a Weakness by papez123
Love is a Weaknessby Paige
Hitomi Taki is planning on being one of the greastest Shinobi there ever was. She won't let anything get in her way. Not even fluffy bunnies. She has no intentions on fa...
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ShadowSong [Book 3] by Skyhuntress
ShadowSong [Book 3]by Skyhuntress
For the last four weeks, the fate of the City rested in the hands of two seventeen year olds who have no idea they're best friends. Olivia Shadowheart and Jason Frostson...
  • adventure
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Le Oof Randomness Book || THE OOFQUEL! by OofGangOfficial
Le Oof Randomness Book || THE ~Ooficial Oof HQ Account~...
A sequel to our first randomness book, because we reached our limit to writing there. are you sure about that -cat
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Naruto One-shots/Love Stories by Shippo
Naruto One-shots/Love Storiesby Shippo
This is a book of 30+ short love stories of OC's and Naruto Characters. The book is completed and there will not be anymore of these until next year when I open up a new...
  • hinata
  • gaara
  • love
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19Days by BLarabic
19Daysby BL بالعربي
مانجا ياوي ورمنسية كومديا تابعوني للحصول على كل جديد اتمنى ترجمتي تعجبكم
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Zodiacs Ships/Storyz  by MooseToast
Zodiacs Ships/Storyz by 🤔
Hello! I'm MooseToast Aka Bri and I have been requested to do a Zodiac book! Which I love Zodiacs! You can request ships or stories. (example for ship Scorpio x Picses...
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【Cookie Dough】   Claude Faustus x Reader by NuNuPlez
【Cookie Dough】 Claude Faustus FUCKING TRASH
  • cute
  • claudefaustusxreader
  • claudexreader
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The (Soccer) Player by chubiris
The (Soccer) Playerby Saga
First book in THE KING CITY CHRONICLES. -- Meet Dulce, a girl with mad humor and an attitude. She hasn't been a lucky girl lately. From the moment her father died her l...
  • twins
  • cupcakes
  • comedy
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My sexy babysitter by miss_imperfection_
My sexy babysitterby miss_imperfection_
Lilly is your typical bad ass girl, but the only difference is she does it in a secretive way. Her mother thinks she's the perfect little girl that doesn't curse or get...
  • cursing
  • milk
  • mom
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charms | harry potter rants by MustacheSaint
charms | harry potter rantsby the lorax
In which a very bored and depressed Ravenclaw rants about Harry Potter fanfiction cliches, because she has nothing better to do.
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Mama Jinxx by Emo_Otaku_999
Mama Jinxxby LuciferMattLawliet
Mama Jinxx memes and short stories. Featuring: Mama Jinxx, Daddy Jake, Little Andy, Andy's Boyfriend Ashley, an CC, Andy's brother! some will not be like this.
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Blood Thirsty 2 by luckynightstar
Blood Thirsty 2by Mustard Doggie
Blackberry x Vladeck (Vampire) part 2 I really enjoyed writing the first one and I got a request to do part two so ya here it is :3
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THE YELLOW COOKIE JAR #publishing soon #wattys2018 #complete by MaryEllenCampbell
A boy goes to see his elderly grandfather who is ninety. At first he was distant and cold until they came too know each other. Thomas, his grandson, is needing help with...
  • grandson
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  • worldscollide
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Sweet Nothings  by JamzMorris
Sweet Nothings by JamzM
She was a baker who recently had her heart broken. He was an investor who needed a new project. So when Mark decides to invest in Sasha's bakery, things get sweeter tha...
  • cupcakes
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Cake & Coffee by -candy_baby-
Cake & Coffeeby °×°×°×°×°×°×°
Her eyes were blue, like the sugared berries that sat atop muffins and cakes in the small display case to my left. Jeez..She was pretty. What was I supposed to say to he...
  • romance
  • gayaf
  • cake
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the oofrt book by OofGangOfficial
the oofrt bookby ~Ooficial Oof HQ Account~...
Ringer wanted art buuk to post ringoz artz so they could not BE SUCH A FRICKEN FAILURE
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