My Unexpected Mate (GxG) by CchickenNnuggets
My Unexpected Mate (GxG)by 00Nuggets
"What's a mate?" *************** Eclipse is what you would call an innocent girl. Ever since her parents both died in a rogue attack when she was y...
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Naruto One-shots/Love Stories by Shippo
Naruto One-shots/Love Storiesby Shippo
This is a book of 30+ short love stories of OC's and Naruto Characters. The book is completed and there will not be anymore of these until next year when I open up a new...
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Marvel & DC  Fluff, Smut, And Imagines by Dahvie_Thorn
Marvel & DC Fluff, Smut, And Dahvie Ann Thorn
I don't own Marvel or Dc. (REQUESTS ARE OPEN) Hello there, My names Dahvie, at least that is what friends call me. My grammar sucks but i love thinking of ideas for shor...
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My sexy babysitter by miss_imperfection_
My sexy babysitterby miss_imperfection_
Lilly is your typical bad ass girl, but the only difference is she does it in a secretive way. Her mother thinks she's the perfect little girl that doesn't curse or get...
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Seducing Jeon Jungkook by silverstands
Seducing Jeon Jungkookby Akshita Gupta
It was her job- seducing guys and stealing their money. She's a normal school going girl, who recently broke up with Namjoon her ex and meets a strange man named Kim Tae...
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Since I Was Small [Travlyn AU] by PaperBirds_SP
Since I Was Small [Travlyn AU]by ˚✧₊angel eyes⁺✧༚
Katelyn and Travis had met when they were 5 years old. After years of being separated they finally unite but Katelyn doesn't quite remember Travis. They soon realize the...
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ShadowSong [Book 3] by Skyhuntress
ShadowSong [Book 3]by Skyhuntress
For the last four weeks, the fate of the City rested in the hands of two seventeen year olds who have no idea they're best friends. Olivia Shadowheart and Jason Frostson...
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Rained on my Heart (Gaara love story) by Calienia
Rained on my Heart (Gaara love call me Cali-Chan or Lizzie :3
Calienia Moonsilver has lost her family, village and best friend. Her heart is almost torn completely, she doesn't believe in revenge but has built walls up around her s...
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19Days by BLarabic
19Daysby BL بالعربي
مانجا ياوي ورمنسية كومديا تابعوني للحصول على كل جديد اتمنى ترجمتي تعجبكم
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Aaron's Cooking Guide by AaronStringfellow
Aaron's Cooking Guideby Aaron Stringfellow
Welcome to Aaron's Cooking Guide. Aaron's Cooking Guide is here to give you a few tips & tricks about cooking and present you with new and creative recipes every week. I...
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Animated Love (Taiden) by Female_Future_Author
Animated Love (Taiden)by Future Author
Jaiden has just moved from Arizona to California to live on her own as an adult. One day she was at the store and sees her cookie loving friend Tony. What will happen? F...
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Running All Night by FaItHFulNinJa
Running All Nightby Faith George
Emily Ventre' is a girl who travels the world and never stays in one place. She gathers weapons, participates in trade offs, does jobs for multiple bosses, and is an adv...
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The Cookie Monster ✏ by teddybear_child
The Cookie Monster ✏by Taffy [aka BITCH]
"The softest of cookies always crumble." "You can't expect to put a cookie back together when all it is is crumbs and nothing more."
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Cookie Run Gumball Cookie x Cookie! reader by Marissa_the_Idiot
Cookie Run Gumball Cookie x Weeb shit
(Cover art not by me) Hello! This is a story about you and Gumball cookie. Sorry if he is a little out of character I'm working on that. Anyway, enjoy the book!!
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My (Not So) Amazing Art!! by xTeddy-Bearx
My (Not So) Amazing Art!!by ♡Teddy_Bear♡
The cover was drawn by meeee!! In this book, there shall obviously be art :3 maybe some chapters of randomness XD But mainly art!! Suuu Idk what else to write REQUESTS...
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Eyes of the Unknown 1 [creepypasta] by moonthorns
Eyes of the Unknown 1 [creepypasta]by Bella⋆
Felicity Hill is an ordinary girl, almost too normal for her taste. But since her eyes are a rather different color, she draws unwanted attention. One night and many ot...
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( 🕊 ) CORBYN by -OfficWhyDontWe-
cookie addict
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Various!Food x Reader by orangeylemonscent
Various!Food x Readerby tangy sweet mess
Hello fellow Wattpad user! I see you have either fallen down a hole of, "What am I doing with my life... Oh yeah, reading about falling in love with various foods...
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obligatory  by imsh00k
obligatory by a communist tit
poetic shorts that you don't wear, but experience. WARNING¡¡ too much goddamn relatable content !! and wayyyyy too many fuckin metaphors bro like WOAAHhhh you should 100...
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Future *{Why Don't We}* by jackseaveymarais
Future *{Why Don't We}*by 🌹 Rose 🌹
in which five men known as why don't we are married with children but still manage to stay in the original boyband that started it all
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