I cry for you

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I cry for you...


I drown my sorrows

yelled in the pillow

trying to make the pain go away


I cry for you

my heart and soul

I cry for you

like every day

I cry for you

just wait and see

you'll maybe see

how you make me feel

'cause I cry for you

I'm so blind

but like always

I cry for you

My love to you

you might not know

I try to show

don't you know?

ask me, anything

I'll tell you how I feel

I'll never say

unless you care

I'll bow my head

If only you knew...

I cry for you

every day and night

my life so hopeless


unseen, unreal

complete invisible

just desperation

crying like a loon

can you see?

what you make me feel

Days have passed

millions apart

gazillion unite

are you out of your mind?

why so secret?

what did I do?

can you see?

I cry myself to sleep

won't get any deeper

madly in love

secretly, two hearts unite

beating as one

I only I knew...

School comes back

weekends I despise

days apart

just break my heart

I want to see you

I just miss you

I walk by

you look down

I know I'm short

but come on!

you stare down at me

what I do?

you look into my eyes

I drown in blue

what's going on?

I must be dreaming

so surreal

like a fairytale

you see pass the walls

so many walls

hard built as well

they're broken now

not heart in manners

the ones of invisibility

you see me now

how can I hide?


Oh, how I despised you

but now...

just look at us

I honestly feel

like a strong hero

not invisible

not crying to sleep

just two happy smiles

two hand in one

your finally mine

can you believe that?

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