Glass Sight  by silentscarlettt
Glass Sight by silentscarlettt
Highest Rank #3 in Historical Fiction || The moment Qi Yingyun was born, her surroundings were dark. This led to the bitter discovery that the gorgeous girl was blind. N...
  • sight
  • fragile
  • emotionless
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Princess Charming by makexbelieve
Princess Charmingby Heather James
Every culture has its own version of Cinderella, whether it features glass slippers and fairy godmothers, or enchanted trees and magic fish, the love story endures and g...
  • disney
  • fairygodmother
  • slipper
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OH, THE THINGS WE DO | peetamellark by KallistaLove
OH, THE THINGS WE DO | peetamellarkby Kal Becker-Love
  • peetaxoc
  • hawthorne
  • vickhawthorne
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The Past Lies Ahead (A Throne Of Glass Fanfic) by vinvalette
The Past Lies Ahead (A Throne Of vinvalette
A ToG fanfiction Rowan found a way to go back. Now he only needed to get her on the right track, but that will only be one of his problems. Will he be able to watch her...
  • erawan
  • öf
  • throneofglass
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Red Queen Preferences and Imagines by AlaynaTheRealPotato
Red Queen Preferences and Imaginesby 🖤Layna🖤
A lot of preferences-LGBTQ+ included
  • straight
  • imaginesandpreferences
  • storm
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Throne of glass imagines by blanketofdemons
Throne of glass imaginesby Rey🥀
Throne of glass characters x reader. Requests are open!! I update once a week but sometimes I forget. The cover is not mine.
  • havilliard
  • aedion
  • fenrys
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From Ashes Forged ⚔☠ by AlcinaMystic
From Ashes Forged ⚔☠by Samantha Leonard
The Flying Saints have returned. Known for their brutality, the pirate crew has one goal: to capture the siren who escaped them and steal her powers for their capt...
  • royal
  • adventure
  • pirates
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Like Broken Glass by buttercreamficsx
Like Broken Glassby buttercreamficsx
Jack is damaged. But when he is taken in by the Maynard family, he has the chance to start again. Only Conor can get through to him and the two begin a long journey of r...
  • fluff
  • maynardbrothers
  • youtube
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The assassins sister by Empire_of_Storms
The assassins sisterby Empire_of_Storms
A throne of glass fanfic! I don't own any of these characters but my own:) All the others are Sarah J. Maas' who is also the best and my favourite author
  • gắng
  • glass
  • dni
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Rowaelin One Shots by jijipop6
Rowaelin One Shotsby Jilli
Rowaelin One Shots. Fluff, and cute stuff. Rowaelin 5ever.
  • throne
  • ashryver
  • whitethorn
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SPLIT Oneshots : Only The Sexy VOL 3 by LizRenKnight
SPLIT Oneshots : Only The Sexy LizRenKnight
Welcome to VOL 3. TAKING REQUESTS!!! All for Split and the upcoming Glass 2019 Movie fans ... One Shots. Sexy Stuff Only please :D XD ( Rated 17+ ) Also check out t...
  • glass
  • jamesmcavoy
  • explict
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Glass - A Sherlock Fan Fiction by daydreamtofiction
Glass - A Sherlock Fan Fictionby daydreamtofiction
A mystery brings them together in a way Sherlock never intended. When he dies, she is left devastated. But when he comes back from the grave, he is greeted with somethin...
  • sherlockholmes
  • sherlockfanfic
  • fanfic
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Silver Prince-Maven Calore by starwarsfangirljedi
Silver Prince-Maven Caloreby Hailey Smith
(Set before Red Queen) Summary: Elara is dead. Or thought to be dead. Maven is heartbroken at the loss of his evil mother, and Cal is trying to find his wife in Queen...
  • evangeline
  • maven
  • sword
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The Scars Beneth by Bury_Me_In_Roses
The Scars Benethby Sarah
*** fair warning, MATURE CONTENT!!!*** The jerking of the car was enough to knock someone out, but the initial crash was what killed them. Safely tucked away in the back...
  • passion
  • necklace
  • shattered
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Too Young to Rattle Stars by AmethiaWolf
Too Young to Rattle Starsby Amethia
Maeve had a different plan. When Aelin woke up in her parents blood she was not found by Marion Lochan. Instead when Marion went in search of her princess, she found her...
  • rowan
  • celeana
  • maeve
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My Marker, Her Highlighter by Just_Lumi
My Marker, Her Highlighterby Lumi
The red string of faith can't ever seem to connect, I can't ever seem to read her and she cant read me. This isn't fate.. is it? I'm so lazy to write so I'll just post h...
  • short
  • glass
  • infiniteroom
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107 Stories of Rowaelin by AkeliFangirl
107 Stories of Rowaelinby AkeliFangirl
Um, I'm kinda obsessed with the Throne of Glass Series right now ("kinda" being a relative term). So I decided to write some stuff. Mostly fluff and cotton ca...
  • throne
  • aelin
  • öf
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More Than This (BOOK 2) by directioneeeer_23
More Than This (BOOK 2)by Athena Garcia
Note: Basahin po muna ang Broken Glass ang book 1 po nito bago basahin ang book 2 ########## Everything is used to be so fine. Everything should be perfect. But, what if...
  • book2
  • glass
  • abigaile
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Depression by -iFeelFine
Depressionby lu
A book about depression quotes since I've been depressed for a long time now. Enjoy.
  • hate
  • knife
  • glass
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Shattered Glass || Prinxiety by MintyFrosty
Shattered Glass || Prinxietyby MintyFrosty
That day started like any other; go to school for eight hours but stay an extra three for musical rehearsals. Life was going exactly Roman's way, a young fifteen-year-ol...
  • deceitsanders
  • shattered
  • prinxiety
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