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Before Sunday by LDCrichton
Before Sundayby Leah
When Lola wishes for love, she doesn't expect it to appear so suddenly - or to come in the form of her husband 10 years in the future. ...
Make A Wish, Master~ by VampireRoses1223
Make A Wish, Master~by Kristine
"H-Huh?!" I screamed, clutching my towel tightly. "Y-Your the man I hit with my car earlier! How did you get in here?! I thought I locked all the doors an...
My Wish Button Story by Secret_daiperlover
My Wish Button Storyby ........
a tbdl wish button story, barley any Sexual stuff
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The Wish and Witch by PrincessMoon1019
The Wish and Witchby PrincessMoon
A young 17 year old by the name of Izabella life is changed one day and soon she was trapped in a world she didn't know how to get out of this strange place and all she...
The Wishing Pacifier (Revamping) by CoolDiaperWearer
The Wishing Pacifier (Revamping)by JTheWriter
Coming home from work, James discovers a box at his front door. He opens it to see what's inside, but it's a pacifier? He might of thought it was a joke gift from someon...
A Little Attention by blackjadepuppy
A Little Attentionby Kitty Angel
Jacob doesn't believe in fairies. His little sister is the one who's into all that junk. And when he's offered a wish, what he really wants is to get out of mandatory ba...
Wish by Ragbecca
Wishby Ragbecca
When a fifth dimension's imp gives Kara one wish and she accidentally wishes for something when she gets mad at James her world turns up side down. Supercorp
Wish Upon A Star by Emekasign
Wish Upon A Starby Emekasign
Y/N, a huge Potterhead gets sucked into her favorite book series, and is given a new identity, she lives all the adventures she's dreamed of and even more. Draco Malf...
A Billion Reasons by pseudoannie
A Billion Reasonsby Annie
(Updates M, Tu, Th, F and Saturday) Monty Whitby grew up knowing exactly what was expected of him. As the sole heir of Whitby Enterprises, he will one day take over, but...
A Wish Granted (AlbedoxReader) by albedoalfredo
A Wish Granted (AlbedoxReader)by albedoalfredo
Bored of your life at home you wish to be transported into the world of Genshin Impact. An unknown God hears your wish and grants it, with a catch. Albedo x Fem reader ...
One wish to paradise! by Abdl_is_life
One wish to paradise!by Abdl_is_life
Evelyn always wanted to be abdl. One day when she makes home chores she finds a wish machine what will she wish? Does her wish effect her life? Will she like it? Find o...
Into the Fiction  by crazynut-fics
Into the Fiction by girlinblue
"Are you still afraid of me Y/n?" His deep voice send shivers down my spine like always. He's too close for me to ignore. Why is he doing this? He's not suppos...
#Standalone .... A headstrong, determine, practical girl had a dream to fall in love before marriage and only get married to her " sweetheart'. At the age of 26 yea...
Remnants Reincarnate (Ruby x OC) by Pongi_1
Remnants Reincarnate (Ruby x OC)by Pongi
So Andrew was thinking what if it was like to reincarnate in his favorite show A/N: This is my first Fanfiction.
A Million Dreams (Wish 3) by pseudoannie
A Million Dreams (Wish 3)by Annie
(Complete) Mia Reilly made a wish in the fountain. Six years later, it still hadn't come true. When she meets the man of her dreams, she learns he is not who she thoug...
A Million Miles Apart (Wish 4) by pseudoannie
A Million Miles Apart (Wish 4)by Annie
(Complete) Sloane Calhoun built a career on her brains not her family name. When she meets her major crush, he dismisses her as another crazy fan. Can a wish in the fo...
You're My Last Wish ✔️ by anandruchi
You're My Last Wish ✔️by anandruchi
Bewajah SEASON 2 (You're my last wish) His words were directly stabbing my heart and next moment I felt warm salty water ran down to my cheeks from my eyes. He was holdi...
TROLLS : Rewrite Melody by OpefuLee
TROLLS : Rewrite Melodyby ~ Lee ~
Mixy found himself in a distopian version of his world after have wished harmony never existed... For go back home, he gonna have to get through an epic adventure and br...
A Million Tears (Wish 2) by pseudoannie
A Million Tears (Wish 2)by Annie
(Complete) Brenna Reilly has one secret. She lied to her mother to go to a beach party when she was still seventeen. Twelve years later, she comes face to face with the...
Riverdale One Shots by swettyslove
Riverdale One Shotsby swettyslove
I write about the people I ship or want to explore. You might not agree with them all but give it a shot. Mainly Swetty **You can leave one shot ideas but I'm unlikely t...