'·..·'I'm Miss. Innocent Girl and he's Mr. Bad Boy, how did love come out of mid air?'·..·'[4]

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Chapter 4


♥Alex's P.O.V.♥


''What are you doing'' I asked, I'm curious.

''Umm... nothing?'' he said, not sure if it was a question or I just caught him off guard.

What is he doing right beside my bag, my gorgeous purple bag!!!

What is that in his hand?

Is that my student ID card? or is it his?

Wait a minute that is my ID card and that is my bag that is opened up, with all my stuff rattled near it.

Oh, god is he or was he just searching through my bag, wait a little bit I wanna get this settled in my brain, wait a little bit more, was he touching my bag?

OK, that does it, that is so crossing my personal space border, I have all my important stuff in that bag, it's just not right.

Who does that? Ok I have to know why the hell he was searching through my bag, I repeat my bag! Lets pretend and act super mad now, nice plan, right?


''Umm, what the hell!?!'' I asked him more like yelled a little bit.

''Thi- this is no- not what it lo-looks like'' he stuttered.

Does he seriously think I'll fall for that, nice try sucker.

''Then what does it look like, huh?!?!''


''What does it freakin' look like?!?!''

God I'm beginning to scare myself, I'm so good at this mad playing thing.

''God don't you understand simple words?''

''OK, then let me rephrase that, why are you searching through my bag, and holding my student ID card?!?''

''Sorry, you were asleep and I remembered that I didn't know your name, so I- '' he said stuttering a little this time.

''You looked for my ID so you could know my name?'' I asked a bit confused.

''Umm, yes?'' It sounded like a question or like if he was getting ready for another shouting round.

''Ooh..'' that's all that could pop out of my mouth, I just stood their paralyzed for a little while.

''Are you OK?'' he asked me as he leaned closer to me, a little to close if you ask me.

I don't understand, he could of awakened me or something, instead of just getting all search master in my bag.

Boys are just weird.

''Are. You. OK.? he asked a little slower again, as if I were deaf or something.

That definitely got my movement back, but not in the good way.

''Yes, and could you go all the way over there, I feel claustrophobic with you here all in my face!''

I didn't yell, I just sounded a little harsh, I just like people talking to me like I have something wrong with me, I'm not perfect but don't treat me any special, well it does depend.

He did as I told him and muttered something, but I didn't hear anything but I really didn't care.

''Sorry'' I said, I really don't like being mean to people, it's just not me.

''For what?'' he asked clearly confused by my words.

''For yelling and being all mean to you just for a little incident'' I said in defeat.

I was wrong, but so was he.

''You were nice enough to not run away and take me to the nurses office after you gave me this.'' I said pointing at the bulge but I couldn't help give a discusting look at the other head growing on my forehead.

''Ooh.. sorry for that, I really didn't mean to do that, you should put some ice on that.'' He said after a couple of minutes of silence.

''Don't worry, your not gonna have to be waring hats and covering your face for like a couple of weeks, hopefully only a couple of weeks.'' I said already thing of what hats I'll be wearing for the next weeks.

The room stayed quiet with a really awkward silence, I don't mind, but it's just uncomfortable being in a room with a guy, who searched your bag, gave you a huge bump on your forehead, has your ID card still, probably knows your name and the worst part you don't know his, isn't life great! (note for sarcasm)


After a while the school bell rang, informing that todays classes were done and that we were all ready to be heading home.

Now that I think about it I've in the nurses office for a really long time, alone, with a guy, wait a second let me take a look at him.

*Looking at him*

Alone with a very hot guy, all day, today, and what have I done?

Hmm... Let's see:

-Gotten Hit with a door.

-Seen stars.

-Didn't get my cookie of the day!.

-Gotten a bump the size of a tomato.

-Gone to the nurses office.

-Had an awesome dream, (well kinda) and a nice nap.

-Gotten my bag searched at.

-Played mad and became a yelling master (Even I got scared of me).

-Still haven't gotten my ID card back.

-Missed a whole day of school.

-Haven't seen my friends.

-Still don't know his name.

Well as you can see apparently today was my busiest ever, I'm getting a headache just re-thinking about it, Oohh.. wait no it's just that gorgeous tomato plastered on my forehead that I super love being there. (please note for sarcasm)

The bell stopped ringing by now, so I got up from the cold bed, gave 'the guy' (I'll call him that until I get what his name is) back his jacket, grabbed my bag, and got my other stuff that was on the ground .

I opened the door from the nurses office, and headed to the lockers to leave the books I had gotten for my earlier classes that I didn't attend to.

I looked at myself through the little mirror attached on my lockers' doors inside, making a discusted look at the huge bulge on my forehead, it looked like I had another head growing on, so I took out my hat I had left earlier and carefully put it on, trying to not touch the humongo bump, but failed and flinched a little while letting out a small 'ow' as I finished putting it on.

I looked at myself through the mirror again, just to make sure the hat looked ok, and fixed my hair a bit, it got a little wild from my various naps.

As I walked through the hallway I felt a presence walking beside me, I didn't turn my head I just looked across from the corner of my left eye.

And there walking beside me was him.

My day couldn't get any better, could it?

(note that was me being definitely sarcastic!!!)


......To Be Continued......



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