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The Careless and Protective Type ( Late Ohshc Fanfiction) by MakaroonSweetz
The Careless and Protective Type ( OrdinarilyOdd
Haruhi Fujioka and Yuu Fujioka are your ordinary twins. Haruhi being female and Yuu being male. Haruhi is smart and cares for her grades and future. Yuu is completely ca...
  • mori
  • ohshc
  • tamaki
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Ouran Highschool Host Club Preferences/Boyfriend Scenarios by My_Current_Obsession
Ouran Highschool Host Club Lex
Hey! I'm Ali. Also known as My_Current_Obsession! I'm the author of this book and I LOVE Ouran! It's probably one of my favorite shows :3 but anyways, this book is of a...
  • hikaru
  • mori
  • mitskuni
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Ouran High School Host Club 7 Minutes in Heaven by furubaJB15
Ouran High School Host Club 7 It starts with the letter 'K'
As the title says it is Ouran High School Host Club 7 Minutes in Heaven! It will have each host with a few surprises! As it is in second person, you get to choose a clot...
  • bun
  • yuri
  • chances
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Errors curious life by MariaLNBorges
Errors curious lifeby MariaLNB
What happens when swap papyrus invites error to stay with him and his brother blueberry in their au? Only chaos can ensue right?
  • blueberry
  • error
  • hunny
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Ouran High School Host club x reader by Ouran_Galaxies
Ouran High School Host club x A Fandom Hoe
Plenty of one shots and scenarios for all the fans out there. Requests are always opened and I will include lemons. (pls don't make me do Mori x Hunny tho. I just can't)
  • haruhi
  • tamaki
  • ohsc
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Love Blossoms for Mori (OHSHC) by knagirl16
Love Blossoms for Mori (OHSHC)by Safira Abrams
Mori, a host at the elite Ouran Academy, is the strong, silent type. But when Sakura shows up, all hell breaks loose. An old friend of Mori's, all of a sudden she's sho...
  • fujioka
  • ohshc
  • mori
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Ohshc x reader  by Cajuncountry
Ohshc x reader by chicken
I don't own ouran high school host club😊 Slow updates I updated when i can ❤️ Sorry for the grammar mistakes just fix it in your head (?) { finish }
  • fanfiction
  • hunny
  • ouranhighschoolhostclub
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An Ouran Reject [OHSHC] | ONE by FroggyStein
An Ouran Reject [OHSHC] | ONEby Raya Yoshida
[Officially complete] Asuna Sekai lived a beat up childhood and is now being forced to go to Ouran Academy; an elite school for the rich, by her rather rich (and snobby...
  • club
  • kyouya
  • fugioka
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Ouran High school Host club: The Unpredictable Genius by Neko1290
Ouran High school Host club: The Shin-chan
Yo, whoever's reading this. Your wasting my time, so be grateful that I would make a bother to introduce myself. Name's Yukimura Akito (last name then first name), and f...
  • mori
  • ouranhighschoolhostclub
  • kyoya
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Ouran Highschool Host Club Boyfriend Scenarios by Honeywhip
Ouran Highschool Host Club PomPomPurinsu
❥ Boyfriend scenarios with all your favorite hosts. Requests closed.
  • hani
  • manga
  • kyoya
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OHSHC Zodiacs by FunnyCookieValdes
OHSHC Zodiacsby Ultimate Cookie
Have you ever wondered which Ouran character you are or which character do you spend the most time with? Then you can read this here! I HOPE you enjoy! ^^ ~·~·~·~··~·~·~...
  • manga
  • host
  • funimation
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Haruhi's sister (OHSHC) by xXSleepyQueenXx
Haruhi's sister (OHSHC)by xXSleepyQueenXx
Haruhi's sister Alex Fujioka. She can't live with her father and sister because she work's for a military and she has her oven team and they are the best of the best. Bu...
  • kyoyaootori
  • blackhair
  • ohshc
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Mori's sister (kyoya love story) by Dreamer_1202
Mori's sister (kyoya love story)by Dreamer_1202
Mori has a sister and Kyoya definitely has a thing for her and everyone knows it. My descriptions always suck sorry
  • tamaki
  • haruhi
  • ohshc
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ouran daddy by japgal94
ouran daddyby japgal94
if youve read my black butler daddy book then you know how this one will be if not this book has senarios featuring the host club as your father excluding haruhi you are...
  • wattys2017
  • daddy
  • honey
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Highschool with the Host Club (host club x reader)  (COMPLETED)  by nerds_need_love_too
Highschool with the Host Club ( nerds_need_love_too
Ranked #1 in ohshcxreader 02-24-19. Due to family issues, you have to live with your cousin Haurhi. It isn't so bad, going to such a rich kid school. Until one day the...
  • romance
  • hunny
  • comedy
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I Didn't Ask for This (OHSHC reincarnation fanfic) by kuanna2000
I Didn't Ask for This (OHSHC anime-lover
I had only just been accepted to work for my dream law firm, I didn't plan on dying that very same day. And I didn't expect to be reborn, never mind to be reborn in a fi...
  • reincarnation
  • tamaki
  • kyoya
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The reunion by Jade1370
The reunionby Raven_Ysabella_Jade
Haruhi and the Hitachin twins have just graduated, Haruhi says that they should all should have a reunion after 10 years. All of them go their separate ways during the f...
  • mori
  • hitachiin
  • kyoya
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Ouran High school Host Club x reader by L_J_Klemm
Ouran High school Host Club x L.J. Klemm
*Kiss kiss fall in love* *Maybe you're my love* *Lady maybe or host* *I find I really don't mind*
  • hunny
  • hikaru
  • takeshi
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protection | ohshc by JenniferMelody
protection | ohshcby riley
2nd Place 2017 Winter Ouran Wattys Ranked #1 & #3 Mori x OC "ρяσтє¢т тнєм, иσ мαттєя тнє ¢σѕт вє¢αυѕє ιи тнє єи∂ ωнαт'ѕ ℓσѕт ιѕ ℓσѕт. αℓтнσυgн вяυιѕєѕ αяє єαѕу тσ...
  • love
  • hunny
  • morixoc
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One of Us (Hitachiin Twins) by mangaplease
One of Us (Hitachiin Twins)by Amelia
COMPLETED. "By the way," Hikaru glanced back at her, smirking, "You won the game." (Hikaru X Haruhi, Kaoru X Haruhi, Hikaru X Kaoru)
  • kaoru
  • ouranyaoi
  • kaoruandharuhi
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