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Just A Little Sugar  by BlackxRaven
Just A Little Sugar by Raye
Sugar Daddy/ Sugar Baby stories (I might add more girls later) •Book One Serena• I've always been a good girl, I've always done the right thing. But one sad and depressi...
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The Powerful One. by Steph22
The Powerful One.by Steph22
The Golden wolf is a myth among werewolves, no one has seen it and who ever has, didn't survive to tell anyone. Six hundred years and Andorra Hannah still looks the beau...
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My Drawings (old and new) by vintage_bxby
My Drawings (old and new)by *******’s WHORE
literally just my art
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Found Souls by aniyahcheywrites
Found Soulsby Aniyah
Description inside💞 Make sure to read Lost Soul before reading this book.
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His Royal Highness by therandomantic
His Royal Highnessby The One Who Can't be Named
James Inkwell voluntered to sign the sorbea perpetua or the perpetual service for the state. It was a decision to save his father after failing to earn their debt of 50...
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My Opinion On Fairy Tail Ships by yogensha
My Opinion On Fairy Tail Shipsby Hey there CHILD
THIS IS REALLY OLD. I wrote this when I was a dumb kid who hadn't read any yaoi or yuri manga/anime... trust me, the opinions are EXTREMELY cringey. Read them at your ow...
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Treat Me Right: Elvis Presley by storiesRrandom
Treat Me Right: Elvis Presleyby Lost in Neverland
Judy Young is a hardworking high school graduate with dreams of becoming a dressmaker. Starting from the bottom, she unknowingly meets the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis P...
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Gilmore  by realynn123
Gilmore by Rea
Andrea "Andy"Gilmore is a rebellious broke teen trying to find her way.
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Good Girl by LovelyWriter123
Good Girlby D.M. Emerald
Lily is a good girl. She gets good grades, doesn't party or drink, she always obeys the rules. Lily seems like your perfect teen right? Wrong. Her mom killed herself in...
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OLDIES. ( 80s & 90s gif series ) by camtown
OLDIES. ( 80s & 90s gif series )by ✧・゚
❝ i wish my life was like an 80s movie. ❞ in which i bring you nostalgia of your favorite characters from the eighties & nineties movies/shows through imagines & gifs. ...
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My Adventures in Adulting by KevinTroxel
My Adventures in Adultingby TROXEL
Rambles from some old dude talking about shit that he shouldn't. Wise cracks about dumb life. If you like it, let me know. If nothing else star that shit and let me know...
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OLD by kpopcoolpants
OLDby 24BaLoNiE
"Obsessive love disorder" (OLD) refers to a condition where you become obsessed with one person you think you may be in love with. You might feel the need to p...
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Urban Legends by Yixuan__Uniq
Urban Legendsby ⚜ 엑소 ⚜
HIGHEST RANK: #1 IN HORROR CATEGORY Check out dark and terrifying myths and legends from all over the world, including Japanese, Mexican, Korean and Chinese. Read them a...
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The Young Mate by SkylarRose9
The Young Mateby Skylar Thomas
Finding your mate was always the top priority for wolves when they came of age. They're the other half of your soul, the one the moon goddess destined you to be with. Bu...
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Marrying Atlantis by Keira000
Marrying Atlantisby Jane Rose (the cookie monster)
When plain Jane, Aubrey finds a guy burried in the sand, she naturally helps him. He thanks her by kissing her which throughs her right off, not having been kissed, like...
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The Alpha's Broken Runt by Nicoleneu777
The Alpha's Broken Runtby Rai27
~Warning~ This book deals with abuse, emotional and physical, along with some possible depression/suicide acts,, there will be trigger warnings before anything dealing b...
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One is Enough For Me by Bluechicki22
One is Enough For Meby maggie or 'm'
Lila is a 17 year old girl who is abused and raped. she's also a werewolf and see's only one way out of her horrible life. Die or escape.Sam is the alpha of the pack in...
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Luciano by El_author
Lucianoby E
Luciano D' Angelo. That was it. No birth date, no written farewells, no beloved mentioning. All that was present was a fancy old fashioned name with a deceased date righ...
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A Million Tears (Elijah Mikaelson Fanfiction). by Smileygal05001
A Million Tears (Elijah Mikaelson...by ;)
21-year-old Rose, a beautiful young woman, is engaged to a 45-year-old rich yet oppressive man who took her by force. Thinking no man would want her if she leaves her ab...
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(ReWritten) I'm to big, your To old.  by CSEdward
(ReWritten) I'm to big, your To ol...by C.S.Edward
This story is about a girl that is 17 years old named Savannah smith. Savannah is the fat girl at her school and she is hates it she has to work all the time she has a d...
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