Alan Walker (ManxMan) ✔ by -carmin
Alan Walker (ManxMan) ✔by Carrie
Alan Walker has been through a lot, has lived his life with pain flowing through his veins and memories he wants to forget so much turning into nightmares. Falling for...
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  • taygetsthegay
  • manxman
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Needing Harmony by JalizaBurwell
Needing Harmonyby Jaliza A Burwell
Cadence Wiles is a seventeen-year-old musical genius. Even her names means "flow of rhythm." So it isn't a surprise that she relies on composing music to get a...
  • abuse
  • reverseharem
  • romance
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She's A Street Racer by TwoLittleMissBlue
She's A Street Racerby TwoLittleMissBlue
Credit= Thankyou for the Awesome cover @akiraliu88.. Aqua Hill; 17 tomboy, bad-ass, street racer. Who knows how to put anyone and everyone in their place, only child. L...
  • boys
  • badass
  • teenfiction
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The Quarterback Likes Me? by afiyaedwards123
The Quarterback Likes Me?by Afiya Edwards
Meet me - Vanessa Thomas - the definition of a nerd. Quiet, shy, a bookworm, I've got all the 'geeky' traits. And then there's Jake. Jake James - the definition of perfe...
  • completed
  • boys
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Not So Cliche Kidnapping by MoonSpire
Not So Cliche Kidnappingby Jessah Knopp
Melissa Collins was an 'ordinary girl.' Well, if you consider 'ordinary' as a bullied, depressed, quiet girl who wore oversized hoodies to hide her scars of weakness. Me...
  • notcliche
  • action
  • cuts
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The Kissing Booth Again (Fan Fiction) by head-in-the-clouds-
The Kissing Booth Again (Fan head-in-the-clouds-
What happens next for Elle and Noah, do they stay together through their long distance relationship? Whats next for Elle and Lee as they navigate their last year of high...
  • flynn
  • teenfiction
  • wattpride
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Living with the Collins  by CursedLove101
Living with the Collins by CursedLove101
PUBLISHED✅: 15/06/17 COMPLETED FULLY✅: Contains 2 parts. Part 1 was officially completed on the 26/05/18 Part 2 is ongoing. 17 year old Sophia angel Williams has to mo...
  • blood
  • badboy
  • leader
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One Girl, Boys Boarding School by blocked_writers
One Girl, Boys Boarding Schoolby blocked_writers
Sophie Laney has been forced to attend a high end, expensive boys boarding school that her father, a single parent, is the principal of. Follow her story, surrounded...
  • boardingschool
  • boarding
  • girl
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Siana Jade by dylanater1d
Siana Jadeby dylan's babe
A tear fell down my cheek as the father of my unborn child walked into view on the t.v. completely oblivious to the fact he was a soon to be dad. I felt a slight kick an...
  • boys
  • dylandauzat
  • baby
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The BadBoy Next Door by kay_1743
The BadBoy Next Doorby Kalynn
Stephanie is quiet, smart, and a little shy. Things were never the same for her after her mother died. She put all her work into studying and trying to get into a good c...
  • badboys
  • teenfiction
  • wattys2015
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Just One Of The Boys by MissWildRoses
Just One Of The Boysby MissWildRoses
| completed | HIGHEST ACHIEVEMENT: #66 IN TEEN FICTION. GAH! When your family is a dozen football players, loyalty runs deep and ties are hard to be broken. All of t...
  • badass
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The Bad Men Stories: Russian Arrogance [Book #1] by LittleRebelxo
The Bad Men Stories: Russian Kara
As soon as our eyes met, I told him the words that I had been keeping bottled up inside me the entire time. ''I hate you.'' I spat right into his face. His cold hand cup...
  • possession
  • zeiss
  • drugs
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BRYCE by -unlucky-
BRYCEby Charm Eustaquio
I fell on the ground together with the books I was holding. The guy I bumped into, didn't spare me a glance. He kept walking. Me being my stupid and friendly self, I sto...
  • sad
  • projectgiggles
  • past
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Sunshine✔ by -unlucky-
Sunshine✔by Charm Eustaquio
They all say they're bad. They all say they're mean. They all say they're evil. They all say don't go near them. They all say they're not good for anyone. They all say t...
  • wattys2018
  • secret
  • highschool
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Married To The Billionaire Player | ✔️ by MarinaCostassss
Married To The Billionaire Marina Costas
(COMPLETE) B-1 "Along with that we will be divorced in 5 years! It's simple!" He just smirks at me while I'm chewing on my pen looking things over. "So, w...
  • secret
  • boys
  • wedding
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Texting - Why Don't We (BOOK 1) #Wattys2018 by MorganWebb777
Texting - Why Don't We (BOOK 1) Morgan Lousie
#44 in fan-fiction on 30/10/17 #13 in texting on 09/06/18 Unkown Number has been added to the chat... This is obviously not an original idea so I don't take the credit f...
  • romance
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Wedgie boys by book_reader666
Wedgie boysby Queen
Two boyfriends wedgie each other
  • boyxboy
  • underwear
  • cute
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Living With The Webbs  by xICanBundleThatx
Living With The Webbs by Kota Paige
Gabriella Stone. An everyday 16 year old girl. But she has a dark past, a past that she doesn't want anybody to know about. Though its kind of hard to keep secrets when...
  • love
  • drama
  • secrets
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The Bad Boy's Rules (Mature Chapter) by EliahGreenwood
The Bad Boy's Rules (Mature Eliah Greenwood
Sneak Peek of the mature content coming in the published version of The Bad Boy's Rules in June-July 2018 😏❤️ Add to your reading list. Who knows? Maybe I'll give you a...
  • romance
  • rules
  • kissing
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The social Butterfly &  The mute by Pfunzo18
The social Butterfly & The muteby Comicallymade
Chryseis Evans is a girl with a bullet in her head, any second could be the last, if it moves even an inch. She led a sheltered life, with an overprotective father, try...
  • bully
  • funny
  • royalty
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