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Demi Lovato // Don't Forget by ProudRusher143
Demi Lovato // Don't Forgetby ProudRusher143
Demi's song from her album DON'T FORGET.
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Midnight by SocialLifeRuiner
Midnightby Anonymous
This story is made by Aphmau. I am a huge fan of hers and to show it, I made this book, that she made, called Midnight. It's TOTALLY not a rip off of, what was the story...
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The BEST Followers in the World by FIRrocks
The BEST Followers in the Worldby FIRrocks
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Don't Let Me Fall (Pierce The Veil Fanfic) by PierceTheVeilOne
Don't Let Me Fall (Pierce The PierceTheVeilOne
Naveah is a 21 year old artist running a shop in California. She's surprised when she meets the rockstars (who happen to also be her inspiration) in her very own shop. ...
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Hold me tight & don't let go. by abiwow
Hold me tight & don't let abiwow
COMPLETED. Spencer Loomingdale's life is turned upside down when she finds out the love of her life Liam Payne (One Direction) has gone missing. (Other main characters:...
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Creepypasta X Child/baby/teen Reader by The-reverse-puppet
Creepypasta X Child/baby/teen puppet girl
I'll explain later, also #selfinsertcuzican also I will take request
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The kissing game by pillbox12
The kissing gameby pillbox12
How to play the game : You need 3 girls and the cards Each girl draws a card Who ever completes there task first wins Jane, Mia and Brooke have been best friends sinc...
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To be give a family by artist134
To be give a familyby artist134
North threw the large door opened and walked inside the large factory, Tooth, Sandy and Bunny following in right after. North laughed loudly, the threat finally being ov...
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Good Girls Don't Lie by MzJo3008
Good Girls Don't Lieby MzJo3008
Second book in the Good Girls series. The good girl is supposed to be true, honest and pure to the core. They are also supposed to attract the popular school 'player' wi...
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I'm Taking a Chance. (Harry Styles Fan Fiction) by Callmemaybe
I'm Taking a Chance. (Harry ~
Sometimes home isn't where but with who.
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Shhhh.... by GottaLoveThemStories
#14 Vanessa
Josh was a normal 16-year-old guy that had everything at the palm of his hands; looks, good grades, and a beautiful girlfriend, Paige. Paige was his whole other world, w...
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Thoughts in Oblivion by Rainwontstop
Thoughts in Oblivionby Shawn
DON"T READ THIS IF YOU DON"T WANNA HEAR THE TRUTH. I don't want to explain everything to ignorant people who need 40 different people to tell them to grow up. ...
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The Girl Bible by jessgreen9712
The Girl Bibleby Jess Green
The ultimate girl code. Rules for you and your "bros"
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Poem's of My Life Part 1 by ohhdang28
Poem's of My Life Part 1by ohhdang28
A collection of My poems. enjoy. (picture from bing)
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KPOP LYRICS by MsSeraphina
KPOP LYRICSby MsSeraphina
KPOP LYRICS: 01. Insane by BTOB 02. Heaven by Ailee 03. We were in Love by Davichi &T-ara 04. Don't say Goodbye by Davichi 05. Can U Smile by Infinite 06. Tried to Walk...
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Burnt Ashes. ✔️ by LovelyLolaa
Burnt Ashes. ✔️by Lola Heart
Stuff that is not really important. Contains some Lady Gaga lyrics, songs that I found on line that I like, notes, and other things among that. Oh, and stories that are...
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