Everyone Loves Holly by LiveLoveK
Everyone Loves Hollyby K
Holly is a nice girl. She has just gotten a foot into the ddlg/mdlg scene, and she is quite nervous. When a sexy, rich couple walks into the ddlg clinic they instantly c...
  • woman
  • daddy
  • little
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Our Little Baby by conroy64
Our Little Babyby conroy64
Luca is an adult, or so he thinks. His daddies disagree.
  • gay
  • diaper
  • werewolf
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Baby of the family (El bebé de la familia) by polock77
Baby of the family (El bebé de polock77
Justin is a 14 year old boy who wet his bed sometimes, he is small for his age, he lives with his mother and he is happy, but one day after school, everything changes, h...
  • punishment
  • bottle
  • spanking
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Living With The Walkerson Boys (ON HOLD) by skittlemix
Living With The Walkerson Boys ( Erin James
Ashleigh Rose is a few months turned 17, and loving life. Her life consists of going out with the guys, having fun with her friends and just being her quirky self. When...
  • cute
  • room
  • love
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The Beach House by Reekles
The Beach Houseby Beth Reeks
**This is a novella to my book The Kissing Booth, but if you don't mind some spoilers, feel free to read on regardless!** It's summer, and for Rochelle and her best frie...
  • adult
  • hunter
  • end
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Take Care (Hamilton [Non-sexual] DDLB) by thatoneawkwardgurl
Take Care (Hamilton [Non-sexual] Awkward trans boy
"You what?" "I regress as well." "Oh... that's cool, I guess." OR Alex and John's relationship deepened once they learned about one another...
  • hamilton
  • pacifier
  • lafayette
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My Little // A Jihope/Hopemin Fanfic by namj00nishAwt
My Little // A Jihope/Hopemin namj00nishAwt
"Hobi youre being crazy get In bed before I punish you." Hobi pouts, "Daddyyy.." Jimin rolls his eyes "Its bedtime. Sleep or else Daddy will get...
  • sippy
  • bts
  • jin
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Baby Dean by amyblackrose
Baby Deanby amyblackrose
Dean Winchester, a ruthless hunter on a hunt to kill monster who kill Mary, his mother. On a hunt with Kevin Tran, something happen. He woke up with Kevin nowhere to be...
  • bottle
  • fanfiction
  • infantilism
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Kidnapped by Delena  ageplay ~ AU by demiisababe
Kidnapped by Delena ageplay ~ AUby demiisababe
"I'm not going with you!" "Who said it was ever a choice sweetheart?" "I did! I fucking said so!" When Y/N was walking around around day...
  • delena
  • nursery
  • fanfic
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The Drakes' Baby by ShadowKeeper2212
The Drakes' Babyby Shadow
Orion is a special type of mythical creature, called a Drake which is like a dragon, in this year his species is one of the most powerful of all mythical creatures that...
  • diaper
  • age
  • bottle
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Little Space - Yoon Sanha  by ilobumycarat
Little Space - Yoon Sanha by 부승관
It takes place with them as a group still and Sanha is a little *Let's pretend that Sanha is short in this and not a giant
  • moonbin
  • babyspace
  • fluff
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Bottle by OfficialBottle
Bottleby OfficialBottle
Bottle Bookiooookoooo!
  • fanny
  • bfdi
  • bfb
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Left behind  by ravenWholeheart
Left behind by ravenWholeheart
Jackson always got stuck with the short end of the stick. He has to live with his ex boyfriend who fucked him forgot about it, then got three boyfriends. To having his h...
  • slightcrossdressing
  • hidden
  • diapers
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Spin The Bottle- AOT! Various x Reader (Modern AU!) by chichiriio
Spin The Bottle- AOT! Various x ☆ lyndsay ☆
RE-CONTINUED ON 6/10/18 What happens when you have The AOT cast, you, and an empty bottle? Marco, Erwin, Armin, Squad Levi, Farlan, and Isabel are alive.
  • hanji
  • bertholdt
  • variousxreader
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18-year-old starting college Blake has been abused gets in fights and is a wolf all she's ever wanted is to be a little with a dom. Ever since her dad died she's only go...
  • ddlg
  • bottle
  • little
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Spin the Bottle (Strip Edition): Harry Potter and Percy Jackson by mixitupfanfic
Spin the Bottle (Strip Edition): mixitupfanfic
When Harry and Percy both receive a note inviting them to a spin the bottle strip game, they must choose whether or not to go. Will their worlds collide?
  • fan
  • weasley
  • lemon
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Aldub Library by Hokagirl_16
Aldub Libraryby Hokagirl_16
One Shot stories
  • romance
  • mainemendoza
  • ginnie
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Field (BOOK ONE, In The Field Series)  by RavenRedSoul
Field (BOOK ONE, In The Field •M A Z I E•
Her body was found in a field. With a pill bottle laying next to her. She didn't want to be found. This wasn't a grab for attention. This was a farewell. ~~~~ (WARNI...
  • lost
  • sad
  • pain
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He's the one - Perri Kiely by X_ALN_X
He's the one - Perri Kielyby X_ALN_X
Perri and Abby - not such an ordinary couple. They try and make good of what they have but not everything works out as planned.
  • sweet
  • bottle
  • bully
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Bottle Cap Chats by _justcheeky_
Bottle Cap Chatsby tea enthusiast 🍵
This is a spin-off of Coca-Cola containing text chats from and to characters in my book.
  • cocacola
  • fanfic
  • rainbows
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