Japanese Words by attack0on0phandoms
Japanese Wordsby ≫Ocicat≪
Japanese words and their meanings! [Thank you, so much for 422k reads. Ahh I'm so awkward. I just woot woot]. I do have a second book of Japanese Words, it will have so...
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Word Diary by hxrryheaven
Word Diaryby stef
The Word Diary is a collection of words for people to read and reflect on everyday. Basically, it's like a mini dictionary. It's just a bunch of words that you can brow...
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Whispers by wishinglife
Whispersby pR!¥@
|Highest ranking #10 in random| A book which is full of whispers about the girls and her feelings.... Note:this are just for fun but not to hurt anyone's feelings.. Cove...
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six word stories  | ✓ by ScarlettCrane
six word stories | ✓by Scarlett Crane
Just a small collection of six word stories! ➵ New book "chaotic bliss" out now! ➵ Completed ➵ Stories include works by me and other authors. I don't own thei...
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spoken word poetry tagalog by janyeol_88
spoken word poetry tagalogby Aljane Rodemio
spoken word poetry tagalog by: janyeol88
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Tibette (prequel) by meaninglessdiversion
Tibette (prequel)by kelsie
this is a prequel of Bette and Tina's relationship. We see their first kiss and their life after a long time together but here's what happens in between all of that.
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Letters from New York City and the Sea by MusicalCandy
Letters from New York City and the...by M.J Hackney
This is for the one that comes next, and makes everything okay.
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Self Love Club  by _aranda
Self Love Club by ARANDA
"Love yourself. Cause how could you expect people to love you back when you haven't love yourself dearly?" ©2018 Aranda
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Unspoken Words by ElyMaknae
Unspoken Wordsby Lilac Amethyst
Compilation of my literary works. Everything that's written here is all MINE and ORIGINALLY made by ME (or if not, I put credits). PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME. Take out with f...
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Poetry by stealthatgirl
Poetryby Lstyles
English and filipino poems made by yours truly 😊
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The Holy Bible by BlessedBeAlmightyGod
The Holy Bibleby Jesus Christ is Lord
"For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and ma...
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unspoken word by hanifahmustika
unspoken wordby Scarlet
in which Vanilla trying to get her escape from her rough reality
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Fairytail guild by Notice_us_Senpai2017
Fairytail guildby Shani fullbuster
(I do not own fairytail or any of its characters) You know what! I'm angry! I found the Wattpad Fairytail guild but I can't join since I'm grays little sis! Sooooooooo T...
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Penned by iWrite1002
Pennedby iWrite
"There are words meant to be said. But some are meant to be penned." -Ren.B.U.
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Defending points of Christianity by LizDaRamenQueen
Defending points of Christianityby ~Elizabeth~
I'm just a random 15-year-old girl who wants to prove that Jesus Christ is real!!! Feel free to disagree and argue with me! It helps me to make my points stronger and m...
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Let's Learn Japanesse  (  Nihonggo - Eigo ) Translator by itsmesupersparkle
Let's Learn Japanesse ( Nihonggo...by ^_^ judi ^_^
Konnichiwa minna-san ! Lets learn to speak nihonggo ^_^ I hope it can help you to know or to learn more japanese language . Gomen I'm not pro in nihonggo I'm still learn...
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Word by nUnluick
Wordby ⬜✴
"There are more than 1 billion words in this world, but none of them can describe you.."
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Shhhh.... by Fullymee
Shhhh....by fullname.u
4 hours; in four hours he'll be stumbling into the massive how he never worked a day for drunk. I can already smell the expensive liquior that will stain his breath, I c...
  • family
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What Is Christianity? by AnastasisApologetics
What Is Christianity?by AnastasisApologetics
This is a book where you will learn(if you are a non-Christian or if you are a new convert to Christianity). This book answers of these questions(such as): What is Chris...
  • bible
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Kaleidoscope by missychrish_
Kaleidoscopeby chrishll
-chrishelle's perspective-
  • press
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  • crishll
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