Empress Natsume (Completed) by Editer
Empress Natsume (Completed)by Izaya
One of the earliest examples of a woman coming in power that could rival an emperor's authority is Empress Natsume Takahiro, her maiden name. The wife of the first emper...
  • harem
  • historical
  • japan
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Romancing a spinster  by ashmita1321
Romancing a spinster by ashmita1321
Lady Olivia Cavendish had resigned herself to spinsterhood after she had been jilted by her fiancé. She's beautiful and rich, her father is the Duke of Devonshire. But s...
  • romance
  • historicalfiction
  • rake
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Heaven Sent (The Wrong One) by VJDunraven
Heaven Sent (The Wrong One)by VJDunraven
Heaven Sent (The Wrong One) is the second book in the Heirs of Cornwall Series. It is the story of Cassie's older brother, Allayne, heir of Viscount Rose. A professed...
  • romance
  • historicalfiction
  • fiction
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Kahit Kunwari(Jedean Gawong) by jemawong03
Kahit Kunwari(Jedean Gawong)by deanna wong
Syempre tungkol ito sa Jedean Gawong. Fanfiction lg tuh guys ! Hahhahahahah pero for real tayo guys ! Hindi uso yung hopya². Ahaaaahahaa.. Just love💕💗
  • ladyeagles
  • ladyfalcons
  • uaap
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A Lady unlike any other (four hoydens #1)  by ashmita1321
A Lady unlike any other (four ashmita1321
HIGHEST RANKING #1 in historical fiction. Rosalyn is living her life. She's reckless, stubborn, unladylike and all the other things a Lady isn't supposed to be. In shor...
  • romance
  • featured
  • earl
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Diary of a Reborn Queen by butterfly_effect
Diary of a Reborn Queenby Kathy
At twenty, I died as I watched my country burned to ashes. When I opened my eyes, I am sixteen again. The first thing I plan to do is breaking off my engagement with Pr...
  • prince
  • romance
  • reincarnated
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My Corpse Husband by MedievalTomboy
My Corpse Husbandby Lady Prim
A place of superstitions A place of curses A girl who was forced to sacrifice her life for the welfare of the village and was widowed against her will. Widowed? Or Marri...
  • curses
  • lady
  • soulmate
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Don't Remember Me by SEViolet
Don't Remember Meby Sara Elaine
She harbored a devastating secret. He was suspicious of her silence. She had avoided society for years. He was often at the center of the public eye. She trusted no one...
  • season
  • wattys2018
  • worth
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A Penny's Worth of Affection by Neon_chocolates
A Penny's Worth of Affectionby Rose
SAMPLE COPY! The complete book is now available on Amazon (links on my profile). This version on Wattpad is a sample copy only and is incomplete. THE KINDLE VERSION WILL...
  • historicalromance
  • love
  • london
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Behind Closed Gates [Edited / Book One] by LibbyBlake
Behind Closed Gates [Edited / Elizabeth H. Blake
[This is the EDITED version of book one of the Claw, Bone & Fang series] ~ The zoo was a major attraction in the town of Silver Creek. There were monkeys, giraffes, rept...
  • bella
  • pack
  • wolf
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Love And Honour (Book 2) by randomthoughts96
Love And Honour (Book 2)by randomthoughts96
Nothing has gone as planned. Logan of the Usani family had every intention of persuading the powerful Ricell family that he was worthy enough to marry their daughter. H...
  • lady
  • completed
  • death
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Fake Smile! by Readingcount
Fake Smile!by Readingcount
WARNING: DOES NOT HAVE HAPPY ENDING! This contains depression, suicidal kind of stuff, some blood and maybe others. Marinette used to be a happy girl and nothing could b...
  • family
  • bug
  • marinette
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The Pheonix Garden (Execution)  by ladyuna02
The Pheonix Garden (Execution) by
" Xin Ju you have to be this cruel?, i have to go out of this palace " she question her ownself and find away to run from them. " don't let her run! &quo...
  • queen
  • king
  • fated
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Cat Noir x reader  by SerenaConch
Cat Noir x reader by Trash Queen
(Y/N) is a transfer student from America. After being saved time and time again by Cat Noir, she will get the chance to get close when she is gifted her own miraculous.
  • agreste
  • cat
  • chat
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Family With Honour (Book 4)  by randomthoughts96
Family With Honour (Book 4) by randomthoughts96
Lord Bear Usani has dealt with a great many of emotions through his life: happiness, excitement, victory, mischief...loss, sadness, grief, guilt... The latter weigh heav...
  • happilyeverafter
  • love
  • honourseries
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Always, Marinette • adrienette au by evertea
Always, Marinette • adrienette auby mj [slight hiatus]
A dead girl's diary leaves a boy in pieces.
  • dearladybug
  • friendship
  • lady
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My Rogue Lord by _imperfect
My Rogue Lordby _imperfect
For years he was despised, loathed and hated. Those very emotions became him as he fled, vowing to never return and to be used as a spawn. But life has a funny way to pu...
  • lady
  • lord
  • swords
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Instagram - jedean au by unexpectedt
Instagram - jedean auby unexpectedt
scroll, scroll, double tap, scroll liked by @deannawongst and 513 others @deannawongst started following you started: 06/16/18 ended: DISCLAIMER: Photos, videos or any...
  • adu
  • gxg
  • galanza
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I Am Ruined (TDA Lord of Shadows Sequel) by Elysia21
I Am Ruined (TDA Lord of Shadows Sydney
"Our lives aren't ruined." His arms went around her... his fingers tracing letters, words on her skin. "I-A-M-R-U-I-N-E-D" *** After the cha...
  • midnight
  • artifices
  • cassandra
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The dark Lady - Tom Riddle Love Story by blue-fluffy-kitten
The dark Lady - Tom Riddle Love Blue-Fluffy-Kitten
Hello my Name is Cassiopeia Lyra Malfoy but most people call me Cassi or Lyra and I am the twin sister of Abraxas Malfoy. And this is my story how Tom riddle , the soon...
  • love
  • hogwarts
  • harry
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