Broken Heart (MayWard) by walakabampira86
Broken Heart (MayWard)by WalaKaBampira86
WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! Don't look for a happy ending here! This story is not for the faint of heart! Don't say I didn't warn you!
  • pretend
  • romance
  • complicated
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Girlxgirl one shots by anon28382929
Girlxgirl one shotsby anon28382929
Lesbian one shots
  • gay
  • unfinished
  • little
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Gamers Girlfriend~A FaZe Rug Fan fiction by DylannTaylor96
Gamers Girlfriend~A FaZe Rug Fan f...by DylannTaylor96
My names Dylann Taylor and I'm 19 years old. Brian and I have been dating for a year and a half. I live 5 minutes away from him. We met senior year of high school.
  • fanfiction
  • faze
  • unfinished
Weak by OneLazyLlama
Weakby OneLazyLlama
Originally this book was going to be Errormare, but now it is its own story. Basically, Nightmare's group get's attacked by another group that hates Ink. I keep having t...
  • errorxnightmare
  • dreamxink
  • crossxdust
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Perfect Combination | Gruvia Fan-Fic by Iushie
Perfect Combination | Gruvia Fan-F...by Lush
After the Grand Magic Games, they go on vacation. This would be the perfect place for Juvia to spend time with Gray-sama, but will everything be as she planned? ** This...
  • juviaxgray
  • gale
  • juvialockser
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Chanyeol Smut by KpopTrash01
Chanyeol Smutby KpopTrash01
Exo's Chanyeol in a fan fiction. *Warning: This contains descriptive sex scenes. Read at own risk.*
  • unfinished
  • chanyeol
  • fanfic
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Dipper x Reader x Bill Cipher by Nintendogeek123
Dipper x Reader x Bill Cipherby Kpop Trash
  • bts
  • book
  • story
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Really? [Kuro X Mahiru] LEMON by petghost
Really? [Kuro X Mahiru] LEMONby Dabe Strudel
LEMON There's barely any plot (whoops) Also this is definitely 18+ kinky nsfw Even though you fools won't follow the 18+ warning. It's a lemon, so knock yourselves out.
  • sleepyash
  • 18plus
  • mahirushirota
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Him and I (rogan) by Alisxba
Him and I (rogan)by love deprived
Logan and Rory starts post A year in the life starts off with the final four words and is my version of what I think happens after the screen goes black. I suck at descr...
  • rory
  • logan
  • în
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vkook|taekook smut & one shots by lukepancake
vkook|taekook smut & one shotsby lukepancake
a compilation of stories (smut+fluff) that i find and like! - read at your own risk + i add new ones everyday
  • btsarmy
  • smutwarning
  • fluff
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All the stories I've written and either are super short, or I never got to finish and gave up on. I'm 99% sure these will all be Janiel-related.
  • gay
  • janiel
  • shortstory
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I'm just a pathetic machine! (Conner x hank) by SamDaEye
I'm just a pathetic machine! (Conn...by FanFictionGirl123
Conner has been paying attention to hank more than usual the past month. Suspicion raising, Hank pays more attention to Conner to see if he's ok little does he know this...
  • notforunder13s
  • romance
  • hannor
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Harley Quinn and the Joker (fanfiction!)[COMPLETEish] by waffaluserr
Harley Quinn and the Joker (fanfic...by waffaluserr
This story will be rated mature for obscene language and sexual content. ... Suddenly, Joker smiled widely. "Let's go put some smiles on their faces," he whisp...
  • harleyquinn
  • completed
  • joker
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Leather Jackets and Flower Crowns by squareflakemaker
Leather Jackets and Flower Crownsby Lauren
*This story is currently being rewritten. The version displayed here will not be updated with any new chapters, and the new version will be an entirely separate book. (M...
  • phillester
  • romance
  • phanfiction
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If You Leave Me Now [ summer 2018 ] by numbereddays
If You Leave Me Now [ summer 2018 ]by bree
• coming soon summer 2018 • This is it; this is how it feels to have been born to love someone who wasn't meant for you. This is it; that one night that took me to lov...
  • closure
  • friend
  • fling
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Engagement on the Line by yvettem_15
Engagement on the Lineby Yvette Morales
WARNING: Strong language! Rebecca's father's company is losing clients and his only way to get more is to team up with Wright Co. Rebecca's father agrees to an engagemen...
  • new
  • unfinished
  • romance
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Letters to Cupid by kalaaaaaii
Letters to Cupidby “Kiara Rose”
[Highest Ranking #3 in Eros #15 in Cupid] Axelia Kane is a seventeen year old girl who lives with her dad, has a part time job as a waitress and goes to school. There i...
  • god
  • newguy
  • war
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I hate you (Tord x Reader) [Sequel to backstabbers]  by ToxicSleepingPills
I hate you (Tord x Reader) [Sequel...by M U F F I N R O L L
After being arrested for being a leader for a very dangerous group, (Y/n) awaited his/her death date. That was, until someone came to rescue her.. If you haven't read my...
  • eddsworld
  • unfinished
  • sequel
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London Calling by gabrielamqt
London Callingby gabrielamqt
Laura was having a hard time in London. Almost one year after moving in, she still couldn't find peace or happiness in the city that was supposed to be her new home. Her...
  • horan
  • harrystyles
  • drama
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Knock Him Off His Feet (Editing) by Shesco
Knock Him Off His Feet (Editing)by Her
He pushes my face upwards so that I'm looking into his eyes. Eyes that are solely on my lips. I can't help it... I bite them. "Oh, Delta," he whispers, quietly...
  • cheesy
  • romance
  • cringe
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