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Things to read when you're bored by PagodaYiming
Things to read when you're boredby PagodaYiming
A collection of interesting facts and jokes....Hmmm....I just realized I really should make this a little more...you know....funnier....you know, to entice the reader an...
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pregnant with niall horan by juliabihlear
pregnant with niall horanby juliabihlear
she has been with her boyfriend niall for 3 years now she has found out she is pregnant??? is niall gonna like this or not???
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spilled ink by ofmisfits
spilled inkby dana
a collection of all the poetry i can't take back.
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YuGiOh - The Millenium Earrings - Season One by Thecattydddy
YuGiOh - The Millenium Earrings...by E
Note - This was a really bad fanfic that started all of my YUGIOH fangirling and I ask that you don't criticise to much because I know it sucks and that Anna-Beth is a c...
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100 Funny Jokes by otp2003
100 Funny Jokesby otp2003
This is the story for you if you love jokes.These are the jokes that everyone loves.If you can handle the laughter the continue at your risk .
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Beautiful Freak by xcoolx3
Beautiful Freakby Savanna
Shakira Brown wins a trip to see her favorite band Hot Chelle Rae. She is really excited to finally meet Jamie Follese.What will happen when Jamie Follese and Shakira fa...
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Tag, You're It by Wholocked_Forever
Tag, You're Itby Jess
If I am tagged in anything, I'll post it here. Random cover photos are always fun. xD
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Baby sitting 5sos by megan-jayne-marie
Baby sitting 5sosby megan-jayne-marie
My names liah, I'm 17 and I just left school and I'm looking for a job eg; babysitter-dog walker - anything really but it all started with one phone call...
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Listen To the Jokes by S_Jawed
Listen To the Jokesby S_Jawed
Need your mind of something listen to me or should i say dare to read me
Laugh Until You Cry by ReadBetweenTheLines1
Laugh Until You Cryby Jolene <3 <3 <3
These are 101 Jokes shared to make you guys laugh. Hope you ENJOY them.!!! ***I DIDN'T MAKE THESE JOKES*** ***CREDITS TO WHOEVER MADE THESE JOKES*** So sit back pop some...
Leo x Oscar by astr-o-dweeb
Leo x Oscarby Garbage Can
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Just 15 by BornToSee
Just 15by Bulletproof Heart
Just 15 seconds, of insane courage
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Short #2 (Work of Art) by agitatedclone
Short #2 (Work of Art)by jietong
PLS READ THIS, THIS IS MY STORY. (Reference to this short story)
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Derps of Life by Funomania101
Derps of Lifeby Kaitlyn
When you look at your own life and think,"Wow, that sucks." Just read these! Some are serious, and some are seriously messed up! Gamers be gamers, writers be w...
Sharon's exorcism by xxshaaroonxx
Sharon's exorcismby xxshaaroonxx
Find out new characters who appear on this weeks new chapter of sharoons excorsism xx
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Hidup Aku by WhateverFiq
Hidup Akuby Anadz Syafiq
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Pythagoras love triangle by GeorgiaatTiffanys
Pythagoras love triangleby Georgia@Tiffany's
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Kpop High School by gianna_kim0
Kpop High Schoolby gianna_kim0
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Memes by OutOfAllThePlaces
Memesby It'sProbabalyIronic
I don't take credit for any of these memes. I just want to make someone's day better. No specific update scheduled.
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Gillian Lockhart and The Bears Family by EmeraldInk4Blood
Gillian Lockhart and The Bears Fam...by Tytiana
Goldilocks and The Three Bears The Modern Version
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