Chapter 10 : A Little Morning.

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Kidnapped by a Vampire?! And I'm the peace offering?!

Chapter 10 : A Little Morning.


"Important stuff, very important stuff..." I answered mischievously.

He gave me a confused look, and then stared at something on me, with a smirk, I looked at his direction and - Oh my god, I'm naked!



"What the hell - why am I naked?!" I shrieked, covering myself with the sheets.

"Technically, you still have your underwear, so I don't see why you're making a such a bug deal" he said like it was all cool, giving me another once-over; if it wasn't for this sheet, I'd swear he has x-ray vision and is totally looking at me in a very uncomfortable way to me.

"But how did I get in my underwear?" I asked slowly so his slow and retarded brain would catch the information properly.

"I took it off" he said like it was no big deal.

What?! He touched me, while I was 'asleep' or in better words, 'knocked out cold', that's so taking advantage of me!

Ugh! I hate him.

"Why'd you do that?" I asked trying to keep my cool.

"You were hot, and you seemed uncomfortable - um, I got to go, father's calling me" he suddenly said.

"What?" I asked confused as he vanished in mid air.

Damn, why must he always disappear?! I so want to do that, It'd be cool to sneak up on my loving roommate.

Oh, I forgot.... I won't be getting to see her ever again, or my poor hamster Louie, I hope he doesn't die.

I shrugged off my feelings and looked around the room for my clothes to get changed back in them; I quickly got my eyes glued on one specific item which looked odd inside the bedroom, a picture-frame that was facing down by the bedside table.

It had many particles of dust on it, and as I picked it up, I immediately sneezed by the large amount of dust I inhaled. I looked at it, as I scratched my itchy nose; how long has did been like this? I looked around the whole room once again, and it looked as though it hasn't been lived in for a long while now, and it pretty much looked kind of messy, but still elegant with a flare of dust into it.

I cleared the dust off of the picture to look at it clearly, there stood two young little boys, about the age of 10 or so, smiling their faces off, both having the same pale skin complexion, meaning they are, were, little vampire's , one looked like an exact replica of Damon, but in a miniature, the other little boy looked similar but different, he had gorgeous blue ocean eyes he also had long, middle to the neck cut, shaggy brown chocolate hair and pale skin; I wonder who he is.

I looked a little more at the picture, and then quickly put it down back on the table; 'now who could it be?' I thought as I got up when I heard someone knocking on the door.

"Coming, just let me get descent" I slightly yelled, as I quickly grabbed a garment from the bed, and put it on.

I didn't hesitate to open the door, but I did rather turn the knob kind of slowly; well, hello, who do we have here?

"Hi miss, I just brought you some-"he stopped as she looked at me.

I blushed as I looked at what I was wearing, oh my gosh, it's Damon's shirt, well one of those baggy t-shirt's, that must be his, I shook my head so she would know that it's not what she thinks, but she just smiled at me.

"Hi" I said, as I stepped aside so she could come in.

"Hello, Scarlett" she said as she walked inside.

"So what brings you here?" I asked her, as I looked at what she was holding.

"Um, yeah, Damon told me to bring you some clothes for your special outing" she said smiling cheekily.

"Oh, okay, thanks - wait a minute, please tell me he didn't pick this out again." I sighed.

"No, no not at all, I picked it up myself, I hope it's to our soothing" she said smiling as she handed me the clothes.

"Wow! This is just what I would have picked, you are so my bff here!!" I exclaimed happily as I jumped up and down to hug her.

"Hehe, okay, but I must go now, I have some other errands to do, I'll see you later, okay?" she said.

"Yeah, no problem, see you later buddy!" I said extending the buddy a couple of seconds.

"Okay" she said as she made her way to the door, "Wait! Just one more thing" told her, as she stopped and turned around.

"What?" she asked confused, "When you come back, I have a lot to ask you" I told her in a loud whisper.

"On what?" she asked.

"Everything!" I told her, as I waved goodbye at her, and she walked out to whatever errand she has to do now.

'Now to get cleaned up', I thought as I walked back around the room, and grabbed my clothes.

"Now, where is the bathroom again?" I asked myself aloud.

"It's right beside the closet" I heard someone say from behind me.

"Thanks" I said and smiled, but it clearly disappeared when I turned around and saw nobody.

"Okay, now that is weird, I'm already going mental" I told myself.

"Don't forget talking to yourself" I heard that same voice say again, but I turned to face whoever it was, there he was! The guy from the picture!

To be Continued...

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