Chapter 7 : Just a Journey.

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Kidnapped by a Vampire?! And I'm the peace offering?! 

Chapter 7 : Just a journey.



Do to the fact that I'm unlucky and all, this is going to be so short I 

might as well cry, which I am, anyways I could of done more, but 

somebody not saying names, is menacing me to turn it off at 8:30, 

and do you want to know what time it is? I'm going to tell anyways, 

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letting you read, this sad little bit, it is important, so don't worry, I'm 

not wasting your time. 


Recap: The king plans some plans to quicken up the prophecy's length, and Scarlett is asleep at the moment.


New Character: 


Jonathan [Damon's younger brother.]

Real Age: 18 (He just became a full vampire)

Nicknames: Jon, Nathan, Nat, 'J'.

Info: He just became a complete vampire not too long ago, he is the one born almost after his sister Jasmine (a/n: will appear soon), he had a girlfriend in from one of Damon's 'friends' which he regretted fully on ever getting involved with a leech like her(a/n: not going to tell you her name yet. It's a cute 'M' starting name.), he doesn't like that much being a vampire, but he definitely wouldn't change it over anything. He hates Damon a little, and he's got a secret plan.

Looks: He has gorgeous blue ocean eyes, that glister in the night (a/n just beautiful *sigh*), he has long, middle to the neck cut, shaggy brown chocolate hair, he has flawless pale skin like most vampires, and a well built body.

Jonathan's P.O.V.

As I passed through the forest of The Swallow Witches, looking for my next meal, I could listen to the sudden thoughts of a female, not too far away, near my home, the royal castle. Because I have just yet earned my complete powers, it gets annoying being able to listen to thoughts that I do not want to know, being a full vampire isn't all blood sucking love and stuff like I learned at the Academy.

Turning a month ago, made me wish I'd stay a 'human', well only partially, that was until I tasted my first human, the blood was so exquisite, it was like the best thing you could ever savor, it was even better than all the junk I had eaten as my youthful growing form.

It seems hard to understand to some, a vampire isn't born a full vampire, you are just half, until you mature into your mature set, which are the fangs, they look like normal teeth, but if you look closer you'd notice that they are a bit bigger than usual humans, it's plainly overrated how they'd think that huge fangs help, actually the smaller and unnoticeable the more you can tell that, that vampire is a true blooded on, and not just a plain cross-breed. 

I felt uncomfortable being able to listen to this girl's thoughts, they weren't disturbing, it's just that her voice sounded as though it was mine, this has got to be the oddest thing to happen to me since I turned a month ago, and this is so annoying! I can't take it anymore, but it'll just go away, I thought as I massaged my temples.

I walked into the store, I think I hadn't explained this, royal members DO NOT hunt, well that is if we don't want to, we could just go to the store by my friends house, who is a witch, her parents own the store, and ever since it opened the store hasn't been more successful, it just shows how lazy royalty is.

I just insulted myself, but I don't consider myself as royalty, I feel normal, and I don't like at all, all the royal junk I have to show up for, but that isn't the worst, it's mostly getting Damon show off that he is the next to the thrown, and that I despise; I wouldn't want to be king, ever, but he makes my coolness high pitch by his arrogance, he doesn't even follow the rules and father is so fond of him, it's so typical of the first son.

I shrugged off my family problems as I walked into the store; royalty DOES NOT hunt, well that is if we don't want to, that shows how lazy the royal known can be, I'm not adding myself into the circle. The store is where you buy you 'meal', it's like a supermarket, for Example: you could get yourself the dead cold lobster, or you can get it alive; same is here, you can get your human 'packed and ready' or you could do your own 'packing and enjoying'. It's kind of horrid how the system now works; the store belongs to a friend of mine, she is a witch, that is why it's by the forest of The Swallow Witches, which is really not so hard to locate or to find, it's in the heart of the kingdom, so it receives costumers from both sides.

I walked into the store, hearing the door do the 'bring!' sound it does as it opens, ''Hello, Prince Jonathan'' Mrs. Karoo said as she bowed before me; I have been trying to make her stop that, but she just says that she likes to keep the 'formalities', and what is right has to be done, royals should be treated with respect; her exact words, I don't ask anymore, I've gotten it stuck on my memory, so I'll just let her be.

''Came for your supplies?'' she asked, as she walked behind the counter.

''No, not today, I came for something else'' I told her, she obviously knows what I mean.

''Oh, and get me one of your freshest, too!'' I told her as she went back to get me what I needed.

I didn't just come for a drink, I came for business.

---To be Continued-- 


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