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Sold To The Gangleader by Aliyamz
Sold To The Gangleaderby Alima❣
Eight Years Ago "Mom.." I say with a small smile on my face. My sister had passed her first music lesson and we're all so proud of her. "What is it Layla...
  • gangleader
  • funny
  • bestfriends
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Sold As A Virgin by cloe_dreamer
Sold As A Virginby chloewonder
(Book 1) Sold...... My father that drunken bastard sold ME, his only daughter, the only person that is there for him, pays his bills and cleans up after him, sold to a b...
  • sold
  • children
  • death
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Daddy's Little Girl by leahrich10
Daddy's Little Girlby leahrich10
"I own you. Accept or be punished." "You don't own me." I mumbled under my breath. He turned back around and came closer to me. "You've just ear...
  • daddyslittlegirl
  • sexscenes
  • daddy
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Sold To The Billionaire Next Door by CrayonAnon
Sold To The Billionaire Next Doorby k o o k i e
Growing up in a poor household, Emilia and her family struggle to make due until their left with nearly nothing. So when the billionaire of a world famous business comes...
  • company
  • laughs
  • possessive
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Sold to Mr. Black by Rosily_blackwood
Sold to Mr. Blackby Rosily_Blackwood
Lilly McAlester is an abused girl that is sold by her alcoholic father to a mysterious street fighter that loves to cuddle. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
  • badboyinlove
  • lilly
  • sold
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Vampire's Pet Wolf by Kiara_vr
Vampire's Pet Wolfby KiaraTheDreamer
In a world where vampires reign supreme, human orphans and girls and boys in poor families or families who oppose vampire rule are taken and sold in pet shops as slaves...
  • sold
  • vampire
  • slaves
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Sold To The Gangleader by l-e-g-o-l-a-s
Sold To The Gangleaderby Legolas Greenleaf
Leila is a young girl who made a risky deal to save her parents. She would eventually go with a human trafficker, who will eventually sell her off to some stranger. It t...
  • teen
  • love
  • hatred
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Stolen by PuppyPawsGreen
Stolenby Jay Bean
WARNING: This story was written a few years back and has MANY grammar and spelling errors so please don't read if that will bug you. You have been warned Story is also f...
  • teens
  • girl
  • servant
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Let Me Be Free (a bdsm story)  by infernolover
Let Me Be Free (a bdsm story) by InfernoLover
Hello, I want to introduce you to my story, I am Rose and I will be explaining the details of my sexual driven life. warning there will be sexual mature contents, as you...
  • badboy
  • sold
  • love
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Perfect Girls by tori-gxx
Perfect Girlsby Tori
I woke up in a strange room. It seemed to be designed for a proper girl, someone completely different to me. The walls were pastel blue, the bed sheets were baby blue w...
  • boys
  • forcedlove
  • trapped
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His property by litearda
His propertyby litearda
,,Do your worst"I said as I breathed heavily.His devilish smirk appeared on his beautiful face and he said,,Oh I will!"
  • daddy
  • kingpin
  • hisproperty
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Sold To The GangLeader by jollylolly29
Sold To The GangLeaderby Jolleen
**UNDER MAJOR EDITING** "Let me go, you don't get to touch me!" At first he looked at me with a lot of anger in his face and he quickly grabbed both of my arms...
  • crush
  • badboy
  • romance
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Sold to the Gang Leader by Kiara_vr
Sold to the Gang Leaderby KiaraTheDreamer
Jenna thought her family was normal. She thought they would protect her. She thought they cared for her and would never let her go. She was wrong. They were not exactly...
  • gangster
  • gangleader
  • mafia
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Sold To Joey Birlem by creepymonster098
Sold To Joey Birlemby Trina Marie Taylor
Read to find out ??? Joey is the most feared gang leader in the world
  • joeybirlem
  • love
  • mixedemotions
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The Smirking Jerk (Blake's POV) by DarknessAndLight
The Smirking Jerk (Blake's POV)by Karianne
"I'm in love with you." How many times would I have to think about this, how many times, before she could hear it, feel it, see it in my eyes? "I'm in lov...
  • blake
  • eaton
  • darknessandlight
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Sold To A Jauregui  by dreambigbro
Sold To A Jauregui by ~
When your family starts having financial problems, what would your parents do? Well, my parents sold my sister and I. Yep, sold us. My sister was sold to Alejandro and S...
  • allybrooke
  • normanikordeihamilton
  • soldtoajauregui
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Sold by AniyaBranch
Soldby Niyapooh
How would you feel if your mother sold you? You and your mother never got along, y'all would always argue, your father left, so she hated you even more because she thoug...
  • love
  • lovestory
  • sold
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Sold- E D X G D by svftholland
Sold- E D X G Dby jia-li <3
  • texting
  • graysondolan
  • kids
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He Owns Me by Bish_itz_cassidy
He Owns Meby Bish_itz_cassidy
Leslie is just a normal student in New York. Until she gets kidnapped and sold as a sex slave to a gang member. What will happen to her?
  • sold
  • sex-slave
  • smutwarning
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Sold To The Gangleader by LylaRivers17
Sold To The Gangleaderby Lyla <3
Scarlett's life was going down hill faster and faster with an abusive father and no one to turn to as her mother passed away during child birth. Her father sells her to...
  • singer
  • depression
  • strong
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