Mr. Rabbit, want some goodies?

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Mr. Rabbit, want some goodies?


Another STUPID song, but oh well...

I see you checking it out

no honey buns available

there's just a chocolate bar

but that's mine too

so bad for you

but really,

I don't give a cotton ball

Hey, Mr. Rabbit

time for our session

you know what I mean

you want some goodies?

well, tales you get

heads you dead

that's what happens

chocolate bunny

Hey, Mr. Rabbit

got your wallet?

you don't?

well lets twist this cane

Casper's outside

his making me cookies

guess what Mr. Rabbit

none are for you

I'm such a meany

poor little bunny

lets get out now

don't handcuff me yet

can't you see I'm eating?

no candy for me?

how mean Mr. Rabbit

then I'll be out

no coco puffs

just healthy carrots


You big meany

Poor Mr. Rabbit

doesn't get his habit

a little girl

handcuffed him

to his favorite chair

poor little heir

won't get chocolates today

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