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fear » e.k. x reader by -petrified
fear » e.k. x readerby – inactive
❝ LOOK , WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO SAY ? TO STOP BEING CHILDREN AND THAT EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY ? ❞ started - january 18, 2018 finished - february 9, 2018 highest rank - #...
  • scary
  • eddie
  • kaspbrak
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Everything Servamp by ashalexwrites
Everything Servampby A. A. Hinata
A collection of what if's, headcanons, one shots, lemons, limes, AUs, character x character. Basically anything you could want for the Servamp cast! *I do not own Servam...
  • whatif
  • servamp
  • fanfiction
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Controlled // COMPLETED by ktk446
Controlled // COMPLETEDby Hi
  • what
  • liam
  • payne
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Buried in Boredom by flightlessmoose
Buried in Boredomby that was totally wicked!
[dude what even is this whole book what] Pray to sweet lord baby bejeebus, it's the eighth book of a moose's trash. Same deal as always: OC trash, fandom trash, ship tra...
  • boredom
  • random
  • humor
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What it Means to Have You by TheoryKierei
What it Means to Have Youby TheoryKierei
He should still be alpha, still have his longevity, and still have his pack. But life finally decided to deal Kine Royal a much-deserved blow. He lost his alpha longevit...
  • means
  • jaguar
  • book
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Thanos came to steal my wig  by Trash_Roll
Thanos came to steal my wig by Melon
This is just my art book filled with things. Each chapter will probably contain art or random shit that no one likes. Um. Anyway,, here.
  • ii
  • lol
  • artbook
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Library Love by kpgcatlover
Library Loveby kpgcatlover
Dewey Decimal Daniels. That isn't a name you would expect a girl to have, is it? Thanks to her parents, who first met at the small town's...
  • coffee
  • daniels
  • books
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We're doing WHAT?! by Temilol12
We're doing WHAT?!by Temilol12
Ever wanted to know the reactions of Mulan, Shang and the others if they watched their story?
  • mulan
  • reactions
  • shang
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Stories That Are 100% Worth Reading by looyangdilaw
Stories That Are 100% Worth Readingby La Sieze del Fierro
Suggested stories na pinapagulong ka talaga sa kilig, tawa, inis-lahat na ng emosyon. Masusi ko po itong pinag-aaralan at ang mga natatanging kwento lamang ang nabibilan...
  • best
  • what
  • humor
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Chill out, it's just questions and theories by dj_zyn
Chill out, it's just questions and...by Zachary Kess (kenny)
Feel free to comment responses. Honestly, all of these are all random thoughts/questions and I wanted to record them and also I want other people's opinions. I'm not gon...
  • theory
  • what
  • question
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Slytherin Good Girl (ON HOLD) by neon_writer
Slytherin Good Girl (ON HOLD)by Jolly Ranchers
Slytherin house values ambition, cunning, leadership, and resourcefulness. Well let's just say Serena is not like that, Her abusive father had made her feel weak, fear...
  • serena
  • what
  • harry
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Random things and Useless facts by RahRah-Chan
Random things and Useless factsby RahRah-Chan
This book is completely random and filled with random and useless facts.... Enjoy!{?}
  • my
  • halpmeh
  • uselessfacts
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Absolute Randomness. Read At Own Risk! by NecromancedAngel
Absolute Randomness. Read At Own R...by oh. hey there
It's absolute chaos in this book. Idk what is happening.
  • idk
  • randomness
  • happened
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«poetry» by condaddy
«poetry»by «k a y d e n»
melt your headaches, call it home
  • idk
  • put
  • poetry
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Two Worlds, One Mind by borquiqui
Two Worlds, One Mindby Christian
Elliot Antov, a young Bulgarian boy, lives in two worlds. He exists on Earth and in the confines of his own Schizophrenic mind. After being sent to a "Social Care...
  • fabulous
  • real
  • abnormal
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Time by Abigail5831847
Timeby Abigail5831847
Hi I am Mlisa and this is Ariselie and mlina we have a big thing coming up and th are is complication Mlisa had gone MISSING!!!! and time is runing OUT. We have to find...
  • 4minute
  • is
  • what
RANDOM CRAP by swirlyheadcatquake
RANDOM CRAPby swirlyheadcatquake
Once upon a time there was not one idiot but two, there names were despised by all. Not even Satan would want to say them. But they are... Sami and Gabby. There team nam...
  • suck
  • youhavenolife
  • beware
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