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The Path I've Chosen by McStario
The Path I've Chosenby Mc. Stario
Casper Isaac Sully. That was the name of the male, that was one of the smartest and youngest scientists. He was loved. He was adored. He was smart. He was intrigued with...
Avatar: What if you were there? by HOBBIESFAN
Avatar: What if you were there?by Hobbies Fan
You are Y/N Eastwood. You are invited into the avatar program as an illustrator and writer. You befriend Norm and Jake. For a while, all is well. But what will happen wh...
A New Beginning on Pandora | ☑️ by Ziafana
A New Beginning on Pandora | ☑️by Ziafana
Tsu'tey X male oc Zen Sully is the younger brother of twins Jake and Tom Sully. After their brother's death, Jake, a wheelchair bound marine, and Zen, an aspiring docto...
Traction by Chicago_PD_
Tractionby Chicago_PD_
"What the hell did that bastard say to you Brooke" "That he was going to kill you if I talked Hank" ----------- After years of terrible relationship...
Eywa's Gift || An Avatar: The Way of Water x reader fanfic by Feathered-quill
Eywa's Gift || An Avatar: The Writerella
A direct gift from Eywa was given to Trudy, being given her life back and preserved and guided by Eywa, Trudy finds you in the forest left alone as an infant. Your journ...
Is this the end! by linsteadfanfict
Is this the end!by Stella_luna
Hank finds out that he is sick, so he ask Trudy if She can get her to come back. When she does come back everything is not what it seems. All characters except Bia and...
The White Dream Walker by bluebird411
The White Dream Walkerby bluebird411
A story in which a woman must protect her brother when he arrives on Pandora. She must keep him from endangering not only himself, but her, and the people as well. But...
One of the People (Tsu'tey X reader) by ITS_KILLEDME
One of the People (Tsu'tey X ITS_KILLEDME
Y/n has been with Jake and Tom since they were kids. Growing up she was fancinated by Pandora, a alien planet. She bought every book and read every paper about the Na'vi...
Proud family: louder and prouder X reader by C4EVA13
Proud family: louder and prouder ✰CHAZZ✰
You and your brother get sent to you cousin Penny's house for the next school year, how will it go? Will you make new friends? Get a man? Figure out your problems? Find...
 New Life In A New World 《Tsu'tey<>black OC》 by ahaharandomranchy04
New Life In A New World 《Tsu'tey< n0t._.cut3
" great job you stupid human now the three of us are lost in the jungle! And we have a child with us!" I say Angrily In a slight accent. "Okay, well one...
the proud family louder and prouder x male neko oc by CallanAdamDobbieFras
the proud family louder and Callan-Adam Dobbie-Fraser
Callan and his pet bear boog moved into smithville there they meet penny proud and the proud family and her friends what kind of adventures will Callan and boog have wit...
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𝘚Ä𝘙𝘈𝘕𝘎𝘈𝘓 || 𝗔𝗩𝗔𝗧𝗔𝗥 by rikaaa54
𝘚Ä𝘙𝘈𝘕𝘎𝘈𝘓: noun; a wish In which Sienna transmigrates in Avatar as a character that doesn't exist in the original. Pre Avatar - Avatar: the way of water Cover by @...
Blood Of Pandora by TheUltraWriter
Blood Of Pandoraby S.C
Sabelle isn't new to the supernatural world, but what will happen when she's offered to go to another planet, to escape a dying world? This place, is called Pandora. Hom...
thanatophobia | watching the avatar movies by londonroses07
thanatophobia | watching the London
where na'vi from the past, present, and future come to watch the lives of the avatar. or where alyara is attracted to two forest boys and one boy with fish lips and the...
The Adopted Proud (The Proud family Louder and Prouder x Male reader) by CQuinn309
The Adopted Proud (The Proud CQuinn309
Y/N was adopted by the Proud family when he was a baby, and he cares for is friends and family. Then he had a crush on a girl that moved in to town. And it's going to ge...
Pandora's Box - Avatar (Book 1) by LAC1940
Pandora's Box - Avatar (Book 1)by FantasyandHistory
Eywa is calling - do you hear her? Phoenix is ecstatic to arrive on Pandora, having been chosen as a civilian test subject for Dr. Augustine's Avatar Program. A reuni...
The Love Of My Life Return's by Daedae_boo_12
The Love Of My Life Return'sby Day Day boo
Erin return's after 4 years to go to a training class with a agent she's training when they got a case and ran into her old unit NBC The carters don't belong to me they...
Avatar: preference by Captain_scorpio19
Avatar: preferenceby Captain_scorpio19
Preference with 'Avatar' and 'Avatar: the way of water' characters. +Jake Sully +Greace Augustine +Trudy Chacon +Miles Quaritch +Lyle Wainfleet +Sean Fike +Zdinark +Mil...
Louder & Prouder & Richer  by ChaosYoshi
Louder & Prouder & Richer by Lord of Chaos
James Jones is the son of the famous trillionaire Denzel Jones and the famous fashion designer Destiny Jones in the world. But have decided to move to Emilyville, Califo...
Never Too Young (Tsu'tey X Reader) by Jessie_Yagami
Never Too Young (Tsu'tey X Reader)by Official_Cosplay_Life_Line
(Y/N) Hilton had been in the avatar training program for two years, eight months, and seventeen days but it's not like anyone's counting. It doesn't feel long when your...