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bende op de camping smut by daenerysstormborn2
bende op de camping smutby daenerysstormborn2
Idk anymore
  • linda
  • vicky
  • toeter
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The White Dream Walker by bluebird411
The White Dream Walkerby bluebird411
  • neytiri
  • graceaugustine
  • jakesully
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Never Too Young (Tsu'tey X Reader) by Jessie_Yagami
Never Too Young (Tsu'tey X Reader)by Betrayed Brax
(Y/N) (L/N) had been in avatar training for two years, eight months and seventeen days but it's time to go. It doesn't feel long when your put into hyper sleep of nearly...
  • tommy
  • grace
  • moat
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Nina Clarke >>> Neddie by Katie_Marie_J
Nina Clarke >>> Neddieby ❤️❤️❤️
For a new term at Frobisher Boarding School the Sibuna gang discover some new secrets and some old. Based of season 2. It's not perfect and won't completely follow the s...
  • ambermillington
  • patriciawilliamson
  • anubis
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The Whistleblower :- A Nancy Drew and Hardy boys fanfiction by ZitinChopra
The Whistleblower :- A Nancy Zitin Chopra
"Hey Frank, did you even hear a word I said" "Oh sorry, no, it's just... doesn't our case location ring a bell?" "Well, it sure does but I'll gu...
  • trudy
  • george
  • ned
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Avatar: Ey'lue and the Battle of the Clans by FanfictionChronicles
Avatar: Ey'lue and the Battle of FanfictionChronicles
The Great Battle for Pandora is over and Ey'lue is now a permanent Na'vi. The Omiyticaya Clan was rebuilding, everyone was slowly settling into there lives. All seemed t...
  • navi
  • tsutey
  • romance
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Chicago PD by -bookworm1-
Chicago PDby b o o k w o r m
It's been fifteen years since Hank Voight found me. Fifteen years since he trained me as the best detective in Chicago and became my father. Fifteen years ago since my l...
  • trudy
  • kim
  • nadia
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The Story of a Na'vi and Human Hybrid by BreannaGregerson
The Story of a Na'vi and Human Breanna Gregerson
What if there was a different type of hybrid besides a made Avatar?
  • neytiri
  • grace
  • trudy
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Mutation by _pure_imagination_
Mutationby Anna Winter
Trista is Laura and Neo's child, and she is very special. Despite her parents being "cured" of the animal DNA that melded with theirs, Trista is changing beyon...
  • mutation
  • serum
  • potion
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Avatar: Imagines and One-Shots by adamantiumwolf15
Avatar: Imagines and One-Shotsby Skylar Leighton
Avatar: Character/Animal x Reader/OC (I'm sorry, but I mostly do Female Readers/OCs. I will try to do some female x female, but I have no experience in love or romance...
  • fantasy
  • avatar
  • toruk
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Courtney Clark - A House Of Anubis Fanfiction by httpzoella
Courtney Clark - A House Of httpzoella
"There's dark magic in this place, I can feel it"
  • nina
  • victor
  • fabian
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Lingering Limitlessly by BoyAndTuesday
Lingering Limitlesslyby BoyAndTuesday
- Clover's life is full of trouble after she sees a troubling sight that sends her on an unexpected path. One filled with creatures she didn't think were r...
  • angels
  • crystal
  • love
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Bóg = szczęście by BEAUTYglimmer
Bóg = szczęścieby *undecided*
> Gdzie znajduję szczęście? > Gdzie znajduję siły do przetrwania trudnych sytuacji? > Gdzie znajduję miłość bezwarunkową, bezgraniczną, czystą? > Gdzie znaj...
  • siła
  • piękno
  • ludzie
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Pies Gryzol by orzeszek2228
Pies Gryzolby Ewelina
o pieskim życiu i jego trudach...
  • miłość
  • przyrodnicze
  • psy
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Joyous  by SakkieGwaTrudy
Joyous by
All the young ones must not to give up on what they are fighting for. They must keep their eyes open at all times hence there are crooks all over the world. There are so...
  • tomywife
  • trudy
  • ipinge
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Trudy fights by SUPERBABYs
Trudy fightsby SUPERBABYs
  • precious
  • bằm
  • stomachfat
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 by TaylaBrown2
by Tayla Brown
  • panini
  • trudy
  • prudence
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Eddies Son by DaBloodyLegend
Eddies Sonby DaBloodyLegend
Phoenix moves into the house of Anubis.
  • amber
  • joy
  • fabian
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Mr. Monk and the Psychic Detectives by theroseoflancaster
Mr. Monk and the Psychic Detectivesby C.Anne
Shawn and Gus have moved in with Juliet in San Francisco Unfortunately, the Chief is unwilling to hire them since San Francisco already has a genius consulting detectiv...
  • trudy
  • shawn
  • mystery
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