My Naughty Ghost by CanaleYukine
My Naughty Ghostby yukine
What will happen when you just move away to the new place, but some ghost suddenly appear before you and don't want to leave you alone. I don't own the characters. I jus...
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100 Kink Challenge ~Danti~ by adrixnthefxckup
100 Kink Challenge ~Danti~by ☼ ı'ṃ ғıṅє ☼
This is the 100 Kink Challenge, where I write about two guys banging each other's brains out.
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Yes, Ma'am || B.J.A. by coolliketre
Yes, Ma'am || coolliketre
**SEQUEL TO YES, SIR** She left her heart in Oakland, but he found her three years later in New York City.
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Lover's Day: Izuku Midoriya x Reader x Bakugou by quoteoftheday
Lover's Day: Izuku Midoriya x Heming-waste
Valentines Day Competition! At your Hero Academia, UA, what will happen when an innocent Holiday becomes a vicious competition? Friends become rivals. Rivals remain ri...
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Big, Bad Alpha *Completely rewritten* by scarletraven23
Big, Bad Alpha *Completely ♡ ⓒⓗⓔⓛⓢⓔⓨ ♡
Akira, the only daughter of the Alpha of the Day pack is caring, sweet yet vicious when needed. She hasn't thought on why she has yet found her mate, but due to circums...
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Love Poems ♥ by KhushixD
Love Poems ♥by Khushi <3
Stephen Chbosky once said, "We accept the love we think we deserve." This is not just a collection of poems but my feelings compiled together ♥ Enjoy!
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When the Day met the Night by ManiaPug
When the Day met the Nightby yellowisahappycolor
"We've got a new student from Boston coming in. He's a very sweet boy and needs to be shown around. Can you show him around for me?" "Why me?" Pete k...
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Jay x Daniel - You Came With the Spring by ANIMEfreakONE
Jay x Daniel - You Came With the Dream
Sitting on the sidelines was okay. That's just the way it was for Jay. He didn't need anyone or anything. Until Daniel transfered to his school. That was when Jay real...
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Curious by tizikomilgrau
Day não está feliz com o seu relacionamento. Carol descobre que foi traida. Por idas e vindas da vida elas se esbarram por ai...
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My Baby Girl (Adaptação Dayrol) by jullimoura
My Baby Girl (Adaptação Dayrol)by jullimoura
Dayane Lima não tem muitas coisas boas na vida, pagando por um grande erro de seu passado, e presa em seu mundo de lutas e sexo, tem em sua melhor amiga, Carol Biazin, a...
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ʜ|ᴇ|ʀ|ᴏ by HolyFourTris
ʜ|ᴇ|ʀ|ᴏby Sheofaction
I don't think they realize how sleepless nights can affect you or how overthinking slowly kills you I don't think they know how it can turn your mind into thoughts y...
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Carry Me Home - A LEGEND trilogy (Marie Lu) fanfiction by SydneyFlaire
Carry Me Home - A LEGEND trilogy ( Sydney Flaire
"Don't you ever fear, because I'll always be your light in the darkness." That's what he told her. Continued with, "Don't leave me." And everything t...
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Death of the Party (New Years Day Fanfic) by MercilessxAngel
Death of the Party (New Years Red Cat
Alexandria, better known as Bloody Alex, has a band called Everlasting Remorse. After a year performing at small bars, Remorse has been given the chance of the lifetime...
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I'm Fine by Luna639
I'm Fineby Luna639
Eu não estou bem. Não com essa situação que nos envolve. Eu te amo, mas preciso de certezas e não de mais confusão. Você esta me machucando cada vez mais, e eu não posso...
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The Other Half and Half-A Todoroki x Male Reader Fanfiction by Shawnime
The Other Half and Half-A Shawnime
Your life has always longed for another half, your heart had constantly yearned for a warm embrace. The cold streets during the winter season, left you rubbing yourself...
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Broken Kingdom by NeverEndingFanfics
Broken Kingdomby #Potato451
(Book 2) Luna is defeated and the young couple become king and queen over their new kingdom. Five years pass and the young royals have a family. Their life is perfect, b...
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Drejtёsia e vonuar by besa-aseb
Drejtёsia e vonuarby Besa
Ndalohet kopjimi i historise.
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Lincoln High School  by -Champagnemammii-
Lincoln High School by Bébé💛
$.. Welcome to the prestigious school, Lincoln High. Everyone knows everything. While some don't, It's the first day back to school and a new girl has arrived. What may...
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Modern Days and Zombies by DMSJ06261995
Modern Days and Zombiesby DMSJ1995
For my whole life, I have been fighting. There was nothing else I know. With what is going on now days that is all you can do. But some choose not to. Some choose to be...
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*Jenzie* I Can't Help Falling In Love With You (22 Chapters) COMPLETED by Ship_Love_Stories
*Jenzie* I Can't Help Falling In Kayla
Being famous, all your fans support Jenzie, you have feelings for him that you can't deny. Does he feel the same way about you? If so, will you make Jenzie real or will...
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