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Special  - Dayrol version by dayrolx
Special - Dayrol versionby vitória
Dayane estava em uma busca desesperada por um emprego na tentativa de juntar dinheiro e comprar o celular dos seus sonhos. Uma proposta de trabalho inusitada lhe apar...
  • caray
  • dayrol
  • day
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After the End of Champion by dance__life__17
After the End of Championby Mariss
Original book by Marie Lu ©All Rights Reserved *story won't be finished, there will be no more updates*
  • end
  • life
  • military
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Thicker than Blood - Book One (Watty Awards 2012) by thethornsofmylife
Thicker than Blood - Book One ( Ruth
Book One in the Soul Seeker Series. At fifteen Amelia is forced to move in with her birthfather when her mother passes away. A man she's never met before in her life, st...
  • food
  • taoiseach
  • thornten
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Already Gone by alibaby
Already Goneby Alexandra
Mia Cooper is deeply in love with her boyfriend James Shaw. But when he tells her he's leaving before they start their senior year, her heart is crushed. Mia faces furth...
  • drugs
  • cole
  • violence
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Doom Lord by AlexanderSaridis
Doom Lordby Alexander Saridis
The world had started doomsday, and I struggled for a year, before I died under an enchanted beast's claw. Heaven has given me another chance, back a day before the end...
  • tamer
  • strong
  • army
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Runaway Bride (Editing) by strength0629
Runaway Bride (Editing)by Chantal Fredette
The night before the wedding Derrick spoke to his fiancé over the phone. They said how much they loved each other and that they would meet at the alter the next day. B...
  • home
  • timbits
  • brother
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One Day by smwolves66
One Dayby smwolves66
They were best friends and always so close. She always wanted to be more then just friends. He never noticed the signs. She has feelings for him. He has a girlfriend...
  • one
  • day
  • bestfriends
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The last piece of her. by June55555
The last piece of June55555
Okay so this fanfic is right after Champion. So say Day and June have a kid. Tess is with June and something has been going on with June’s health. I go into more detail...
  • legend
  • day
  • june
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Spontanious Poetry!! XD by SabrinaBella36
Spontanious Poetry!! XDby Sabrina Isabella
  • wrinkles
  • follow
  • fantasy
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I hate to love you by ayoo_its_pato
I hate to love youby ayoo_its_pato
Stephanie Rodriguez is a normal high school freshmen who believes that she is into guys, but in back of her head she knows that she is also into girls as well. Stephani...
  • freshmen
  • day
  • first
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Positive Quotes of the Day ✣ Ongoing by ProjectBePositive
Positive Quotes of the Day ✣ ProjectBePostive2k16
"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." - Mark Twain In which 5 girls post a positive quote a day to make others happy
  • day
  • quotes
  • positivity
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Valentine's Day - The Pack Oneshot by bookaholicread
Valentine's Day - The Pack Oneshotby bookaholicread
  • bajancanadian
  • valetines
  • pack
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Dark Day (Ilegenes songfic) by RomeAiri
Dark Day (Ilegenes songfic)by RomeAiri
This Dark Day by 12 Stones. Jacques is away, and Fon contemplates what he always contemplates when Jacques isn't at his side. I own nothing!
  • stones
  • ilegenes
  • dark
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30 Day Writing Challenge by TheOutcastedAngel
30 Day Writing Challengeby Outcast Angel
30 sorta consistent days of me uploading/updating. Hopefully you enjoy it and learn more about me.
  • friends
  • colour
  • exs
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30 Day Letter Challenge by lloydlover
30 Day Letter Challengeby morgan
These are letters written to specific people, one written each day for 30 days.
  • 30daychallenge
  • day
  • writing
Beach Day by FinninatorArmy
Beach Dayby FinninatorArmy
  • ocean
  • jack
  • jacksgap
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About Jason girlgamer story 1 by Jasongirlgamer
About Jason girlgamer story 1by Jason girlgamer
At the five years the wars was starting to fight each other to win the battles.But somehow a black dragon was pop up of nowhere in the middle of the wars and the dragon...
  • day
  • jason
  • undertale
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