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Starco by TheBondingMoment
Starcoby :)
The end of the year dance is coming up, and Marco has his eyes on Jackie, but when things go wrong, and something happens to Star, Marco must figure out how to save his...
  • safekid
  • starco
  • starco4realz
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Andy Biersack imagines <3 by sugarsweet076
Andy Biersack imagines <3by Michele
Imagines of Andy Biersack! Requests are closed
  • andy-biersack
  • cute
  • imagines
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Left Behind (Fnaf/Rwby x male reader) by ASnazzyGuy
Left Behind (Fnaf/Rwby x male Only The Snazziest
Y/n once knew pleasure. He was one of the main attractions at Freddy Fazbears Pizza. He kept switching locations, and got upgrades for his model, so he always met new pe...
  • xreader
  • fnaf
  • maybe
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Corrupt (ON HOLD) by typical_potato
Corrupt (ON HOLD)by Potato
* Part 2 of a series * BELLA LEE, other wise known as Isabella lee rose. She's been in hiding for 5 years. But that doesn't mean she has been just sitting back and usin...
  • changed
  • empire
  • broken
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He is Mine!: Yandere Peter Parker X Brother Reader X Yandere Venom by EPICNESSQUEEN21
He is Mine!: Yandere Peter EPICNESSQUEEN21
(Name) Parker is the younger twin of Peter, and he knows his brother big secret, or so he thinks. Peter has been in obsessive love with his brother since he could rememb...
  • boyxboy
  • yanderevenom
  • yandere
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KHR: class 3-A by DanahBarce
KHR: class 3-Aby Angelknight
A/N: ok everyone, this is my first time making an anime fanfic but I have read some of the stories that are KHR from people or authors here at wattpad. Though, I am not...
  • tsunaxharu
  • tsunaxoc
  • class
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Maybe Perfect by winx1348
Maybe Perfectby emma rose
Sophie Campbell is a seventeen year old senior at Jackson High that also holds down a part-time job at the local coffee shop. The way Sophie sees it, there's no need for...
  • sweet
  • love
  • couple
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dt imagines. by preciosodolan
dt ✧︎𝔄𝔫𝔤𝔢𝔩 ✧︎
⇝ all of your dolan fantasies put into one book ⇜ + soft & smut + taking requests! ↠ started: 6/29/18 ↞ ↠ completed: n/a ↞
  • dolantwins
  • gbd
  • ethandolan
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『𝘽𝙩𝙨 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙨 』 18+ by Gimme_my_jams
『𝘽𝙩𝙨 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙨 』 18+by 🍒愛🍒
⚠️I am responsible for what I write not what you read lol 🌸~Enjoy~🌸
  • namjoon
  • jungkook
  • kpop
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beer pong by taestaestydick
beer pongby gray-sama
when two exes end up at their friend's house for the same "surprise" they end up playing beer pong together. things may get a little intense and heated. though...
  • maybe
  • yoonmin
  • sorry
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The Almost Bride  by ehrykka
The Almost Bride by É P O N I N E
"telling myself you're happier. aren't you?" -- In where a girl puts the guy she love's happiness before her own. How far are you willing to go for the person...
  • story
  • comingsoon
  • teenromance
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Jake Webber Short Stories  by wetwebber
Jake Webber Short Stories by Hannah
  • 18andup
  • maybe
  • holyshit
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Sans x Reader oneshots 2nd book (with a lot less spelling mistakes) by SuperFanGirl1738
Sans x Reader oneshots 2nd book ( SuperFanGirl1738
Sans x reader oneshots This one will have less spelling and grammar mistakes (hopefully). Might have lemons, might not. Who knows.
  • sans
  • oneshots
  • lemons
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The FOUR of US [ Slow Updates!!! ] by _XfruitzX_
The FOUR of US [ Slow Updates!!! ]by ~Sh@ff@a_@ly~
She did not know, cause he kept it a secret She was hurt, cause he did not talk She likes him, cause he listens to her She knows it all, cause he told everyone ...
  • twists
  • rumors
  • family
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Crave Me by _laciela
Crave Meby NIQUE
Auden was supposed to be ordinary. She moved away from her pack, became a vet, lived a normal life, and only did the occasional business for her pack. After all, she was...
  • werewolf
  • human-mate
  • strong-female-character
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Sherlock Preferences / One Shots by JohnlockStark
Sherlock Preferences / One Shotsby Lee Aoifa
What if there was more to life than inspecting dead bodies at crime scenes? What would it take to get you to notice it? A devastatingly handsome psychopath calling you a...
  • mrs
  • mycroftxreader
  • hudson
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I'm Human...maybe by isabellasnow
I'm Human...maybeby Isabella Snow Rose
They think I'm human; I'm not though I'm just like them... I've never known my Father to me he was just a stranger that I didn't want to give my time to get to know. But...
  • alone
  • present
  • funny
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Been Through (Jenkook & TaeLisa) by Lost_Planet_Of_Blink
Been Through (Jenkook & TaeLisa)by 乃ᄂ𝒶ᴄ𝔨bɭⁱηҟ𝕤 𝓘ɴ ץ𝑜𝕦𝓇 卂�...
Taehyung bullies Lisa because she is not pretty at all. She then confess to him that she likes him. He doesn't except it and embarrass her. She came back the next day lo...
  • jenkook
  • heartbroken
  • sad
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pick me up ; klance | vld by mikeytheunicten
pick me up ; klance | vldby alex
Where Lance uses pick up lines and maybe Keith is a little in love. Maybe. klance; keith x lance boyxboy, don't like don't read
  • lance
  • sweet
  • wattys2018
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Maybe Stories by Daydream1011
Maybe Storiesby Daydream1011
Hey everyone! Here is where I will post the prefaces for stories I'm thinking of writing! Vote on which ones you would like to read and I'll try my best to write them...
  • daydreamfans
  • voting
  • prefaces
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