Chapter 2 : Offer me.

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Kidnapped by a Vampire?

Chapter 2: Offer me.

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''Prince Damon, here's your gift, as a peace offering, she's a human, you can tell by her sweat sent'' it said in a nicer way, to this other vampire, who appears to be the 'prince' of this 'world'.

I'm going to keep calling it and 'it', because that's as nice as I can get, referring to 'that'.

What?! I'm a peace offering, I don't have a say in this?!!

''No!'' it said in a low voice to me, with a little growl included, could it stop with the mind reading already, it's so annoying, they're my thoughts, and that's how they should stay 'mine'.

'I think I would rather be hit by a satellite, than to be here, being some sort of 'peace offering'' I thought as I wished I would've stayed inside and watched more samurai movies with my pet hamster. 



I looked up around more, trying to find some escape from this 'world' that I appeared to be, against my will in all matters.

''You sure now me well, Luke, for I none in less accept the peace offering that our countries will establish legally tonight at the Grand meeting'' said the this Damon vampire.

So the vampire that kidnapped me is named Luke, OK.

I think I'll start calling them for what they are, instead of calling them 'it' or 'that thing', I know they're guys, males so I should refer to them that way, I'm beginning to confuse myself, with me saying it so many times.

''And were is this world exactly?'' I asked out loud, wondering. They turned to look at me, finally noticing my presence, giving me a look that said 'Oh My God, she's so stupid, can't she tell were here!' look.

''This 'world' as you call it, you human, is exactly at the third dimension, we're close to earth, just that we have a 'code' to enter our world, not as simple as yours.'' Luke said, as a matter-of-factly, like it was that obvious.

''You do understand?'' said the 'prince'.

''Now come, you are now my slave...for eternity'' said Damon, and did an emphasis on the word 'eternity', which made me grimace.

''I'm a what, now?!!'' I yelled, still in shock, this is so not what I wanted.

''Your his slave, for eternity, Scarlett.'' said Luke emphasis on my name.

What the- he knows my name, why me? And why does he know my name.

''Because, you are the chosen one by prince Damon, we've been investigating about you, and if your gone, there's no family to care, and you barely have any friends.'' said Luke, hurting me with every word.

''Aww.. she's going to cry'' said Luke, not in a nice way but in a very cocky way.

The first tears came out, as I knew that his harsh words were the truth, him saying that I would cry, definitely made me cry, this is the first time that I'm crying, and it's a promise that it'll be the last.

I wiped away my tears, and stood my ground, making me seem a bit stronger, not like a maiden in distress going bad, but a strong girl going even stronger after a hit.

It's not like in those vampire love stories, where the human girl, me, and the vampire guy, him, fall in love, and all those things, it kind of reminded me of the movie twilight, but differently.

But, me a nice not believer in love, will never feel such a thing, anyways, it's more probable that he wants me for my blood.

And did Luke say I had a sweet scent, just a while ago?


So now you come, you no good conscience!

What, I was busy.

Yeah, right. Tell that to the judge.

''Mmmh.. we're so going to have a nice time'' said Damon from behind me, sniffing and breathing on my neck.

What the- when did he get there? I'm so not liking being here, every second, minute, is living torture.

Maybe not torture, seeing as I haven't gotten hurt, maybe stories exaggerate a little.

No, maybe I just haven't gotten near to their bad side, hopefully, never will.

''Stop with your shenanigans, and get to moving, slave'' ordered Damon, as Luke disappeared with a smirk on his face.

That's telling me that this is so not going to be good.

You can count on that.

To be Continued...


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