Kidnaped By A Vampire  by Kate_the_psycho
Kidnaped By A Vampire by Kate_the_psycho
Elly is sold by her brother for $100,000. She forced to be the strangers slave/submissive. He is a CEO of a powerful company. And very dominant. His name is Jake Silver...
  • submissive
  • dominate
  • sub
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Gay Prison / Captive by WinterPrince4
Gay Prison / Captiveby WinterPrince4
[18+] When Jake and Colton get pulled over on their way to work, they get a whole lot more than just a ticket. Updates Tuesdays and Thursdays. Warning: contains strong s...
  • yaoi
  • gayromance
  • gaysmut
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Yes Babygirl? |B1-COMPLETED✔| by bbygx-
Yes Babygirl? |B1-COMPLETED✔|by 🎀
BDSM+DDLG= MATURE ASF |Not Edited| ___ "Over my knee, babe", Master demands and I look in between him and Daddy. "But-", I start but was interrupted...
  • spankies
  • corner
  • baby
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Her Master by sacred-identity
Her Masterby Chase
I am her master. She is my slave. I tell her what to do. She does it. No matter the risk involved.
  • masterandslut
  • bdsm
  • onherknees
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Angel (BxM) (Completed) by KearaGerda
Angel (BxM) (Completed)by KearaGerda
Luka Roggy, or Lucika, is an anxious wreck who has found that he can make good money by selling his own body, with the hopes of helping his drowning mother as they fight...
  • kinky
  • completed
  • domandsub
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The Anchorwoman - Dirty Story. by xdirtykisses
The Anchorwoman - Dirty Jessy ♥
A television anchorwoman is captured and punished by a convicted criminal's brother for insulting the family name. For two days she is beaten and raped in her own home...
  • dirtyminded
  • captured
  • sexual
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Breaking Eden by K_E_Francis
Breaking Edenby Katharine Francis
[Highest rank in Mystery/Thriller #2 on 8/7/2018!] Wattpad's most twisted and disturbing book. A must read! Full blurb: Declan Payne isn't your average multimillionaire...
  • mustread
  • murder
  • mystery
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Let's Play (ManXBoy) by _xXDibbsXx_
Let's Play (ManXBoy)by Panda Thao
WARNING! !MATURE CONTENT! Please if you do not like yaoi or boy on boy then do not read! Now, who would of thought of how I'll be teaching at a school full of young horn...
  • student
  • hate
  • mature
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Sweet Submission by MiraHeartWild
Sweet Submissionby Mira Heart
Skyler Sweet is a young man with a sad past. Skyler is finding his way back into the world of BDSM after mourning the loss of his Dominant and Husband of 3 years. He is...
  • boyxboy
  • master
  • submissive
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Fuck you, Master by Ashes_327
Fuck you, Masterby Ashes_327
Kathrine was a somewhat normal girl, trying to live a somewhat normal life - that is, until her parents were found dead, completely drained of blood. Tired of the pityin...
  • romance
  • master
  • submissive
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Daddy's Little Submissive From Williwdale by Shortie3courtie238
Daddy's Little Submissive From Shortie3courtie238
Olivia finally turns 18 . which where she's from is highly dreaded . when you turn 18 you either get yourself sent to a dominant or get a submissive . in Olivia's case s...
  • bdsm
  • dominate
  • master
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The maid by LMDream237
The maidby Read and write
"I said that's not allowed" he growls into my ear "now you'll have to suffer the consequences...." - Candace Summers has been a maid for two other me...
  • mastersword
  • wattys2018
  • daddy
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The Billionaire's Little by mehakishaq
The Billionaire's Littleby ~ChimChimGirl~ 💜
Jessica Clark, a 22 year old innocent and pure girl. She starts working at Mills industries and hears good and bad things about her boss, Alexander Mills. Some says he's...
  • bossy
  • love
  • kitten
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Well Fuck Me (MFM) by KatWillingham
Well Fuck Me (MFM)by KatWillingham
Viviana Michaels is a bad ass. She is an ex marine sniper who was forced to retire. She is now a homicide detective who hunts down serial killers. The weight of the deat...
  • mxf
  • submissive
  • master
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Pet // Completed // Liam Payne AU by ktk446
Pet // Completed // Liam Payne AUby Hi
"I'll keep her as my little pet." COVER BY // @raesarai (I guess people thought this was like some sort of pet-play kink but lol no I didn't know that existed...
  • master
  • pet
  • prisoner
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Satan's Little Angel  by kestraltrojan
Satan's Little Angel by Ktrojan4
Dani devoted her adult life to god and the Roman Catholic Church as she served as a nun. Until one day when she met her untimely fate, like she dreamed and hoped she was...
  • dom
  • sub
  • wattys2018
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A Contract From Hell by cielishere
A Contract From Hellby Hereisciel
Just imagine what would happen if Black Butler was turned around. Demons got humans as servants. They made contracts with humans and the humans had to serve them in retu...
  • master
  • sebastianmichaelis
  • cute
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Solicitude by julia_vida
Solicitudeby princessjules
Rated R "Please, faster," I begged but he didn't oblige. "No, my control, my pace," he said. Then, I felt his lips on mine as he continued easing in...
  • master
  • romance
  • heartbroken
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Daddy's Favorite (ManxBoy) by BeenThere_
Daddy's Favorite (ManxBoy)by BeenThere_
Aiden Walker is in need of a sub. He's been having withdrawals ever since his last sub went crazy on him and he couldn't keep him around. He's very particular. So what h...
  • love
  • manxboy
  • mature
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I'm a Cyborg's Pet (girlXcyborg) by The-Scrivener
I'm a Cyborg's Pet (girlXcyborg)by R.K. Adams
Feisty, Jenny Banks lives a dystopian nightmare as a robot uprising run by dark AI (Artificial Intelligences) takes over the world. Captured and slave collared by robots...
  • werewolf
  • apocalypse
  • nearfuture
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