Four Walls by MCRomances
Four Wallsby M.C. Roman
After a night out in New York City, Liliana Rossi wakes up in a stranger's bed with no recollection of how she got there. She soon learns that her supposed one-night sta...
  • suspense
  • romance
  • newadultreads
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The Bad Boy and Me by paradiseislibrary
The Bad Boy and Meby sparkle_bomb
"you idiot, it's all because of you we are stuck here!" he said and i gritted my teeth. "me, how!?" i asked, he clenched his fists. "who would w...
  • pranks
  • fun
  • romance
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Taken by Night_Watcher
Takenby Night_Watcher
A teenage girl by the name of Katie woods happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when she witnesses a robbery and a murder take place. Once the robbers find...
  • taken
  • stolen
  • revenge
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Crazy by klaroline_lover_
Crazyby Styles
Highest Ranking: #18 in short story "Please, please let me go. I beg of you!" I pleaded with the unknown voice. "Now you know I can't do that." The v...
  • stockholmsyndrome
  • hate
  • hope
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Trapped by xXammeXx
Trappedby xXammeXx
{Book Two} Brenna and her younger brother Sam are finally together but they are trapped. Trapped in the Pack by Xaver, a werewolf who claims to be Brenna's mate, despite...
  • trapped
  • horror
  • brother
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Trapped by sodamnrad
Trappedby Shay
Harley's life has been anything but ideal. She lives on welfare, her mother is an alcoholic, her father is dead and at school she is constantly bullied. As if life could...
  • trapped
  • detention
  • poor
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The Trapped by jayymckenziee
The Trappedby jada
[ A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY ] [HIGHEST RANKING: #1 in mystery/thriller] At the age of sixteen, Blaire Hawthorn has everything any girl would envy. Perfect grades, flawle...
  • featured
  • wattys2018
  • wattys2017
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You promised me by craziilnlove
You promised meby CraZiilnlove
Jaelynn loves everything fashion. She decided to become a stylist to the stars. But one client will test her outlook on love. Just read it!
  • humor
  • hater
  • love
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Snow Bound. by peardabear
Snow peardabear
In which two high school graduates get stuck in a cabin together, waiting for their family's to return and quickly falling in love with each other in the process. This...
  • teens
  • teenfiction
  • vacation
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Trapped | One Piece Fanfiction by bakugou
Trapped | One Piece Fanfictionby ╳
Friendship, love, trust, happiness, pain, darkness and sadness all in one. A beautiful, young girl named Sky Marvell was rescued by the Strawhat crew. Luffy wanted Sky...
  • onepiece
  • onepieceoc
  • pirates
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Poems about...stuff by mendes_teenwolf
Poems about...stuffby mendes_teenwolf
If you're a happy person, better stay away from this depressing af poetry book. And to those of you who relate to my poems...I'm sorry...I'm sorry we had to go through t...
  • sadpoems
  • poet
  • lonely
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Fear The Old Blood by markin512
Fear The Old Bloodby Kat
She ran through the woods, trying desperately not to slip on the wet forest ground while the wolves ran around her, dashing forwards to the town, howling to each other...
  • innocent
  • past
  • nightmares
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Falling for your Fate by missTheresaJane
Falling for your Fateby Theresa Jane
'So,' I started, unsure of how to approach this new Colby. 'Are you letting me go?' 'No,' he growled and I watched as his eyes darkened, but they didn't turn charcoal an...
  • alpha
  • legend
  • mate
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Control Freak ✔️ by jalenisms
Control Freak ✔️by Jalen Williams
He actually gets the girl in this story. His perfect girl, from a perfect world. She makes him forget the troubles of his broken life. Caleb didn't think he had much be...
  • hoodie
  • trapped
  • suspense
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A Class in the Ghost Zone by Raf20031018
A Class in the Ghost Zoneby Rafia Binta Ali
What happens when Mr. Lancer decides to take his class on a trip to the ghost zone? Can Danny and his friends hid the secrets they had been keeping for so long with th...
  • trapped
  • jazzfenton
  • tuckerfoley
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Trapped Mermaid by EmmaFrost0123
Trapped Mermaidby EmmaFrost0123
I had a perfect life. Being a top and popular student was every girl's dream. I felt that I'm on the top of the world. Although I have everything, I failed in my relatio...
  • mermaid
  • bdsm
  • predicament
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Mystical Awakening Online: SotPM [Part 1] (CPN) by Angelvahn
Mystical Awakening Online: SotPM [ Vasyl Park
The gaming format «R.E.M. D.I.V.E» Rapid Eye Movement, Digital interface with Virtual Environments, often called «Dream Gaming». The world's leading Game, Mystical Awake...
  • sci-fi
  • science
  • cpn
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Leave It All Behind by thatspecialteen
Leave It All Behindby thatspecialteen
"You can't run, I'll catch you. You can't hide, I'll find you. So why don't you just give up, Sophia darling?" Sophia is an ordinary girl with a ordinary fami...
  • werewolf
  • shifter
  • romance
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Kidnapped by a Billionaire by NotABoOkWoRm17
Kidnapped by a Billionaireby Shatatinayobamasha
Imagine that your friends, family and life is taken away from you... By some greedy bastard. Who freakin' KIDNAPS you. For no effing reason. But you can't imagine it...
  • handsome
  • romance
  • money
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Rishbala FF Marry Me Dr Rishab kundra(completed) by magicalmirage
Rishbala FF Marry Me Dr Rishab magicalmirage
He is a doctor dedicated to his profession and more willing to be a bachelor so he can be completely into his profession Madhu....she is words to describe how craz...
  • marriage
  • doctor
  • trapped
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