Chapter 3 : Bloody Blood!

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Kidnapped by a Vampire?! And I'm the peace offering?! 

Chapter 3 : Bloody Blood!

*The promised chapter, sorry it took real long.*


''Mmmh.. we're so going to have a nice time'' said Damon from behind me, sniffing and breathing on my neck.

What the- when did he get there? I'm so not liking being here, every second, minute, is living torture.

Maybe not torture, seeing as I haven't gotten hurt, maybe stories exaggerate a little.

No, maybe I just haven't gotten near to their bad side, hopefully, never will.

''Stop with your shenanigans, and get to moving, slave'' ordered Damon, as Luke disappeared with a smirk on his face.

That's telling me that this is so not going to be good.

You can count on that. 



He grabbed me by the waist and began to run very fast, to make things clear he ran way quicker than Luke, oh, how I despise him now, I think I didn't mention any babbling assurance in a while so let it be.

I began to feel drowsy, for such force of movement, that were my surroundings, things looked like a blend of cold colors surrounding my fragile body, and making his strong self outshine, by his pale complexion, making his vampire beauty and charm please him in all ways, but look at me, my pale skin is none to compare to his, but his sky blue eyes with a distinguished tint of green and gold definitely are a swirly bit of hypnotizing, while my eyes were no special just plain honey brown, that's is mostly were I got my nickname out of, Pooh, how lovely, I got that one out from one of the kids in the hospital I volunteer at, there just the cutest bundles of love I've ever met, they're definitely the one's I'll be missing, there like the only family I actually have, to bad I'll never see them again.

Damon, prince, of this you interest me, not really but I just wanted to think that.

As soon as we made a clear stop, were in front the gates of the most beautiful castle slash mansion I've ever seen, I've always felt like living in a antique place, don't dreams come true? Sarcasm is no need to put my life in, but what is there else to do.

I looked at the castle it had this Gothic aura to it, which I actually liked, some people might find it just plain spooky, but I look at it as a very interesting place to live in, and it's kind of picturesque to me, it's like a work of art, which I really find fascinating.

I looked a bit more around my surroundings and found a beautiful rose garden, I felt the urge to pick one and just admire its gorgeous complexion, for they were purple roses, odd to find, the color of royalty maybe.

I made my way towards the garden to fulfill my sudden urge to pick one out and observe it, but was rudely stopped by the oh, so, darling prince Damon, isn't he just a cherry on top? No, that's just as well as I can go.

''Where do you think your going?''

''To the rose garden,'' I said as a matter-of-factly voice ''why?'' I asked, unsure if I did something wrong.

''You can get your head cut off, if you get a mile near it, you know'' he said as for-your-information.

''Oh, I didn't know that'' I said scared of the fact I could have gotten my head chopped off.

''Of course you didn't,'' he said and gestured me to follow him ''follow me.''

I followed him, but still aware that I wasn't going in to 'pay a visit', but to become some sort of 'slave', how dandy fine.

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