Coffee And Papers by Mercy198
Coffee And Papersby Mercy kalu
"Name." He asked without looking up to her. "Emerson." She stated feeling a bit nervous. "Name." He repeated once again without looking up...
  • mystery
  • drama
  • hendrixempire
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Valiant Princess by Bleu84
Valiant Princessby Priscella E. Liling
Upon being reborn, she know that she have to change. She have to change so that her family will be saved from the man that she loves. In this lifetime, she'll choose her...
  • celestial
  • mortal
  • forgiveness
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Her Destined Mate (BOOK TWO) by Miss_Independant647
Her Destined Mate (BOOK TWO)by Miss_Independent
Sequel to His Assigned Mate "He's not coming," I whispered, and my lips formed a thin line. "What? You are in heat, he needs to be here Faith,"...
  • jealously
  • revenge
  • romance
Cruel World by HannaBanna123
Cruel Worldby Banna Hanna 123
(The story is going through editing process ....any chapter that will be edited on top of its will be mentioned) Story by : HannaBanna123 Editor : babygurlstyles ...
  • revenge
  • 2018
  • familysecrets
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Arranged to Love you ✔ by Anonymoussks
Arranged to Love you ✔by CrazyJuliet
|| #1 in Romance || || Ariana Jones and Xavier Williams || ▪▪▪ After one month of their arranged marriage, Ariana left signed divorce papers on their bed; which they us...
  • love-hate
  • friendship
  • assistant
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Maknae's enemy [JJK]✔️ by BabyQueen2109
Maknae's enemy [JJK]✔️by BabyQueen
" Yah JEON JUNGKOOK I SAID LET ME GO !! " I yelled while trying to get out of his hold. " What if I say no, what will you do jagiya ?" He said and ca...
  • jimin
  • revenge
  • jeonjungkook
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The Shadow by NeverlandsKey
The Shadowby The_Serene_Writer
When a new serial killer starts causing chaos, a top secret operation ensues where The Shadow, a deadly assassin, is released from confinement and ordered to work alongs...
  • police
  • crime
  • assassin
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Sinful Seduction by _Gypsy_Girl_
Sinful Seductionby A.Dee
''Clean my shoes!'' I heard his voice, my body trembled at his demand. I was appointed for a job not for slavery. ''This isn't my job.'' I retorted, gulping the anger i...
  • heartbreak
  • boss
  • badboy
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I Was The Fat Girl by siren321
I Was The Fat Girlby siren321
"Guys like you are disgusting"I replied scrunching my nose up in disgust. "Is it a deal or not"he replied with a bored tone putting his hand out for...
  • enemies
  • attitude
  • bullied
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The Bad Boy's Thorn by -kxdz-
The Bad Boy's Thornby ᴋxᴅᴢ
highest rank #11 in teen-fiction. Malia Tate returns back to her old town after two years. She was no longer the cute chubby girl with bright pink braces and large black...
  • thorn
  • lies
  • love
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Letting Him Go [slow updates] (unedited) by smileslovely
Letting Him Go [slow updates] ( smileslovely
Jessica and Ryder have been married for two whole years. Jessica has been in love with him since the day she first laid eyes on him when him and his father showed up at...
  • romance
  • betrayal
  • love
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Broken Strings by simbaze
Broken Stringsby s i m i
"Tell her you love her before it's too late." * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Anisha Hayes stayed in a broke...
  • doctor
  • lies
  • mistresses
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Reject me, now forget about me by ScarHunt2017
Reject me, now forget about meby Scar Hunt
Book #1 of The Reject Me Series (Very special thanks to Ianthamoore For the cover) "Soooooo... who's pack do I have to train?" I asked both Eli...
  • fighting
  • badass
  • alpha
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W A N T E D by True_Hawaiian
W A N T E Dby True_hawaiian
Zoe Ford is the daughter of the city's best Chief of LA.P.D. Her mom died at the age of 5, She has a older protective brother who takes care of her when their father is...
  • teenfiction
  • hannahstocking
  • kidnapped
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hís wífє σnlч // by taesmami
hís wífє σnlч // p.jmby ѕσft fσr вtѕ
What happens when two people- that are different on so many levels- live together as one married couple? This is a fanfic about Somin who is deeply in love with a man th...
  • bangtansonyeondan
  • jhope
  • bangtan
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Fabulous Return by dvinemerill
Fabulous Returnby dvinemerill
Lying on the cold floor with an ounce of life left, I now believe that there is truly a living hell on earth. I try my best to live a good life but I still end up this w...
  • strongmlinterests
  • smartfemalelead
  • badassmc
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Charmed by Knight by MarieHiggins
Charmed by Knightby Marie Higgins
Megan Ramsey will do anything not to marry the drunken lord selected for her - even if she must follow her parents' plan and trick a duke into marriage. Instead of capt...
  • rogue
  • victorian
  • revenge
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Finally by lastinlove
Finallyby Hope
Lisa Grey's life has never been easy with an abusive, alcoholic father, and bullied by classmates with friends. Her life has been very hollow and lifeless but it's all a...
  • love
  • marriage
  • babies
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The Ex-Wife of the Billionaire by msblankkita
The Ex-Wife of the Billionaireby msblankkita
What happens when you see your ex-husband after 5 and a half years. Read and find out
  • cheating
  • lies
  • billionaire
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