[oo8] Say Hello to the Sunshine, and be Welcomed to MY life.....

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Say Hello to the Sunshine, and be Welcomed to MY life.....



''Not to worry, I got you stuff this morning, there in my car, and we only have thirty minutes before school starts'' he explained.

''Well, how far away is it?'' I asked, to see if I could stay a little longer.

This chair is so comfy!!

'I just don't want my butt to suffer' I mentally whined.

''A twenty minute drive, so lets get going'' he said as he grabbed a bite out of MY protein bar.



-Chapter 8-

Bitch, say what?!


Out of all the school available to assist, he had to be in this exact same school, the one that caused me so much pain, the one who changed me...

''Do I have to?'' I whined to Ryan.

''Yes, yes you do.'' he answered, giving me a half smirk half grin.

''You can just let me stay here, inside the car, I swear I won't go anywhere, just leave me the keys, and a six pack of soda, and I'll be fine.'' I told him, putting up my best reasoning voice on

''I don't know...I'll think about it'' he said, and I obviously knew he wasn't going to.

He put on the most cu- I mean he put on a ado- thinking face, I won't even go through with that statement, if it's going to get me into a whole lot of confusion.

''So...'' I said trailing off.

''So what?'' he asked as if he hadn't been in the conversation just a while ago.


''Okay, for that I won't talk to you this whole day, not one peep.'' I threatened.

''You just did'' he said.

Caught me by the tail.

Snicker Doodles, and add up the casual snap to it.

''Ugh! Just leave me alone, why couldn't I just stay back 'home'?'' I asked using air quotes on 'home'.

''Because then I wouldn't spend the whole day with you, and be stuck here, without you'' he said in a very sexy voice earning a blush from my behalf.

''Yeah, cutie, now lets go.'' I said grabbing his hand, and getting the bag he got me, with all school junk needed.

''Anyways, I got Mr. Tucker, to put all our classes together.

''Really?'' I asked teasingly.

''Yes'' he replied just as teasingly.

''Okay, we'll see about that..'' I said in a mockingly mysterious voice.

He chuckled, a cute chuckle if I may add, I mean not add.

Keep your self together!

And I slapped my self, it was supposed to be a mental one, but my hand had his will one 'for real'.

''Eli? Why did you slap yourself?'' Ryan asked, worried, but still looking at me like a was razy.

Maybe I am, but I don't want him thinking it.

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