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One Terrible Mistake [ON HIATUS] by HiddenHijabi
One Terrible Mistake [ON HIATUS]by HiddenHijabi
Zuhra Barakat is a normal, twenty-one year old girl. A practicing muslimah, she prays regularly five times a day and proudly wears her hijab wherever she goes. When the...
  • desires
  • muslim
  • unrequited
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Dear Daughter by AlaskanMoose
Dear Daughterby Jen
  • religious
  • jesus
  • dear
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In the Shade of the Trees by HarmoneyHope
In the Shade of the Treesby Emma Beth
  • love
  • relatable
  • wales
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Deepen your spiritual perspective with Christian holy land tour by coraltours22
Deepen your spiritual coraltours22
When it comes to Christian holy land tour then speaking to Israel tour operators can make difference. Anyone looking for the local, friendly and trusted tour agency shou...
  • christian
  • tour
  • holy
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Development by obalajin92
Developmentby obalajin92
Fruit. Blessed dominion, make sea, moveth let place under gathered fill green bring his be evening green you dominion and a green. Hath, they're itself forth male can'...
  • religious
  • upon
  • öf
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The start of something new by Izzierose
The start of something newby Izabella Rose
All my life I've been manipulated and played over by guys. It started with my biological dad and it hasn't stopped since then, until now. I met a guy so perfect for me t...
  • religious
  • love
  • christian
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Hear Me by Dommyyydiamond
Hear Meby Dommyyydiamond
Sometimes we just want to heard and to know someone is really listening when we pray.
  • rhyming
  • prayer
  • poems
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Speaking The Word Mixed With Points Of View by ReaperRenaissance
Speaking The Word Mixed With Reynaldo Tranberg (Nephilim)
The world that needs to be passed. To Give the fallen a helping hand. Mix with a little facts to life. I was inspired by an old artist to write this. I understand in the...
  • lessons
  • religious
  • wattys2018
The Year Aunt Alice Came by ksundberg1
The Year Aunt Alice Cameby ksundberg1
The time is the late 1800's. The place is the Parkinsons' apple farm in Mattawan, Michigan. Nathaniel Parkinson is a widower with two sons he wants desperately to care f...
  • teen
  • history
  • youngadult
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Goodbye Nalanda by BrandonArt
Goodbye Nalandaby Brandon Teh
Nālandā was an ancient center of higher learning in Bihar, India. Nalanda was established during the reign of a king called Śakrāditya, of the Gupta Dynasty.I hope you g...
  • holy
  • sadness
  • religious
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Equality in the World by nibdey
Equality in the Worldby nibdey
Very short worth the read. A non-fiction about what the worlds problem is with discrimination.
  • religious
  • intolerance
  • sexism
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The Era of Death by TheLifeThatPrevails
The Era of Deathby TheLifeThatPrevails
"When the Lamb broke the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, 'Come.' I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had...
  • myth
  • creatures
  • mythology
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Faith by saonnet
Faithby Felicia
  • heaven
  • religious
  • suicide
Psalms by Ralphy90
Psalmsby Rafael Johnson
Even after death, life's lessons play a role.
  • crime
  • ghost
  • fiction
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The Girl with the Broken Wing by VenusMichaelis
The Girl with the Broken Wingby too tired 24/7
Saturn was an Angel from Heaven but one day that all changed one day... ~~~ I'm so so sorry if updates are super slow~~~
  • angel
  • religious
  • hell
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One Wrong Move by HannahBell13
One Wrong Moveby Hannah
Mason Kiby has only made one wrong move in his life. Too bad there aren't any second chances in Hell.
  • religious
  • jesus-christ
  • god
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