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My Savior by smileflower_lily
My Saviorby smileflower_lily
a beautifull destiny gathered two families together after many years and then love blossoms 🌸 Sara malik a 24 y.o beautiful lady a top student majored in Biology shy...
Homophobic (BakuDeku) by Itsjustmoi07
Homophobic (BakuDeku)by ✨𝙎𝙪𝙘𝙠𝙮 𝘼𝙪𝙩𝙝𝙤𝙧✨
How did Izuku Midoriya find himself in such a mess? When he moved in, maybe? When he began hanging out with the weird girl, Ochako, along with her strange group? Or mayb...
Jesus Christ x child! reader by xharhaillacallueng
Jesus Christ x child! readerby xharhaillacallueng
This is a book about you teleporting back to the time where Jesus was still on earth, Him being your Father figure and best friend. It's pretty random, yes, but I've had...
Christian Short Stories by jesusmysavior08
Christian Short Storiesby Servant of God and Jesus Chri...
Every Chapter has a different short story that talks about the life of a Christians. Hopefully, you will learn something from it, be inspire and give you hope. This b...
Bort: The World's Last Hope by KaitlynRoduner
Bort: The World's Last Hopeby Kaitlyn Roduner
A young boy must avenge his mothers from the Son of Satan, Shaggy Rogers.
Bewitchment by Komonoh
Bewitchmentby Komonoh
"I don't think I can do it" Paige said looking at him from under her lashes " I know you can and I'll be here waiting for you whatever you decide I'll su...
More Than Just His Personal Assistant (BWWM) #wattys2016 by BeCa2801
More Than Just His Personal BeCa2801
"My life is messed up." He muttered. "Good. That way we can fix each other. " Georgia is a 23 years old, curvy Nigerian who moves with her family to...
Hooked by Prissy_Peaches
Hookedby ⓦⓗⓞⓞⓟⓢ
"Damn, I'm hooked."
Mustang Dreams (COMPLETED) by Cowgirl1515
Mustang Dreams (COMPLETED)by Cowgirl1515
Misty McAdams is the only female hand on the McAdams' ranch, but she works just as hard as any of the cowboys. For many generations, her family has rescued and trained w...
My Dua book by Dr_Sydreh
My Dua bookby Sidra Uwais
Dua is an invisible weapon of a believer. Its an amazing exchange. You hand over your worries to God and he hands over his blessings to you! No dua ever gets unanswered...
Heartbreak Town (COMPLETED) by Cowgirl1515
Heartbreak Town (COMPLETED)by Cowgirl1515
Reagan Renne Walker left the tiny town that she grew up in in Wyoming five years ago to fulfill her dream of opening an equine therapy ranch in Montana & to start a new...
My Reserved Love by zayaj108
My Reserved Loveby zayaj108
Rocky Elle Scott is your average 14 year old girl who lives with her parents. They are not all that rich considering her dad lost his job five months ago and her mom is...
Stuck By Mistake by YashwiniSolanki
Stuck By Mistakeby Yashwini
Shivani Dikshit an Indian girl of 18 finds herself in a situation which she never assumes to be in , she is a very bold, determined , passionate and intelligent girl . S...
Autobookography-McPriceley by _OrangeTrees_
Autobookography-McPriceleyby OrangeTrees
Kevin's family moved from Salt Lake City to Provo, which is less than an hour away but his father got a job in Provo and claimed he'd save so much money on gas. Besides...
Finding Him (Him Series  Book 2) by writingforChrist
Finding Him (Him Series Book 2)by Writing for Christ
Izabelle was sixteen when she fell in love with Hunter Donovan. She was too young for him, but when they meet again years later, Izabelle realizes she still has feelings...
Trans Christian  by Monkeybee777
Trans Christian by samson
Part of my story as a trans Christian
The Burning Bell by Vattic
The Burning Bellby M. Vattic
(This novel is a work in progress so the continuity may change from chapter to chapter. The overall whole of the story will be relatively the same in the end.) In the la...
His Bride  by -ziah-
His Bride by .
..... She is the most sweat and soft spoken girl with ethereal beauty but from inside she has been broke....She was a girl who is abused by her family and her own broth...
I Run to You by nyxgreekyogurt
I Run to Youby nyx
Risa Solano has started a new life in New York City.At twenty-five, most of her days and nights are spent at Mercy General Hospital. She is a nurse in the Neonatal Inten...
Take Me To Church(Larry Stylinson) by bloodhazetaegukk
Take Me To Church(Larry Stylinson)by schizolarryia
Punk!harry / Amish!Louis two boys from completely different ways of life meet....... Louis lives in a little town called sohcahtoa, far from everything, electric devices...