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An unwanted Life by AudreyCroe
An unwanted Lifeby SincerelyA.C
|COMPLETED| (Book one in the unwanted series) 3 in 10 teen American girls will get pregnant at least once before age 20; and I'm one of those teens. My name is Tessa R...
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A Match Made In Hell by kavyacutipie
A Match Made In Hellby kavyacutipie
Hey guys ! If you are reading this , that means you are already given the chance to this book so thank you so much and please do read my book further , it's lil bit dif...
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The Duke's Forbidden Lover (completed) by bvtterflyeffect
The Duke's Forbidden Lover ( | a l i z a |
In the year 2018, lives Nalini, an ordinary Indian girl who is forced to marry a man twice her age, selected by her abusive grandfather. However, the night before her we...
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Mustang Dreams (COMPLETED) by Cowgirl1515
Mustang Dreams (COMPLETED)by Cowgirl1515
Misty McAdams is the only female hand on the McAdams' ranch, but she works just as hard as any of the cowboys. For many generations, her family has rescued and trained w...
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More Than Just His Personal Assistant (BWWM) #wattys2016 by BeCa2801
More Than Just His Personal BeCa2801
"My life is messed up." He muttered. "Good. That way we can fix each other. " Georgia is a 23 years old, curvy Nigerian who moves with her family to...
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Make it right by chill_pill_all_day
Make it rightby Chillpill
Every good girl falls for the bad boy. That's like some unwritten rule that always seem to be respected. But what if he isn't really a bad boy, just looks like it? Many...
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WALIJA (Completed)✔ by heemerh
WALIJA (Completed)✔by hafsat mohammed
They were both forced into it... He was a drunkard... She was religious... What will happen when these two were forced to stay under the same roof? Will they be able to...
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KYDAH ✔ by aishatu_xx
KYDAH ✔by TheSylph
COMPLETED√ [25th in spiritual On 3rd October 2018] [#1 in Malik/Othman series] [can be read separately] My name is Kydah Malik, I'm twenty one years old and I just finis...
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Daily Quranic Verses [on hold] by ravingmuslimah
Daily Quranic Verses [on hold]by kay
This is a book where I post quranic verses everyday. Or at least try to.
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The Paralyzed Dream (COMPLETED) by Cowgirl1515
The Paralyzed Dream (COMPLETED)by Cowgirl1515
Lacey Anne Ferry grew up on a cattle ranch in Montana where riding horses was an everyday part of her life. She loved the horses, cattle, and the hard work that came wit...
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BEAUTIFUL DISASTER ✔ by aishatu_xx
COMPLETED√ [#3 in Malik/Othman series] [can be read separately] Love Triangle; Hamal, Janaan, Aalam were three best friends where you can't see one without the other and...
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The Fall Of Peter by MDesiderio32
The Fall Of Peterby Marcos Desiderio
The Vatican is on the edge of its ruins when the prophecy of St. Malachy has been fulfilling through the days. With furious devouts ready to tear down the walls of the s...
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KingSeven Awards 2020 (OPEN) by kingsevenrosal
KingSeven Awards 2020 (OPEN)by Kingseven Rosal
As part of my birthday celebration on June 20, I am introducing to you the "KingSeven Awards 2020" hosted by me, @kingsevenrosal.
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We All (Do Not) Go To Heaven by CaitSarai
We All (Do Not) Go To Heavenby Caitlin
Poetry Collection: A collection of poetry about death, depression, grief, pain, struggles, and all those bad things in life.
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Mahabharata by LisaTerence
Mahabharataby Lisa Terence
Well, I am not the first person to do this but I want to tell you guys everything I know about this great epic, the Mahabharata. Mahabharata's original name was Jaya, w...
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Saint||mj by Simply_rose18
Saint||mjby selli ♥︎ .
"You're makin' a deal with the devil." Venus DiLaurentis (aka Star) lives a life hidden by her overly religious father. Whereas her long time relationship wit...
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The Fallen Angel by Zanzan112
The Fallen Angelby Zanzan
When Isabelle Crew described the gorgeous man to her best friend as "out of this world", she hadn't meant it literally. But after Angelo falls into Isabelle's...
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The Book of Jack by jakrabbit
The Book of Jackby Jak Rabbit
Jack had a gift, but it only got him in more trouble... until one day he got sent away to a special school to learn discipline.
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Can I Runaway? by micdan_books
Can I Runaway?by Michael Olamide
I thought I had my life sorted out, I must have been silly, very silly to have chosen what I chose!. I entered high school and I realised that shit ain't gonna work out...
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Caeli  by Dream_Writer11
Caeli by Shodimu Sophia
A paranormal story by Shodimu Sophia, Dream_writer11 Chaos. The village was burning down and everyone ran for their dear life. It all went in slow motion, the screams...
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